Tuesday, June 8, 2021

6/8/21 Unfolds and Step Out and Sail


Never a doubt,

 all the strength lies within.

You can take the world by the tail,

 if you believe you can.

Live like you know exactly what you want

  and watch as it unfolds before you.

We are with you.


Me - (Give me the courage and strength to know I am not alone.

You are here with me always.

I conquer the fear of the unknown with all of our strength.

When I receive the sign you are here, I am refreshed with courage and trust.)


 Step Out

Look how far you’ve come…

Spirit has been there all along.

We’ve help you with the big steps and the small ones.

You know this, so, what is next?

Where is it that you what to go?

Fear has stifled your creative power.

But it is time to let it go.

Step out into the world and find you footing and courage again.

The horizon is there full of new adventures and opportunity.

Lead the way, others will follow.

We are here, always.




Lift anchor –

Put the sail out.

Gather the wind and let it go.

All the things that are holding you back are the anchor.

You must lift and release-

Then you will sail.


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