Monday, September 7, 2020

9/7/20 No new post today. Re-post from 9/7/2013

9/7/13 Meditation for Peace.

Please note this was much different than other messages.

Much of the information you receive in the shape of visions and voices are the messages for others who cannot see.  You may not understand the whole message, so just talk about what you see.

This is a meditation.

May the good news fall upon you.

May we bring you peace.

To accept true peace into your heart you must reach up for it.

It is a little higher than much other vibrations.

So, lift your thoughts and look up to a higher place---A mountain ---A sky --- Beyond!

Let all else go but this vision for a moment …...and feel the sense of peace.

Breathe it in.               Take in that sense.

It will feel like excitement and joy because you know that it is true peace.

No- thing else matters for NOW.

As you let that feeling in you also allow in the healing that you need.

Each day will go smoother with this peace in your heart.

Peace be with you


“I am Matter Horn and Three Wolves Dancing.

I am that I am”



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