Wednesday, March 10, 2021

3/10/21 Love is the Only Answer and The Love You Share

Love is the Only Answer 

When facing the problems of your world today, love is the only answer.

Trying to sort out what is best for one and then the other leaves such a mess.

Putting love first and giving it fully, holding back none, will fill every cup the same.

Leaders will see how this is done and realize what a great solution this is.

They will follow suit.

The world has seen no better time.

Peace will be known and enjoyed.

We are with you.



 The Love You Share

The only answer is love.

It will be seen in the eyes of many.

They are each helping themselves but also helping others.

Working together, as a community, to bring peace and prosperity back to their lives.

Doing your part and realizing it is for the greater good will be the love you share.

We are with you.


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