Sunday, May 9, 2021

5/9/21 Missing Them

Yes, of course, you miss your loved ones today, like many other calendar days of the year.

You miss your Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, even Grandmothers.

You are also missing the male side of the family.

You miss their physical presence in your human life.

That is because you still believe in death –

There is no death, only the change in form and transition from one state to another.

They are still with you as you need them and sending you love and support throughout your life.

 Ask them to be present in your life and look for their personal message to you.

You’ll see it

Then the ache of missing them will be lessened for a while.

Rejoice in knowing that they are still a part of your life and those around you.

Laugh and bring up memories of how they made a difference in who you are today.

Have peace and a heart full of love –

We are with you.


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