Tuesday, June 29, 2021

2/29/21 As It Should And from 6/29/13 Small Disturbances

 2/29/21 As It Should

Peace truly comes when you give it up to the Lord.

Let the Universe take control over those things you are struggling with.

It will work out just as it should and you will be pleased, not stressed.

You really don’t have to have that much control anyway.

Get into the flow and allow life to happen.

The result will surprise you and be a good one.

We are with you.


And from

6/29/13 Small Disturbances 

Like the pebbles in the sand, small disturbances should not bother your journey.

It is what makes the terrain interesting at least.

When the rocks become boulders than you may find the traversing this terrain more difficult.

Take your time and look upon each one with a certain amount of care because they give life the meaning we bargained for or they wouldn't be there.

Climb upon and learn from each challenge as it presents itself.

Conquering each goal will renew your strength and confidence.

Soon the boulders will be like rocks and then as pebbles once again.

Life journey varies with the terrain to allow for adventure, challenge, peace and harmony.

What would it be like without such diversity?

Enjoy your precious time here.



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