Sunday, May 30, 2021

5/30/21 Heroes and Love Forever and repost from 3/30/13 Compassion

 5/30/21 Heroes

Being a soldier is the way they lived their life.

It is also they way they left this life.

It is a most honorable service to their families and country.

Take some time to give honor and glory to these heroes.

Be them not forgotten,

  for they live on in the hearts of many and above in eternity.

We are with you.



5/30/21 Love Forever

God grant peace to the broken-hearted.

Love is forever and will never be diminished.

There is no distance between you and that love.

It surrounds and encompasses you always.

With the smallest thought, love rekindles the flame you hold so dear.

Do not fear.

No time or circumstance will change that love, only make it stronger.

Precious are those moments of your journey.

They have helped you to grow to all that you have become.

Be compassionate and grateful today as always.

Love is with you.



 5/30/13 Compassion

Let's talk about the virtue of compassion.

It is the way you view the condition of your fellow man and all that is going on around him.

Viewing it with concern and love is where compassion comes into play.

You will be able to offer the kindness from your heart that should help him deal with his situation.

Compassion is the humbling way you look at your own situation.

Being able to see things through the eyes of the heart, offering concern and any kind loving

help or understanding.

When compassion is there, you are feeling the love for yourself or fellow man.

Such high energy elevates the vibrations and allows the highest frequency to be responding.

Spiritual growth is being obtained.

You cannot go wrong by having compassion in your heart.

Eliminating judgment and seeing the oneness are ways that true compassion is being felt.

Your soul knows that life's journey can be difficult at times and offering compassion can ease the way.

Carry compassion in your heart and offer it often.

You will feel the uplifting in your soul.


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