Saturday, December 26, 2020

12/26/20 The Light and Birth of Possibilities

 The Light


The light of the world shines high in the sky.

Illuminating all of the areas where the shadows lie.

Pulling together the parts that were slipping away and creating a connection of hope – not despair.

Everyone coming together for the common good.

Sharing the resources that are needed now will help to elevate the stress on a few.

Moving us forward towards the peace that we seek.

Allow that light, love and forgiveness to bring harmony into place.

Be patient while these conditions settle into place.

This change in energy is in motion and will benefit all.

We are with you.



Birth of Possibilities


Much of which is taking place is what is needed now.

Many are seeing the new way as a great change in energy and will not allow it to return to the old way.

The change in energy will help facilitate other shifts and changes for the benefit of all.

Just as a new birth of possibilities has come from the ashes of destruction of old ways,

  there is new life and a new order emerging.

Embrace the shift and allow change to more you forward into the light.

Be at peace.

We are with you.


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