Saturday, February 20, 2021

2/20/21 All Comes Together and Love Conquers All and A Gentler Way


Last night's message had a different vibration to it. It was strong and unyielding even though I was struggling to understand. I have committed to give what I get. Comments welcome.

2/20/21 All Comes Together

All that comes together belongs together at this time.
The support team is here.
They have all chosen to be here together.
Here to help find the answers.
Some of life’s biggest questions will be the focus of this inquiry.
If only they will be heard and understood.
Now, wait and see.
Watch for the ones that come forward with the answers.
It may surprise a few but will be expected by some.
Heighten what you’ve known for a while about consciousness and Oneness.
You will see, you will know.
We are with you.


You’ve come together at this time for a reason.
You are here to support each other.
The news is extraordinary and will need understanding and support.
A broad mind and an open heart are needed.
The small stuff doesn’t matter.
It’s the bigger problems that will be solved.
Pay attention and focus on those who come forth with hope.
Support the mission.
It has merit.
We are with you.

2/20/21 Love Conquers All

There is not better time to be here.
Some of life’s biggest problems are being explored.
The answers of which will bring the change needed.
It will take the love and support to be realized and understood.
Many are here for that reason, to bring the energy to that focus.
The small stuff doesn’t matter.
It will fall aside so that the real answers will be seen, understood and known.
All is well.
We are with you.

The message is bigger than you know.
Give it as you get it.

2/20 21 A Gentler Way

A gentler way to put this is to say it is all there for a reason.
A greater reason than you’ve imagined.
Trust that life, all life, has a purpose, larger and more significant than one realizes.
Everything is interconnected and has an influence on everything else.
You are here to witness and help this transformation.
Your focus is needed and appreciated.
We are with you

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