Saturday, July 25, 2020

7/25/20 Clear Word of Wisdom, Life and The Circumstances Will Be Known

7/25/20 The circumstances will be known.

(Me: There are only zeros in the circle and only zeros in this on too.???)

Clear Words of Wisdom

Clearly, the words Clear Words of Wisdom mean something.
They are clear about what they are saying to you.
The things that they point out to you are clearly there for a reason.
And most important, they are clear when they are given.
It didn’t seem that way when you were searching for a name but only one came up for grabs.
It all works out beautifully and we are so grateful.
And you are too.

7/25/20 Life

Today - the mood seems lighter, not so heavy as before.
There is more.
There has been more time to think about things and contemplate what could be happening and why.
It’s as simple as the title and it’s as complicated as your life.
Do not give up so easily.
There is more and more to learn and more to teach.
You are in the position to do both.
The teacher learns from what he teaches just as the student also has something to teach.
Be patient, all will be presented and known.
We are with you.
7/25/20 The Circumstances Will Be Known

More or less it seems complicated but it is not.
It’s one long series of situations, all strung out for a reason.
To amplify the lesson so that it won’t be missed this time.
You cannot ignore it forever.
It just keeps coming back until it is clear.
When you want it to go away and be done with it, you’ll get it and it will.
We are with you.

Clear yet?

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