Monday, November 9, 2015

11/7-8/15 ( two nights) What is sleep?

Sleep is the body's way to re-energize and restock the vital fuels that help you get through the day.
You will function whit a better clarity and motivation if you are not sleep deprived.
You organs and tissues will be replenished with oxygen and fuel.
Sleep is not only for the physical but it allows the non-physical its reprise also.
Your non-physical self takes the time while the body is resting to do so many things.

Your higher self, non-physical self takes advantage of your sleep to travel outside of you physical body.
But remains attached to return when awaken.
Sometimes you can feel the return.
You may feel disoriented for a moment.
Sleep time induces a chance for dreams and dream visits, used for growth and understanding.
If you were not asleep but consciously aware of all your adventures (while you sleep) you would be exhausted and need to sleep.
You'll never fully understand everything about sleep but know it is a very important part of your life.

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