Saturday, February 27, 2021

2/27/21 Recollections

Your memory is a very tricky thing.

One small incident can trigger your mind to reflect or recall many things related to that particular event.

Some are etched into you brain in the groves made from this lifetime.

But others are not found there.

They are deeper in a subconscious state.

These usually surface when you are in a subconscious level like the dream state.

These memories can be mixed with a variety of facts, illusions, and also fantasies can surface at this time.

After returning to your normal conscious level, you might find it difficult to know what this all means.

Parts of your dreams you will recognize right away but others will seem familiar but not recognized at this time.

It all has meaning and purpose, of course, so reflect on what you can.

As for the rest, know you are working through it with strong conviction and your guidance and help is not far away.

What you need to know will be brought forward into your conscious state.

This will bring you peace.

We are with you.


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