Thursday, February 4, 2021

2/4/21 Back to Love

The year seems very long, when strict restrictions are in place.

But it is really a small amount of time when looking at eternity.

In this smallest of time intervals, a lot has been accomplished, so much more than you know.

Look upon this sacrifice as a love gesture, of sorts.

Even though there has been a lot of sickness and death, (pardon the word death- there is no death)

transitions into Spirit, there has bee change and healing also.

Much has been accomplished.

Many have learned about what they really need to be at peace.

Many things will be done differently.

Much less waste of time and energy.

The pause has created a much-needed break to reflect and make adjustments to your life.

If done well, you will find a great improvement (PEACE).

Respect and love each other, the differences are what fills in the gaps and unites you as a whole.

When looking for answer, come back to love.

It is the universal healer for all.

We love you.


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