Saturday, February 6, 2021

2/6/21 Yesterday’s Message and Cradle of Discovery

 Yesterday’s Message

Yes, yesterday’s message was a lot to take in.

But it is a serious problem, for sure.

So, if you would just add today that it is about love.

Love for yourself, love for your planet and love for life.

You noticed, you noticed how big this problem really is.

And what it would take to reverse it.

What we are saying is to be aware and take some steps for yourself to do what you can.

Every bit helps.

Watch for new solutions to become available.

We are with you.



 Cradle of Discovery

In the peaceful, stillness of the night… much can be discovered.

It is easily recognized and understood because there is less distractions.

The thoughts are formed and the ideas to create are awakened with the dawn of each new day, new era.

The era of love and peace,

  where much is brought forward to promote that energy.

You’ve become an important part of that.

Part of the energy needed.

Come with an open heart and open mind to allow your thoughts and ideas to take flight.

Each of you are cradles for this discovery.

Help birth its creation.

You will be pleased and fulfilled by the outcome.

All is well.


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