Sunday, September 20, 2020

9/20/20 Giving Up or Giving In

So today, today, we want to talk about giving up or giving in.

It’s not a particular popular subject but one that is needed, non the less.

You always have free will so it is an option, certainly, but not one that is popular to use either.

Your life plan was chosen by you and your guides to accomplish what you wanted to experience in this life.

It contains a certain amount of challenges and lessons, all of which you also approved.

Sometimes, these come at you at a most difficult time, making these lessons or challenges even more intense.

Your guides and teachers are helping you but you may not feel their support.

Giving up or calling a replay may seem like an available option.

 Looked down upon on Earth because of the quick exit that is taken but not seen that way from here.

(We are telling you this not to scare you! But we are!)

This is something you need to understand.

They are loved.  They are respected.

They are helped. They are never alone.

Let this lay easy on your heart.

We are with you.


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