Thursday, December 17, 2020

12/17/20 Benefit of All and Calm

Benefit of All

Everyone has a purpose.
They are unique in many ways.
All of your daily activities and the others in your life are tied to your purpose.
They each play an important part, as you do in their purpose.
Fulfilling your purpose will benefit you and add to the benefit of all involved.
Your lives are intertwined and woven together which created the support and fabric of your relationships, lives, both separate and together as one.
As they yield and come together, they create the balance needed to move forward to make progress.
A yin and yang, as you might think of.
The differences and similarities as you learn to work together, strengthen the bond.
Allow this to help you and others support each other and move forward.
We are with you.
Precious are the moments that come when you are calm.
They certainly allow more energy to flow.
Allowing your creativity to flow,
to blossom into all the things you want to see,
The stillness, the calm.
surround yourself with this and you will see.
It is way more productive than scurrying about.
We are with you.

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