Sunday, June 13, 2021

6/13/21 Your Job and It Is So


6/13/21 Your Job

Each person has their job to do.

If one tries to do more than his share, his won’t be done properly.

Stick to what you’re good at and what has been given to you.

Trust that others will be guided to do their best.

It will all work out, just as it should.

We are with you.



6/13/21 It Is So

Sometimes, you try to make life too complicated.

That is what confuses you and causes so much frustration.

Life, your life, can be simple.

Narrow it down to live each day to the very best you can.

Spreading love and joy whenever possible.

Meet each challenge and lesson with an open heart, knowing whatever you learn from it will benefit you and the world around you.

Pardon what you see and hear that does not fit your level of understanding.

Each has their own journey to follow.

It takes a matrix of simple things to create the complex world you see and live in.

Each has its place and a reason to exist, just as it is.

Trust it is so.

We are with you.


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