Thursday, May 20, 2021

5/20/21 No New Post Repost from 5/20/13 This Too Shall Pass

5/20/13 This Too Shall Pass


Pleasantly surprised are you when all you've worked for is here.

You often wonder how or why.

You can't always tell when new things are going to work or satisfy your need.

You must trust that they will be until you've tried it out.

Experiences are similar in this way.

Many have to be tried before you know how it will fit into your needs.

That's why you are here, to try out many different experiences and see how they feel.

What will your reaction be to each one as they appear?

Some are a good experience and you feel happy and joy.

Others are not so good and you must know the sad and disappointed emotion.

But all are a way of learning and making you who you are.

Forming the way, you will look at yourself and life with understanding and care.

Seeing life with love and faith will help you find the best of any situation.

Getting lemons and making lemonade, so to speak.

Learning to do this......

Learning to look at the challenges of life with love and faith will help you find the

meaning in the situation.

Letting life flow even with its ups and downs is a practice that will bring you more peace.

Everything changes.

Just trust that this too shall pass and something new will come along.

Something new and it will feed the soul and move you forward on your way.



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