Monday, June 22, 2020

6/22/20 Job descriptions and Patience

 6/22/20 Job Descriptions

We talk about the descriptions of your jobs.
The job of miracle worker, lightworker, mother, or child of God.
See you have more than one.
Which one of these do you need a description for?
You just need to stay true to your heart and allow all the nudges and messages we send you to cross into your mind and find a way to your heart and then we have a chance.
All of these need a trait of compassion and the ability to follow through to succeed.
The job is yours if you want it.
Of course, it’s hard at times because it comes with letting go when the time is right.
Change happens and there are times when the physical is no longer needed and only the spiritual will remain.
But the strength in your awareness and understanding the process will see you through.
We are with you.

6/22/20 Patience 

Patience is the gift of the day.
It helps you to endure the strain of not knowing what is coming next.
If you wait with patience it will all unfold as planned and be crystal clear.
You will see your part and know what is needed.
It will come in perfect order and your role will be uplifting and inspired.
That’s what is needed.
We are with you. 

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