Wednesday, February 3, 2021

2/3/21 Playing the Game

Everyone is talking about the Big Game, they think it’s football, but it is really Life.

Life is a Big Game, of sorts.

It has rule, challenges, goals, roles, opportunities, stakes and rewards.

The same you might find in a big game but the stakes are higher and the rewards greater.

If one looks at Life like this, you can see how you have picked and chosen many parts of the set up for your adventure.

How you go about executing it is completely up to you with your specific goals in mind.

Each are playing the game in their unique way.

Their roles vary and you are learning from them along the way.

The one big difference in this Game of Life is there is no winner, no loser.

Everyone wins.

Everyone gains and accomplishes something for the team, the All.

Whether you want to see Life like this or not it’s up to you.

Set your goals, take the opportunities presented and see what you’ve learned and gained in this lifetime adventure.

We are with you.


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