Tuesday, February 16, 2021

2/16/21 Your Intuition and Your Journey

 Your Intuition 

Your intuition or guidance is with you always.

You need to learn how to best use it.

When you are faced with a situation that you are feeling uncomfortable with, you can learn to discern what you are facing and what action might best serve you.

It is a matter of learning to listen to your heart, your mind and your body.

They will be the outlet for your inner guidance.

If you feel the emotion of fear or unrest, your guidance is telling you something.

Pay attention and look closer at the choices available.

Ask that the other choices be known and understood.

When you are feeling at peace or more comfortable, your guidance is telling you something about that.

Taking a moment to discern these emotions and nudges will make these difficult situations easier to face and move through.

Life is full of lessons, some easier than others.

With your intuition and guidance, you move through them doing what best serve you and your purpose here.

The choices are always yours but having understanding and guidance surely help.

We are with you.

Be at peace.


 Your Journey 

You are not separate.

You are always part of the One.

Therefore, you are never alone. 

You have love and support everywhere.

Ask and allow it to be known to you.

Your guidance can become a stronger influence in your life the more you listen and learn from it.

The louder and easier it will become.

What is best for you and your purpose will be what you are guided, quietly nudged towards.

Trust your journey is a good one.


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