Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1/20/16 These “Storms”

The changes in the Earth's atmosphere are caused by energy.
Mother Earth has energy that effects its outer layers of atmosphere.
Her relationship with the sun and moon and other celestial objects 
also effect her atmosphere.
This is what develops into your seasons and produces your weather patterns.
It is what is necessary for her condition.
Her inner layers of atmosphere are effected by what you are doing 
on the earth's surface.
This has a direct impact on your weather also.
These are necessary and natural events that have been happening
for thousands of years.
Look at them as balancing and enriching the environment.
Then they won't be so threatening.
They disrupt a few plans here or there but not meant as a threat to 
your existence.
Find the beauty in the benefits these “storms” have upon your 
nourishing planet, Mother Earth.

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