Friday, December 4, 2020

12/4/20 Safety and " Go Feet First"


12/4/20 Safety

You can trust us.

You can trust our guidance.

Our whole purpose is your safety.

Of course, we are the little voice you hear in your head telling you when something is wrong.

We try to get your attention any way we can.

Once you’ve acknowledged who we are, we can have quite a conversation.

You can come to a deeper understanding of how we can help.

Living with our guidance and help will still have challenges but you will understand it better.

We are with you.


 “Go Feet First”

There, you’ve heard it right.

“Go feet first.”

That’s what we would tell you if you wanted to jump into a lake from a high rock.

It is the safest way to attempt such a fate.

There is so much more you are capable of doing safely if you are open to your inner guidance.

Trust it and then step out into the world.

You’ve lived with fear long enough.

You are not alone.

We are with you.



Even because of COVID-19, you have a hard time writing this.

But fear is what’s holding you back from completing your potential in your personal goals – not just in your public life.

Start there!

Stay home, if you prefer but be bold in your attempt to grow in your development and understanding.

There is so much to give.

You will be quite pleased.

We are always here.

Namaste - Go to sleep now.

Even though it’s time to stay home/stay physically safe doesn’t mean you cannot achieve more in your life.

There is still much you can accomplish on your path.

A greater understanding and growth can be had.

Take this time to discover more about your inner self.

There is less distraction and you can go deeper and the connection is clear.

Waste not this time for it will benefit the whole.

Peace, love and understanding is shared by all.

We are with you.


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