Monday, February 8, 2021

2/8/21 Peace With It

The Earth contains the relics of generations passed.

Whether it’s in a casket, urn, wooden box or just ashes spread under a tree, they are all there.

It’s sacred ground.

The important part of who you are, your Spirit, your Soul, has left those remains and is free.

Free to enter a different phase of its existence and free to be where ever, when ever it wants.

This is what you are learning to understand.

This is what troubles you so.

It is a little beyond the typical imagination.

How can one still exist like this?

Bits and pieces are revealed to you at times, so you can better understand this phenomenon.

The conditioning of the concept of death is slowly fading away.

When you totally accept and trust in this belief of life being a continuum of energy and consciousness, you will be at peace.

Your time here in the physical is brief, counted by Earthy moments.

Use them wisely.

Discover and experience everything that you’ve come here to do.

Learn from the opportunities presented for you.

Leave nothing unturned.

When your Spirit, your Soul is freed, you will carry with it this energy, this consciousness.

Only what remains is the vessel that has been the temple of your precious self while you were here.

This is what you’ve buried, you’ve scattered on the Earth.

The rest of you is free to exist and move forward into a new dimension or phase of your life.

When you learn to tune into this dimension and connect with this energy, this consciousness, you will know the truth.

You will truly understand life as it was meant to be –

Your stay here is the fragile existence of the vessel that holds the precious you, your eternal energy.

It only exists for a short time while you find it necessary to learn and grow.

Then the vessel is returned to the sacred ground and you are free.

This is what you are learning to accept and know.

Those that went before you, all of them, are free, still here for eternity.

We will continue to work with you on this.

In time you will understand and be at peace with it-

  with life.

We are with you.


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