Friday, January 31, 2020

1/31/20 Whisper in My Ear

As you sit and wait for that whisper in your ear, a lot of things come and go through the mind.
But you wait knowing that the true message will be something different and it will arrive on the whisper in your ear.
Today that whisper comes with a feeling of love, and gratitude.
We are so grateful for your constant commitment to being here with us.

Lynn: (The whisper feels like someone just kissed my heart.
How can I serve?
How can I help?
What shall I do? )

Just be –
Be Love –
Be who you are.
Be truth –
Be who you are.
That’s all we ask.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

1/30/20 You Can Help

Bigger plans are being made to get the word out.
The word being the truth about who you are.
The truth about the feeling of being separate.
The word about Love.
Even saying these words trigger a little something in your heart.
Because these are the words of Hope.
Hope that tomorrow will bring the end of separation, isolation, fear, and war.
Hearing about love and peace and how you can achieve it on even a personal level will establish a new feeling, a new energy.
When you find a way to disassociate yourself from the illusions caused by fear and separation and associate with peace and hope you find within yourself – treasure those moments.
Go there often.
Allow more and more of your time creating that space.
For each time you go there and be there increases the overall energy, positive energy, that is so needed.
You can help.
It will make a difference.
You will see it, feel it in your life.
You will see it, feel it in your world.
We are with you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

1/29/20 Always Do Your Best

To be competitive is not a bad thing.
It allows you to learn your strengths and weaknesses.
The inner action can help the ones around you to achieve, strive for and achieve, a higher performance than expected.
It can help you to stretch your limits and believe there is more.
You can gain confidence and trust in your abilities.
One position is not better or worse than the others.
For each has its own lessons to learn.
Remember there is humility in each result.
There can be growth and progress made –
For one and all, there is no defeat.
Everyone comes out a winner.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

1/28/20 Out of the Ordinary

Something out of the ordinary.
That’s what you want your life to be.
But it is already.
You are something out of the ordinary.
You are so special is design.
There is not one like you.
Ordinary is a word that can mean more than one thing.
It’s all about perspective.
And if you believe your life to be ordinary and you want for something different, you can change that.
Do some serious thinking on what you see and then think about the change you want to see.
Start to focus on that change.
You can be anything you want to be, well within reason (not 10 ft. tall), but you don’t have to perceive yourself as ordinary.
Take a leap of faith.
Be extraordinary in a way that compliments who you are.
Be Happy.
Be excited for the life you have and the life you are to be.

Monday, January 27, 2020

1/27/20 Family Bond

We want to tell you how important the family bond is.
They are your teachers.
They are your coworkers.
They are your students.
You have come here together to get the job done and to learn a lot along the way.
Some of that learning comes when there are differences that need worked out between you.
The different personalities and characteristics make that possible.
But with all of the differences remember there is only One Mind, One Mission.
The Oneness that is your bond.
You are in this together.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

1/26/20 Peace and Calm

Meditation always brings the mind to a place of peace and calm.
You relax all of the fibers that are tense and when relaxed allow more vibrations to enter.
They form words, images, feelings.
You are then able to process them in a way more normal to who you truly are.
You can’t walk around in a meditative state but it is good for you to practice this often.
When this relaxed your body can heal.
The stress and tension from the day can release and you will start over each day in a good place.

Now go to sleep, be at peace.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

1/25/20 Loyalty and Trust

Loyalty and trust are the commitment to another or the outcome of a situation that is expected and counted on by another. 
This loyalty and trust build strength over time and during times when the support is needed more.
Love and caring are part of this feeling that creates this bond.
It is important that you stay true to this commitment.
Both can benefit from this mutual bond.


What gives you loyalty and trust?
You build on the relationship already established.

Friday, January 24, 2020

1/24/20 String of Words

Just a simple string of words but they have just great potential.
                                                      and Oneness
Strung together is You!


Thursday, January 23, 2020

1/23/20 Stand By Your Man (or Woman)

Come and stand by your man (or woman).
Be ever so close to them.
They are closer than you might think.
Picked for you, especially for you, before you were born.
They are here to help you on your way, down the path you are to fill.
Whether it’s through their actions or sometimes even the lack of them, something gets fulfilled.
A new special treat becomes part of the plan.
The situations that contain the issues surrounding the lesson are brought together by the inner actions of you as a pair.
All that you say and do are immediately interwoven in the plan.
Being part of the interaction together brings out the specific characteristics needed to fulfill what is needed.
Together you play an intimate part in the plan for both of you.
Respect and love help to make this union complete.
Be aware of its importance and value – its worth.
All is well.

1/22/20 A Different Lesson

Please listen to the guidance today because it is one that will surely bring you peace.

There are times, when others have situations and lessons to deal with that, are very close to your heart.
You hear about the challenges and they upset you quite deeply.
Reflect on them and ask yourself, what message does this bring for you.
This is the meaning, for you, of this experience.
For you to know what you are to learn about it.
It appears at this time for each person for learning but for each one it is different.
A different lesson in which to receive.
See your part and understand the part of others in this experience.
Look for the learning, the growth in it for all involved.
Much is experienced.
    Much is shared.
           Much is gained.
          Love and Peace
 Are found among the outcome that is to follow.
We are with you.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

1/21/20 More and More to Come

Each step of the way is guided.
The path is set out for you.
More and more will come.
You will get closer and closer to where you want to be.
And it is good.
Good for you, good for your growth, and especially good for others.
We can tell you are more at ease with this now.
Your mind is at rest and your heart feels joy and peace.
Don’t let anything get in your way.
It is good.

Monday, January 20, 2020

1/19/20 Fear

Let’s talk about fear.
Fearful thoughts usually come from a lack of trust.
You live in a world where there is so much going on all of the time around you.
It may, at times, seem like there is no rhyme or reason for much of it.
Therefore, you are feeling that anything can happen to you at any given moment.
This lack of control is mistrusting and leads to fearful thoughts.
If you begin to practice having more control in your life by controlling what you are thinking and your feelings, your responses to your thoughts, it will give you more trust in what is happening around you.
Start small. Practice a little at a time.
Once you see and believe your thoughts do have a part in your environment you will feel better and in control.
Do not let fear and fearful thoughts ruin your fearless life.

1/20/20 Disappointments

Don’t let the small disappointments that come into your life make a huge difference in your style.
Yes, they are disappointments but they test your resilience and slow down your progress.
Let them come and go.
See and feel the disappointment then let it go.
Stay true to who you are.
Continue to create the experiences you want to have.
Keep your heart open and your vibrations at the level needed to attract who and what you want to see in your life.
All is good and peace and prosperity will again find its way home to you.
We are with you.

1/18/20 Coming Home

After all, coming home is always a good feeling.
Maybe it hasn’t been as easy as you might have thought it was but coming home feels like the right thing for everyone involved.
Start over with a clean slate and do whatever feels right.
All is good.
It is the perfect time to go for it.
Do what is in your heart and it will seldom be wrong.
We are with you.

1/17/20 Peace and Harmony

The guidance that you receive will be clear and meaningful to the life you are having here on the earth plane.
You are living in a time when everyone could use a little help.
Chaos is surrounding you because there is so much misunderstanding of what the truth is and where each of you stand.
There are some that are acting out that fear and trying to somehow get the upper hand or divinity or their relationship with God.
Little do they know these actions are not helping them at all.
They are only complicating the situation.
The guidance that is needed on your planet now is one of peace and harmony.
It is one of love and kindness. 
The guidance that assures you of your own divinity and oneness with God and each other can help to calm these fears.
For each fear calmed will tip the side of peace in the right direction.
Calm your fears and live with Peace and Harmony, now and always.


Friday, January 10, 2020

1/10/20 The Heart Chakra

Yes, you see the heart chakra is the strongest and most important chakra.
It is where love is given and received. It is where the blood of life flows.
The love is the blood of life.
It is who you are and why you are here.
The Blood of Life, Love, is the most important mission you have.
To know it, recognize it, understand it, share it.
It is the lack of it that is causing the chaos and imbalance.
It is the lack of understanding of true love, eternal love that fuels these wars.
It is your job to focus on your heart chakra and open it up more, so your love flows outwardly with the essence of love, eternal unconditional love that is who your are.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

1/8/2020 A Tree

“Here I am Lord”
Trees have very significant meaning in your spiritual life.
Most noted are the branches that represent the branches of people who come from the main trunk of Source.
Next, you might think of the roots noting that they draw nutrients from the main source of the earth.
The leaves are the people forming from the branches.
They are all there and then fall to the earth to be replaced by new leaves in the spring or new season of life.
The trunk or body of the tree is strong and stands upright for the purpose or belief of that tree.
Yet it can sway from the forces of the atmosphere surrounding that tree.
 Looking at the many attributes and references to your life - gives you respect and a connection to such a strong and regal spirit.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

1/7/20 A Breath Away

Our Father, who art in Heaven.
Hallowed be Thy name.
Dear ones,
Healing is just a breath away.
All your stress and worries can be calmed by just breathing in and out.
Your mind must have the chance to skip a beat or two to break up the routine of constant thoughts that are bringing you such stress.
So, sit still and breathe, easy, softly in and gently out –
The routine is broken and you can choose where to go from this.
Choose well, my friend and you will go to another place in your consciousness –
Feel the change.
Be the change.
Heal the mind –

Monday, January 6, 2020

1/6/20 Goodness and Kindness, A Miracle?

Lend me your ear and we will fill it with lots and lots of guidance and goodness.
We will tell you the things you need to hear.
Many of the things we talk about are already in your consciousness.
You just need help fishing them out.
Today we talk about goodness and kindness.
These are the traits that you want to display.
You see, because they will bring cheer and gratefulness.
People who need to be cheered up will see the goodness and kindness as an act of humanity and also be so grateful that they still exist.
Many only see the hatred and violence that is so prevalent in this society right now.
So, to witness this goodness and kindness will bring them faith.
Faith that all is not lost.
There is still hope.
There is still God.
God is love.
This is a miracle in ways and it is one you can give.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

1/5/20 Depression

What is depression?
When you get stuck on your focus being that of need or want it can and most likely lead to depression.
It is the belief that is stuck in your mind (consciousness) that you either don’t have or cannot get something that you have to have to satisfy you or bring you love and happiness.
But these things are superficial and an illusion.
Therefore, your belief is based on that illusion.
You are always love and therefore, you do not need or need to want it, at least, that kind of love.
The love you are basing your feeling of depression on is the acceptance and support of another human being.
That can either exist or not exist at that moment with the two of you but it does not make you less or more love.
You are love always.
Getting in touch with that core self of who you are will bring you out of that state of consciousness, you call depression.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

1/4/20 Perception

A nicer thing could not have been said.
Things are not said.
Things are done with the grandest of intentions.
And yet, at times, turn out to be felt to have caused pain.
Why is this?
It is perception.
One sees things one way and the other sees it so very different.
A lot of it is because of the lessons to be felt, to be learned.
It may come in many ways.
Take the time to see it from all directions to see if your perspective is right for you.
The role you play deserves all the help to get it right.
It should just flow.

Friday, January 3, 2020

1/3/20 Good Cheer

One of the important jobs of the New Year is to bring good cheer.
There are so many depressed and lonely people.
They feel alone because the energy of the planet is so split up and it is hard for them to find where and how the strong good energy pool is.
There is not a model so this causes them and you sometimes to wander aimlessly, feeling lost.
Feeling lost and lonely causes depression.
It is with our blessing and hope that you spread love and goodwill.
Goodwill is the hope for a better tomorrow.
A better tomorrow, in that, you will feel closer to the Source and grounded to Mother Earth and the Earth will respond.
She will respond with ample energy.
You will feel the change and it will light up the heart of the downtrodden and wanderers.  
There will be that sense of connectedness.
They will feel love and be love.
They will be able to be validated by more and it will strengthen our bond.