Saturday, June 20, 2020

6/20/20 The Passage of Time

Today we address the passage of time.
As you can tell, it is a constant thing created by man to keep track of himself.
It will tell you just how long you have been busy or idle for a certain spell.
It is a way to measure the length of your waking or sleeping periods.
It can also keep you accountable for working reasons.
All of these seem necessary and good reasons to have this measurement but remember it is human or manmade.
When you’re not counting or measuring these intervals what would your activities look like?
How would they differ?
Which ones would keep you interested and challenged more?
Would you spend more of your energy doing things that brought you happiness or joy?
Would you devote more to helping others?
It is good to reflect on not only what you are doing and is it restricted by the passing of time but what you could change if you wanted to not have that as a restriction.
There is so much more to living.
Peace unto you.
We are with you.

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