Saturday, September 26, 2020

9/26/20 Passing Over

Being able to say good-bye to you Earth suit and your life here is not as hard as one might expect.

Visions of what is to come is often afforded the ones that are nearing this decision.

The Glory, the Peace and the Love extended to them is one you have not known here.

It is a remembrance of what there will be.

For some, it is hard to disconnect but for others it comes quite easily.

The transfer of energy, of the soul, is a natural state.

You are helped and guided with loving care.

Lifting up and away from the force that has held you here.

Soon to be free, to be all that you are,

The light energy of the One.

Let the world not hold on tight, for this one to come home.

Bravely let go and be a peace.

We are with you.


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