Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/16/13 Love- Core of Your Creative Power

Where there is no disturbance there is only love.
Most powerful emotion, it stirs up energy to help you create the masterpieces of the world.
It can also divide nations and start wars.
Don't underestimate its power.
It is at the core of your creative power.
It creates the motivation to make things happen.
Learning how to harness and use the power of love in the most beneficial way is the challenge mankind faces now.
If they recognize the oneness instead of separation a beneficial approach to today’s problems could be taken.
More overall beneficial solution could be found with compassion and love guiding the way.
Anger and fear cause separation and discourse.
Spread the light-be a beacon of love and it will spread to engulf the darkness.
Be not afraid ---love thyself and others.
It is never wrong.


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