Friday, September 17, 2021

9/17/21 Guideposts and Changes

9/17/21 Guideposts 

There are certain numbers, words and objects that have true meaning in your life.

You have associated these things with feelings and situations that have had an impact on you and your life.

Seeing these brings back that memory and related feelings.

Sometimes, they are guideposts or markers to signal something to [pay attention to.

Don’t dismiss them easily for they are in your life for a reason.

Guidance and help come in many ways.

They bring love, comfort and joy.

We are with you.


9/17/21 Changes 

Life is a series of changes,

 from the smallest ones in each cell to the large ones that effect your daily life in the most emotional way.

Whether they are large or small there is constant change.

You, your body, your surroundings, your energy is adapting, adjusting and living with these changes.

How you deal with them and allow them to influence your demeaner and energy is your choice.

** That’s the important message here – It’s your choice.

You can take each one with resistance, tolerance, grief and complain constantly

Or you can see each one as an opportunity to experience something new and different.

You can be constantly looking for the growth and reason for its existence in your life.

Seeing through the change and irritation, you may find the joys and pleasures hidden there.

Which is your choice?

It sounds easy but it’s not.

Your human response is more emotional and driven by the fear of separation and loss.

Your underlying spiritual response is about love, continuation and the connection to All, with

unlimited growth and happiness.

Which is your choice?

It sounds easy but it’s not.

This may take you a while so we will be near.

Sending you constant reminders of all the growth and beauty that awaits each step of the way.

We are with you – always.