Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/31/13 Mirror of Who You Are

Jealousy comes from not being confident in yourself.
Don't allow it to eat away at you.
It causes physical chemicals to be released in your body that are damaging.
You must change your thoughts and your beliefs about who you are.
Whatever you see in another is a reflection of who you truly are.... good or bad.
Find that characteristic within yourself when looking at another.
It is a mirror of who you are.
Remember the oneness. You share that trait in truth.
Open awareness and understanding of this will heal the incompleteness you feel.
With this healing you will find peace.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10/30/13 Unfolding

So what is your calling.......your destiny?
It seems a mystery at times.
You look upon your life in such small increments—days.
You barely can see beyond a few years.
But life unfolds at that rate, and so it is precisely the way you are to see it.
You answer the call one day at a time, with the precision of an artist, a master at work.
Don't worry so much about the end for destiny has a way of coming about.
Take pleasure in knowing that you are preceding quite well.
You are doing your part, even it you can't tell.
Trust that the glory of it all will be known .
And you will be quite pleased and honored as well.
Each part has a purpose in the grand plan ahead.
You are one of the participants, that we can tell.
Sit still, relax and breathe if you will.
It not the end.
It's continual and what you might call 'mystical' as well.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29/13 Breathe in Peace.

Sit quietly relaxing all of your body.
Relax you face muscles.
Relax your arms
Let you shoulders fall. Hands releasing.
Feet flat on the floor in a comfortable place.
Now, breathe in slowly through the nose allowing the energy to enter with ease.
Hold it for a while. You can feel it expanding your lungs.
Now be conscious of it flowing to the other parts of you body,
Imagine the new life energy giving vitality you need to your head, stomach, arms and legs.
With the exhale release all the stress and worry you are carrying around with you.
As you breathe and relax, also let this breath and energy relax your thoughts and mind.
Only allow the thoughts of breathing and relaxing enter your consciousness.
All else gets exhaled with the breath.
Do this for a few minutes everyday and you will feel at peace with yourself.
More ready for anything that comes.


Monday, October 28, 2013

10/28/13 Different Perspectives

Be grateful for your awareness.
Open your heart and mind up to new ideas and concepts everyday.
The way you saw and understood something just the other day could be different.
Be the first to admit and make the change in your belief.
It is not that you were wrong, you just understand it to be different now.
You see it from a different perspective.
Judge not others insights for they too are only perceiving what they can at this time.
More and more will come into the light and be able to be seen and understood.
We are helping to make the grand shift.
But for it to be the most effective you must grow and change.
You are not in a permanent state.
You are a timeless, limitless, ever changing and evolving entity (portion) of an even grander timeless, limitless, ever changing and evolving Force.
Therefore don't allow your conscious awareness to go static.
Feed it with new ideas and stretch it to understand far beyond the 3-dimensional physical plane.
Let you intuition, inner guidance, and inherent knowing be your guide.
Be excited to know that there is so much more to you.
Live from that knowing.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

10/27/13 Beat The Feat

Each soul has its own lessons to learn and its own path to follow.
Yes, you intersect and offer each other help and guidance but it is truly a lone venture.
You have to do it all by yourself.
You have to accomplish these things that you have set out to do.
We give you many opportunities to meet the challenge but it is up to you when you will beat the feat.
Struggle as you will with these troubling aspects of yourself.
They are there to help you to be more, don't you see.
Once you have said enough and stepped up to the plate, you will find it so rewarding to master it at will.
Then move beyond this experience to even more advancing challenges.
They will make you stronger and then know who you truly are.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/26/13 Conscious Choices

You sit in a world of duality.
Everything is either one thing or another.
It is either black or white, big or small, on or off, in or out, right or wrong.
But the truth is they are all the same- there is nothing right or wrong.
It's only that you have perceived it from the history of your remembrance.
You are here to experience these things in order to learn and make the choice that best serves you.
Choices are made every moment of your day.
You are making conscious judgments and choices.
The awakened conscious choice would be made from the heart not the ego mind.
Make this choice with loving care, the one that will best serve all beings.
The future depends on the choices that you make.
Time is now, start to pick the best thing.
Each time you do you strengthen the consciousness about love, oneness and hope.
Stand together as one, not separate in your needs and wants.
This is where the biggest difference will be made and felt.


Friday, October 25, 2013

10/25/13 Feel Joy and Be At Peace

Start everyday with the attitude of love, compassion and gratitude towards yourself and everything that surrounds you.
Don't allow worry of fear to enter your thinking.
The energies of the day will bring to you exactly what you need for this experience.
If you face each one with the same continual love, compassion and gratitude you started your day with, you will see how easily each moment will flow.
At the end of the day reflect back on how much love you have shared, how much compassion you have shared, how much gratitude you have, and how much light you have allowed to enter.
You will feel joy and be at peace.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

10/24/13 Water, The Natural Purifier

Water is the natural purifier and carries vital energy.
You use water to wash away all the impure elements.
Water is the main part of your physical body that carries nutrients and chemicals to where they are needed.
Without the proper amount of water your body will not function properly.
Water is energy and is therefor impacted by the energy that surrounds it.
Water is the vital part of life and all the natural world.
It must be kept clean and pure.
This natural resource is being wasted and taken for granted.
There are many who no longer have access to the proper amount of clean pure water.
While others continue to pollute and waste this precious source.
Be conscious of your care and use of the water resource for your own good and that of all.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/23/13 Traditions

You follow traditions during the holiday periods to bring back focus of times in the past especially where love is shared.
Traditions are good. 
They help you to feel connected and renews companionship and love.
Don't get so restricted by having to follow too many traditional rules and guidelines.
Allow room for the new ideas and experiences to be explored and felt.
Capture the energy that is being implored by the shift in consciousness taking place through out the earth.
Celebrate the oneness and freedom that this understanding brings forth.
The message is still the same....
Peace on the earth, good will towards men.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22/13 Powerful Thoughts

Your thoughts are so powerful.
They are the mental voice of which you speak.
When you are thinking you are trying those thoughts on for size.
Staying with those thoughts and focusing on the outcome brings them closer to reality.
Your energy is giving those thoughts a stronger pull.
If you find yourself thinking something that you don't want change it by thinking what you do want.
Fear and worry are bringing your energy and focus upon that which you don't want.
That is when you put your thoughts and focus upon a different scenario, something you would be more pleased with.
This concept is one that you find challenging to totally understand but it is how your reality is formed.
Once understood you must place it into practice to see the results.
If you can control you thoughts and the energy you supply them you will be successful in creating what you want.
Take this challenge seriously and see how it changes the life you live.
Think twice about what you are thinking.


Monday, October 21, 2013

10/21/13 Physical Healing

Healing of the physical body is a function of the mind.
Much that goes on in the body is controlled by your subconscious mind, including the function of healing.
When you choose to believe that then much can be accomplished.
Some of the struggles you live with, your health and body, you have because of the lessons and journey you have chosen.
Because it is a choice you can change the outcome.
The way you look at that scenario and the way you choose for it to affect your life is yours.
You are connected to your conscious, subconscious, mind and all parts of your body so the interaction is of your direction.
Be consistent, loving and positive about what you want and what you need for it to be.
A cut on your finger heals easily and so does other parts of your physical body.
These are the miracles that you have access to.
Use your thoughts and divine power to become who you want to be.
We are with you with help and guidance.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

10/20/13 Challenge of Change

Have your memories, live your stories but they are all temporary, a fleeting moment in the history of who you are.
Remember that you are so much more.
You are a combination of many lifetimes to bring you where you are today.
You continue to experience and grow.
Allow this change, don't stay stuck in the rut, living the past over and over.
Go off and have new adventures to expand your consciousness, your awareness of who you are.
It will bring you joy and happiness to face the challenge of change.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/19/13 Near and Far

Near and Far, points of distance on your earth plane.
You identify with them on a daily basis but they are not real.
Everything is within your reach.
Your consciousness can be there as well.
So nothing is far away.
Learn to use your focus to bring the things you want into your reality.
Your consciousness can bring to you all that you can imagine.
Play with this concept.   Practice, you will be amazed at the results.
Step out of the normal into a place where more is possible even when it seems,what you might call “ far-fetched.”
Focus and stretch your conscious awareness and you will be there.
That is growth and that is good.


Friday, October 18, 2013

10/18/13 Hope to Know

Hope is a step towards creative creation.
Hope is brought on when new doorways of opportunity are felt.
Just saying the words or thinking the idea brings uplifting sensations to your body.
There is an opening and freeing of the heart.
Hope allows you to look forward with optimism.
There is now a chance for creativity to take place and the outcome to be seen.
When you change you vision of Hope to Know then your thoughts and ideas are brought closer to fruition.
It is that knowing that all things are possible.
Learn to trust your feelings of hope and knowing without fluctuating and you will see what you want.
Hope would not exist if the inherent knowing was not present.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/17/13 Birthdays

Celebrate the occasion on which you came to the earth plane.
It was a day of great accomplishment.
You have accepted to be here and learn upon which you've come.
The time and place of which you chose had great meaning to the personality of which you have also chosen.
Little time is taken by growing and learning more about your environment.
You learn what your commitments and challenges entail.
Be grateful for the wonderful start your loving parents have given you.
At a certain age, you will no longer need as much of their assistance.
You may think you are alone but you are never alone.
A multitude of heavenly help surrounds you to protect and guide you on your path.
We are also celebrating with you each time you feel the growth towards understanding and progress along your way.
Look at how far you've come and all that you have experienced.
Take a prideful look at the ways you have grown to accept and deal with all those challenges.
Rejoice in the accomplishments – small and large.
Each carry a significant advancement along your path.
We tell you “celebrate” and we are celebrating with you.
It is not easy to get to where you are today.
Life throws many curves and obstacles in the way.
Maneuvering around them, learning and still having all the attributes you've come with is a great feat.
Rely on love, compassion, self-esteem and joy to be part of who you are.
You are doing well.
Look forward to all the amazing experiences yet to come.
We are with you.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/16/13 Love- Core of Your Creative Power

Where there is no disturbance there is only love.
Most powerful emotion, it stirs up energy to help you create the masterpieces of the world.
It can also divide nations and start wars.
Don't underestimate its power.
It is at the core of your creative power.
It creates the motivation to make things happen.
Learning how to harness and use the power of love in the most beneficial way is the challenge mankind faces now.
If they recognize the oneness instead of separation a beneficial approach to today’s problems could be taken.
More overall beneficial solution could be found with compassion and love guiding the way.
Anger and fear cause separation and discourse.
Spread the light-be a beacon of love and it will spread to engulf the darkness.
Be not afraid ---love thyself and others.
It is never wrong.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/15/13 Be Responsible

It is good for your spiritual growth to take responsibility for your actions.
Everything that happens in your life is happening for your journey.
You are making the decisions and choices consciously.
So you must take responsibility and bare the consequences.
They are part of the lessons and growth.
Being aware of this will help you to understand the happenings in your life.
Sometimes the shadow must appear so you can face it.
Dealing with this side of you will help you to achieve what you want.
Step up and be responsible, accept who you are.
You will rise above it and become even more.


Monday, October 14, 2013

10/14/13 Self-esteem

Can you feel your heart beat?
Sit still and allow yourself to feel good about yourself.
You can feel the energy inside your body change and quicken.
Self-esteem, the belief in yourself, is a powerful force.
It is fueled by love and nurtured by compassion.
Love yourself, believe in the energy you find inside.
Have greater compassion for the journey that you have chosen to take.
All is possible.
Start today and every day with these things and much will be accomplished.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/13/13 No Coincidences

There are no coincidences. All things happen for a reason.
The events that come and go in your life bring meaning and fulfill a true purpose.
You may call it happenstance but you are not a victim in this experience.
You are the main player and there is great lessons and adjustments to be made.
The choices that you make and the way you choose to live everyday life creates who you are.
You grow and gain understanding and wisdom from looking at these events from a larger perspective.
If you view your life as spirit having a worldly human experience then you may see why each incident occurs.
You came here to gain much from these experiences and you are.
The spectrum of emotion has broadened over the years.
From this array of assorted emotions you can now choose the appropriate feeling.
You are finding that the most loving, compassionate and humble solution brings you much peace.
Each being has its own elegant agenda to fulfill in its lifetime.
All interwoven to help each other achieve the greatest success.
Be aware of your part in life in the most intricate way.
You will understand more and achieve the highest accolades.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

10/12/13 Honesty

Honesty should be held high in your life.
As a small child, you were born to be honest with yourself and others.
It is only through fear, judgment, and rejection that you have learned to taint your story.
Soon you were not sure what was true and what was only wanted to be true.
So how do you get back to the truth of who you are and be honest with yourself and others?
It takes a deep reflection on how you feel about yourself.
You have to let go of the past...all of it, and build a new you from who you are today.
Trust that who you are is who you are supposed to be.
Love and acceptance is all around you.
The right energies and relationships will be attracted to you because you are honest about yourself.
You will find it so much easier to be honest about who you are then struggling to be who they wanted you to be.
It will take practice but every time you choose honesty about who you are you will feel growth.
You will stand a little taller and you energies will be stronger too.
Start today, find ways to be honest in every way.


Friday, October 11, 2013

10/11/13 Personal Encounters

All relations and personal encounters you make in your life are there for a reason.
There are no coincidences –none.
Each encounter is a planned stop along the way.
There is a personal exchange, small or large, that is to be done in order to complete the mission.
Lessons and messages about your life are there if you are aware.
It is for both of your benefit that the meeting has taken place.
Not only you can decide how the information there will be used.
Pay attention, be aware of the part of the incident that reflects an aspect of you.

The more you are aware, looking at how it relates to your current situation and struggles, the more you will gain from this exchange.
It is not just the two of you that are benefiting.
Scores of others will all reap the rewards as the effect of your meeting trickles down to others.
Information and energy in the form of thoughts, words, ideas, and wisdom are the gift that are exchanged.
Cherish these impromptu meetings, each encounter (good or bad), as a learning experience and gain all that you can.
There really is no waste of time.
All has greater meaning if you perceive.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/10/13 Be Love

Love and its experiences are the building blocks for your reality.
When you experience love, you add to who you are.
Love comes in many disguises and sometimes takes you by surprise.
Yet each has something for you to realize and gain from.
Don't ever think that you should block love and the messenger that is bringing the gift.
For unless you allow and fully experience that love you might be blocking something you need.
Love lightens the energy and lifts the spirit.
Complain, if you may, about your dreary day but looking for that love could bring changes your way.
There is no little love or big love, its all valuable and precious, non-compare.
You should love yourself and others around you everyday.
Celebrate and Be Love.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/9/13 No Death

When something of the earth drys up, turns brown, and fades away you may want to call it dead.
But in reality nothing ever dies.
It changes from one form to another but the energy is still there.
At this time of your year cycle you see this happening all around you.
Nature is preparing for its own form of transformation.
The energy of the once visible and beautifully growing is fading back to what remains.
Rest and regain some potential to be brought forth in new splendor when the time is right again.
Can you see this within your own cycle of life?
The slowing and fading away.
Much is changed in the form it resides in but not ever lost.
They too have resurrection into something most splendid when the time is right for this to happen.
Rebirth and coming forth with new energies are to be celebrated much like the spring time here on earth.
Watch these cycles of life with awareness and understanding.
It will provide the strength for your own cycle as you grow.
Are not you the same inside?
The part that is truly you always remains and will never go.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10/8/13 Rest in the Beauty

Rest your mind on something beautiful just for a few moments.
Allow it to fill your heart with appreciation that will bring peace.
This is a way to relax and regain the perspective that all is well.
These things of beauty in nature exist even while the chaos is occurring.
The chaos is a response to others searching for who they are.
When you know who your are and why you are here you can appreciate pure beauty and find peace.
There is no struggle only the flow from experience to experience.
Appreciate your awareness and be the way for others.


Monday, October 7, 2013

10/7/13 Never Alone

Are you often wondering where your guides are?
We are with you.
It is not us that are distracted and allowing our focus to wander off a bit.
We stay right by your side, ready to help as we can.
But you have got the choices to make and experiences to have.
You may wander off a bit and learn upon the way.
We are only here to give you guidance when you decide it is OK.
So trust that you are not alone when walking in the dark.
Reach out to us and we will answer you beck and call.
We have your best interest at heart when we whisper in your ear.
So listen close and be assured, we love you and are with you always.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

10/6/13 Being Grateful

Pray your prayers and ask your questions but the most important communication is that of gratitude.
Being grateful for what you see in your life helps you to understand it's value.
It puts you in the frame of mind to be appreciative and receptive.
Everything that is in your life is there for a reason.
It brings you lessons and messages about yourself and your growth.
Acknowledge these as stepping stones along the way.
They are there to help you grow and have the experiences you need.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

10/5/13 Reminder of Who You Are

Precious are each moment that you spend with yourself.
Quiet the mind and outside forces to allow this time to discover who you are.
You will come to know the truer aspect of yourself as you sit quietly.
Your heart can open and see the opportunity for love and understanding.
A better, broader view of the world’s turmoil and your possible role in solutions is there.
If you never take the time to contemplate you are caught up in the reaction only and that is not a good place to be.
You must take your stance and know what will bring the best solution for all.
Remember first, you are spirit then human.
Do not compromise what you know as truth and oneness for the small victory of being better or separate.
Working together for all and bringing peace, love and compassion will be the spiritual solution.
Peace and Love are at the core of each one of you.
Find it and you will be who you truly are.


Friday, October 4, 2013

10/4/13 The Lighthouse

Many small shifts and changes are coming.
They will help to make the adjustments needed to bring forth the new understanding and energies.
Be steadfast in your faith and knowing that these changes will bring new energies and balance.
Not all things and beings will be able to handle these changes so they will pass.
Be not afraid because the ones that will stay will help to recover these losses.
You are a major player in this role so be prepared to take your place.
The lighthouse is a symbol of hope.
 It stands in the storm with the beacon of light, leading the way through the darkness.
Shine brightly so others can see the way.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

10/3/13 Where You Need to Be

Be happy with where you are.
The path you chose is complicated.
It has many twists and turns.
Along the way you have much to see and learn.
So don’t be so anxious to get to what seemingly is the destination.
Look at these adventures as opportunities of growth, filled with wisdom and understanding.
As you receive this information and process all there is to learn you will grow in strength and faith to continue along the way.
You are exactly where you need to be, doing and learning exactly what you need now.
We are with you.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10/2/13 Be Grateful

Start your day, every day, in a very grateful way.
Bless all around you and be thankful for what you have.
Everything around you is there for a reason… help you grow.
Inspiration comes from these forms of energies.
Be open to what you are to receive.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10/1/13 Unique Experiences

All the things that you are here to experience are unique to your own needs.
Whether you come as a male or female, it doesn’t matter to who you truly are.
It is because of the unique experiences that you have planned to take.
While you are here, you identify with the characteristics of the male or female but truly you are larger than both.
Knowing this and understanding this may help you have respect and honor the other.
You have seen that side and dealt with those challenges before.
It is in cooperation that the fullness of life experiences have been worked out.
There is room for many possibilities.
Combinations of relationships are countless.
What you must know and respect is that each are here to learn and grow through choices and lessons they have chosen.
You will learn from both the differences and the similarities that you find.
Take the opportunity to see the magnificence in this plan rather that looking to be special or better than another.
You will find great joy in knowing you are all the same…..God’s light.