Sunday, December 13, 2020

12/13/20 Out of Place and Enjoy the Journey

Out of Place (Kind of personal but may be a message for others too.)

It is just when you thought everything is in order that you find something out of place.

You might wonder why but there is usually a good reason.

Look for the message or lesson needed before putting it back in order.

It is why it is out of place and gets your attention.

Once the message is received, it will go back in order with little or no effort.

All things are taken care of and you are at peace.

You’ve done exactly what was needed.

We are with you.



 Enjoy the Journey


When you don’t quite know what to do next.

Take small steps, take baby steps until you know the way.

That way nothing important will be overlooked or missed.

Each step is there for a reason and holds more than it first appears.

Being careless and hurried, some importance may be missed.

There is no hurry a thorough experience is going to benefit all.

Relax and enjoy the journey, much to see and learn along the way.

We are with you.


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