Tuesday, March 30, 2021

3/30/21 Be Mindful and Dawn

 Be Mindful

Be mindful of everything that is happening around you.

Be mindful that it is there serving its purpose.

But don’t let it stray you from your own.

You can get tangled up in its drifting energies and be distracted and side-tracked from your own direction.

Notice and make note of where this energy is coming from and its potential good but it’s not for you to get caught up with.

You are doing well to stay clear of what is this particular situation.

If and when it is necessary for you to get involved, you’ll feel the change.

Be the compass that shows direction and points toward the positive outcome.

We will help you.




 In the silence of the night, let all the healing energies enter and focus on the new.

Wake up as a baby with a fresh outlook and renewed energy.

It is a natural way your body and mind restart each day.

Don’t complicate it with the past.

Take full advantage of this natural gift.

The Dawn of new beginnings awaits you all.

We are with you.


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