Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11/19/13 You Look Beautiful

You look so beautiful from the other side.
We are watching you going about the business of living.
We love to see you with all of your defenses up making the decisions that will best serve you while keeping in mind the good of the earth and mankind.
The shift is here, more and more of you are modifying what you are doing that effects the future.
We are so proud of your awareness and conscious actions.
We are your cheerleaders, so to speak, giving you praise when you choose the better solution.
All of these little decisions are part of the major changes that are taken place all over the earth.
They are truly making a difference.
You can feel it.
You know it is right and it becomes easier with time.
Love for yourself and others is the fuel for this movement.
It fuels you inner light and it is becoming brighter and brighter.
Lighting the way for others to see and follow.
You look beautiful, see that beauty in yourself.


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