Tuesday, June 1, 2021

6/1/21 Your Goal

Your life is custom fit to fit perfectly to your needs.

Everything around you, everything within you, is there for you to learn and grow.

It’s easy to see that when you look closely at you and your needs instead of looking at others.

Concentrate on you –

  What is happening around you?

   Is it something that you need to address?

Others have their own needs and issues.

Those are not really your concern, unless they are directly affecting your own decisions.

Look at yours today.

Make a mental list of what your concerns are.

How can you best approach these issues?

Are you making progress for a Spiritual solution to any one of them?

This can be done with a sense of peace and satisfaction.

You will know.

If you are still struggling or feel resistance, take a different approach.

This is your goal.

This is what you are really here to do.

We are with you and can help you.


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