Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22/13 Powerful Thoughts

Your thoughts are so powerful.
They are the mental voice of which you speak.
When you are thinking you are trying those thoughts on for size.
Staying with those thoughts and focusing on the outcome brings them closer to reality.
Your energy is giving those thoughts a stronger pull.
If you find yourself thinking something that you don't want change it by thinking what you do want.
Fear and worry are bringing your energy and focus upon that which you don't want.
That is when you put your thoughts and focus upon a different scenario, something you would be more pleased with.
This concept is one that you find challenging to totally understand but it is how your reality is formed.
Once understood you must place it into practice to see the results.
If you can control you thoughts and the energy you supply them you will be successful in creating what you want.
Take this challenge seriously and see how it changes the life you live.
Think twice about what you are thinking.


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