Thursday, December 24, 2015

12/24/15 The Moon

The Moon is your sister,
A friend.
It moves around you with grace and precision.
Together Mother Earth and the Moon create a gentle energy.
Tonight when you see her in All of her beauty, feel that gentle energy lift you.
For those who are sensitive to this energy you will feel this gentle pull.
Pulling you -
Closer to the heavens.
Use this time to make a greater connection.
A connection with all the universe.
You are a part of this natural wonder.
Feel one and at peace.


(powerful – tears at my eyes)

Merry Christmas

From last year....12/24/14 On the Eve

On the eve of loving and giving keep that focus in your heart.
It is this that is the message here, to bring with you throughout the day.
Each one holds their own issues to be put aside today.
Only focus on being the loving kind friend of another.
Listen with concern and compassion if they want to tell their woes.
For this alone can ease their pain, knowing someone else cares.
A smile and kind words can go a long way towards the healing that you all can use.
For each one has the human trait of missing someone during this time of year.
Time changes everything and memories are bittersweet.
But the love you once shared on the earth still exists today.
You still love them and they are close sending love your way.
Give everyone hugs for them and smile knowing you carry them with you in your heart.
We are never far away.
Merry Christmas.


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