Friday, May 7, 2021

5/7/21 Courage and repost from 5/7/13 The Divine You

 5/7/21 Courage


What gives you the courage to continue to live your life as chosen?

You believe there is a bigger, greater reason than the earthly comforts you might accrue.

Even though most of your life you are striving for more of those earthly comforts, you know deep down that is not the goal.

You know there is more to it than that.

You realize that much more is gained from each and every experience than the monetary amount connected with it.

Trusting in that Universal Bigger Picture is what creates the courage to preserver.

As you grow and understand more, the spiritual connection is shown and gives you a meaning and purpose to this life.

Giving glory and honor to it All, as chosen, gives you courage to live your life and be part of it All.

We are with you.



5/7/13 The Divine You


Turning into the word divine you get the feeling we are talking about someone or

something out side of yourself.

But we are talking about you......

You are divine in every sense of the word.

You come into this existence to see how it feels to make choices and live by the

consequences of those decisions.

Based on these outcomes you will learn about life.

Then life will bring you more opportunities to make choices and learn new lessons.

In the series of golden opportunities, we find the wisdom of the soul.

It knows what it came here to experience, what would allow it to grow in the right direction.

It is all in the path or plan of the divine you, the soul or the higher self.

The you that knows how divine the plan truly is.

So, treat yourself with the respect you would give a queen or king because that's what

you are in the royal path of life.

You are the one that really matters in your life.

With divinity comes great power and responsibility to your higher good.

Respect yourself and then others also.


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