Sunday, June 14, 2020

6/14/20 Brotherly Love

Until you look at each other as brothers and see each part of this at the same level, you’ll never see it as a solvable problem, situation.
Looking at each one as different instead of the same is what is extending and prolonging the situation.
Honor those differences but look for similarities.
Extend brotherly love to each one –
Make them feel understood and loved.
There will always be differences because of the nature of the planet and reasons to even be here.
Open your heart and see life as a testament to understanding the differences with respect and room to grow.
Your garden is an example of this.
Many different plants, needing different conditions and doing different things but blending together to create balance and one function.
You can find other things in nature that work together.
Keep that close to heart as you look for ways to have a reasonable solution.
We are with you.

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