Wednesday, June 16, 2021

6/16/21 Impressions and 6/16/21 Decisions


6/16/21 Impressions

Sometimes, time seems to be passing by in fleeting moments.

Never holding still long enough to make a lasting impression.

But there it is and you are too.

Everything you say, everything you do is leaving its mark.

Leaving an impression for you, for the world around you, forever.

You can’t turn back time or do it over, it’s there – so make it a good one.

Those moments count, your life counts.

We are with you.



6/16/21 Decisions

Some decisions are harder to make than others.

You are weighing all the pros and cons of the situation.

But you can’t really do that because the situation doesn’t really exist yet.

So, what you are weighing are the possibilities of things you are thinking in your mind.

There are endless possibilities of non-existent things.

So, you might be stuck there weighing them for quite some time.

Trust your feelings about things that do exist and what you want to exist.

 Make your decisions based on that.

Life will follow that lead – moving forward.

We are with you.


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