Saturday, October 31, 2020

10/31/20 What is my role, purpose?

Many of you spend too much time worrying about your purpose.

You need not worry!

For you are fulfilling your purpose every minute, every hour and every day.

You’ve come here to experience life on the Earth plane.

And experiencing it you are.

Differently, for sure, now, like no one has in a very long time.

Life has its ups and downs, challenges and pleasures.

You get to do it all.

You get to have it all.

Exactly what you learn and do with it is up to you.

And feeling fulfilled is also up to you.

Think back to what your life has brought you and how far you’ve come.

You’ve done such a great job.

If you still want more, you’ll get more,

  for life is a continual series of experiences.

Fulfilling it is just that – living life.

Be at Peace.

We are with you.


Friday, October 30, 2020

10/30/20 No new post - Repost from 10/30/13 Unfolding

So, what is your calling....your destiny?

It seems a mystery at times.

You look upon your life in such small increments—days.

You barely can see beyond a few years.

But life unfolds at that rate, and so it is precisely the way you are to see it.

You answer the call one day at a time, with the precision of an artist, a master at work.

Don't worry so much about the end for destiny has a way of coming about.

Take pleasure in knowing that you are preceding quite well.

You are doing your part, even if you can't tell.

Trust that the glory of it all will be known.

And you will be quite pleased and honored as well.

Each part has a purpose in the grand plan ahead.

You are one of the participants, that we can tell.

Sit still, relax and breathe if you will.

It not the end.

It's continual and what you might call 'mystical' as well.



Thursday, October 29, 2020

10/29/20 Love

Love is who you are.

It’s part of your core.

To cover it up takes a lot more effort than to just let it be.

The hatred and anger that some are feeling comes from the fear that they are not enough.

But love is enough, if they would just let it be.

Love is all there is.

If they could only see.

It’s only through love that you can truly be.

We are with you.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10/28/20 One Day at a Time

One day at a time, such a great way to face the challenges and turmoil of life.

Not too much, not over whelming, just one day at a time.

If that still seems daunting start with one hour at a time or one minute.

You can do it!

Cut it down to the amount that you can face.

Ask for help.

You are never alone.

We are with you.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

10/27/20 Personal Journey

Your personal Journey is prepared for you.

You may go on it anyway you prefer.

It’s all there.

All the decisions to be made on this journey are yours to make.

So, don’t ever feel stuck because you have lots of choices.

The way you think and feel about these decisions is up to you.

Let them in your heart and see which ones fit the best.

Which ones bring you the comfort and peace you want?

It doesn’t have to be such a rocky road.

We are with you.


Monday, October 26, 2020

10/26/20 Try it!

Open your mind and heart.

Start the new day fresh.

Don’t hold any preconceived notions to what this day may bring.

Anything that comes up may present a new exciting challenge.

Look at it with interest.

See all of its potential before you decide.

It may just have the right qualities to catch your interest.

It may be just what you need or are looking for to bring in change and growth,

  maybe a little fun too.

Do something new and different or in a different way, today.

It will shake things up a bit and raise your vibration.

This is exciting,

We are with you.


Sunday, October 25, 2020

10/25/20 Learn from Example

You know what your stand is and you have made your decision.

You have to have the patience and allow others to do the same.

There is a lot to be revealed and a lot to be learned.

Trust the process.

Hold your ground and keep peace, happiness and joy in your heart.

Others can learn from example.

All is well.

We are with you.


 Personal  (This is where I stand)

Life is too short I will not waste even a moment on war and hate.

Arguing and fighting are not worth giving my energy to.

Peace, Happiness and Joy are what I live by –

Saturday, October 24, 2020

10/24/20 New Power

No two are the same.

They are unique to you as your finger print.

They carry the energy and the code to who you are.

These energy fields are somewhat recognizable if you can separate them out from the crowd.

You can feel the difference and know when they are close by.

Pay attention; you’ll see.

This is something we can help you with.

Awaken this new power it will come to you easily.

We are with you.


10/24/20 Awakening

 Just as the wind blows through the trees, there is a wrestle in the air.

There are clouds blowing across the sky.

There is a whisper in your ear.

They are the smallest unnoticed things but they are your guides, teachers and loved ones.

Their energy is all around you.

Noticing the changes and the smallest thoughts are the awakening to their presence.

Some are more sensitive than others but everyone is helped.

Find you quiet spot and allow the guidance to come into your mind and your heart.

We are with you.


Friday, October 23, 2020

10/23/20 Precious Moments (dedicated to my dear friend, Lee)

Your physical life here is very short.

Don’t waste any of it on war and hate.

If you knew the number of days, hours, and moments you have left on the earth plane, what would you do with your time (moments)?

Would you spend them arguing and fighting?

Or would you spend them hugging and kissing?

Each moment is precious and not to be wasted.

Much peace, happiness and joy can be yours.

We are with you.


10/23/20 Very Simple

Very simply you are loved.                                                                                            

Keep that message close to the heart.

You will never feel alone.

Your guides and helpers are here at your beck and call.

Ask for the help.

Then listen, watch and feel, the help is on the way.

Practice and get comfortable with this process.

We can help to make some of it very simple.

We are with you.


Thursday, October 22, 2020

10/22/20 Accomplishments

Many times, you get confused over what you want to do and what you have to do.

There are certain things that need done in order to maintain a healthy happy atmosphere around your living situation.

These are sometimes called chores.

They are the things that need done even if they are not what you want to do.

What you want to do are mostly things that bring you a certain feeling of pleasure.

They too can help to create a healthy happy atmosphere.

Our point being, both of these forms of activity are very good for you and those around you.

Continue to do them with a loving attitude and they will help provide a sense of accomplishment and peace.

We are with you.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

10/21/20 Gifts of Life – Practically Everything

Practically everything is your life is a gift from God.

He allows all of that to be created and given as needed.

So, being grateful is a gracious way of showing appreciation.

Each of the moments of your human life are filled with these gifts,

  from the things you see, hear and feel.

Look around you, the beauty, the perfection, the usefulness – all the gifts.

The people that you know and the new ones you meet, they are the greatest gifts of all.

Each one has a gifts exchange for you.

Make sure yours is filled with love, who you are.

And receive theirs with loving kindness and gratitude.

At the end of the day, your life has become richer and richer by its many gifts of life.

We are with you.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

10/20/20 Not to Worry

All is well.

All is going about just as it should.

Your worry is only slowing down the process and causing you pain.

Not to worry will allow the energy to flow uninterrupted and things to move in their normal process.

It’s all moving; it’s all flowing.

Watch it as you would the river flowing over rocks and down the waterfall,

 with awe and astonishment.

Eventually the environment will be changed by the flow –

You will see.

We are here.


Monday, October 19, 2020

10/19/20 Wisdom – Peace Happiness and Joy and Today

Breathe in!

Allow Spirit to come into your body, into your heart, into your mind.

You will feel it expand.

Blend with your thoughts.

Listen to the wisdom that will follow.

This is where you will get the best guidance.

It is tailored just for you.

Meaningful words, thoughts that will bring you peace, happiness and joy.

We are with you.




 Just saying, repeating the simple words of Peace, Happiness and Joy are enough!

They alone come with a vibration of love.

Your heart will accept that and react to their vibration.

That is the mantra for today.

See how much it will change your day.

We are with you.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

10/18/20 Experience

Life may seem like chaos but there is a plan.

You are following it well.

The way you choose to experience that plan is where the chaos seems to come in.

It is your free will that allows you to do that.

You make different choices at different times depending on how you want to experience what is going on.

You can choose the chaos or you can choose peace.

Let your heart speak to what you need.

We are with you.


10/18/20 Purpose

Me – (The inspiration is there. I feel it.)

 Purpose is not the same as your path.

You are on your path to have certain experiences and lessons that have been deemed needed by you in this lifespan.

Purpose is a human term that was given for your ego to feel fulfilled.

We hope that makes sense.

The choices that you make every day determine how you are going about on your path, how you are learning from your experiences.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

10 17/20 New Adventures

Do not ponder too long about the new things that come into your path.

They are there for a reason.

If it fits well, like a missing puzzle piece, then it is telling you something.

Trust your gut.

New adventures, new opportunities are new challenges and come with some adjustments.

But they are there to bring you what you need, want and are looking for.

There is no rush.

Take it easy, when you are ready.

You will be very pleased with the outcome.

We are with you.


Friday, October 16, 2020

10/16/20 Tranquility

Today’s lesson is tranquility.

It is the feeling of peace, love and joy.

It is not something you search for.

It is something you become.

When you allow yourself to just sit back and hit the pause button.

Let the chaos go by.

Pause and reinforce your strength and energy.

Cleansing and healing is happening.

You can feel it.

Visualize yourself intact.

Ready to face the new opportunities with all that you are.

We are with you.


Thursday, October 15, 2020

10/15/20 the Drama and A Gentler Side of Things

 10/15/20 The Drama

You are so loved.

All that you see, hear and feel are here for you.

They have come to help you understand the many facets of the human being.

You can learn from them without vesting into all of the drama surrounding them.

You can just see them from the human side.

Keeping your distance will allow you to not be emotional about it.

The drama is what fuels the worry, fear and pain of it.

This too shall pass.

The next drama will float in on the next wave of energy, riding on the surface of the bigger ocean.

You do not have to take every wave.

See them as they ride past and diminishing into the Sea of Life.

We are with you.


10/15/20 A Gentler Side of Things

There is so much going on around you, so much you can get yourself involved in.

Be careful what you put your energy in.

You can so easily be fueling exactly what you don’t want.

You can see and witness it without giving it your energy and allowing it to emotionally put you off balance – off your own plan.

Think of the positive, harmonious, peaceful things you want to bring into your life.

Put more energy into that.

Center your attention and surround yourself with that vibration.

You will see a gentler side of things.

We are with you.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

10/14/20 Make Them Matter

Do a thorough scan of your body.

Ask for the healing and cleansing that is needed.

Start anew each day.

Balance and align yourself with your higher good.

Everything that happens, happens for a reason.

Find the meaning in your life experiences.

And make them matter!

This routine will bring peace, love and joy.

Search no more.

We are with you.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

10/13/20 Creative Power

Today, we want to talk about creative power.

You have the ability to create whatever you want.

Opening up the doorway to this possibility is probably one of the hardest parts.

But with your awareness, it is doable.

The next part is to focus only on what you want.

The positive creative part of what you want.

Don’t wavier, be precise and committed.

Know what if feels like to have created it and it will be.

Take pleasure in your experience and become the co-creator of your life.

We are with you.


10/13/20 Creation

You can be whoever you want to be whenever you want.

The Universal Power of Creation is always there.

The power that it has can be funneled into your creative mind to make this possible.

Your own belief is what sets the limits to all creation.

Set your intention and focus on what you want.

It is all possible.

You are limitless.

We are with you.


 More on Creation

 We remind you often, your thoughts create your reality.

You have been conditioned to think random thoughts.

Influenced by many things occurring around you.

They scatter your thought and make your creative power more difficult.

Now is a great opportunity to quiet the mind and focus on what you want not allowing the mind to wavier.

The possibilities are endless but your focus should be narrow to reach its objective.

Know it is done and it is done.

We are with you.


Monday, October 12, 2020

10/12/20 Honesty

Be honest with everyone, even yourself.

Some of the things you have to admit are hard to do but will be freeing.

It’s your ego holding on to those things.

It’s your belief that holding on to them isn’t hurting anyone or anything.

But it is.

Only when you come clean and honest about the situation will you know.

You will feel it.

You won’t have to scramble around to keep it from coming out.

It will be out in the open where it should be.

Very freeing of the guilt of holding on to this discrepancy.

Maybe you’ve said you didn’t lie but you just didn’t tell the whole truth about the whole story.

Come clean.

You’ll see it will be better.

The truth is always better.

We are with you.


Sunday, October 11, 2020

10/11/20 Messages of Hope

Open your heart, lift your vibration.

Pay attention to the messages, visions, words, and ideas that come into you mind.

They can be life changing.

They can make such a big difference.

They will be calming and peaceful and full of hope.

Spirit would only bring you messages of hope, good will and guidance.

Let all else go.

Decide what is for you to know and trust.

It is up to you.

We are with you.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

10/10/20 no new post. Enjoy the repost from 10/10/13 Be Love

Love and its experiences are the building blocks for your reality.

When you experience love, you add to who you are.
Love comes in many disguises and sometimes takes you by surprise.
Yet each has something for you to realize and gain from.
Don't ever think that you should block love and the messenger that is bringing the gift.
For unless you allow and fully experience that love you might be blocking something you need.
Love lightens the energy and lifts the spirit.
Complain if you may about your dreary day but looking for that love could bring changes your way.
There is no little love or big love, it’s all valuable and precious, non-compare.
You should love yourself and others around you every day.
Celebrate and Be Love.

Friday, October 9, 2020

10/9/20 The Healing Power of Thought

Reinforcing what was said before, creation begins with your thoughts.

What you think you create.

Pay closer attention to your thought process.

What are you creating?

Is it for your highest good?

Are you thinking about what you want or worried about what you don’t want? (Fear)

Your thoughts are giving energy and creative power to all of that which you are thinking, even the negative.

Make a daily practice of positive creative thinking and processing – only.

Do not allow outside distraction to play a role in your creation.

Create the life, the health, the peace you want.

We will help you.

We are with you.


Thursday, October 8, 2020

10/8/20 The Quiet Voice

I am the quiet voice in your head.

Sometimes quiet but today quite loud.

I want to be heard loud and clear.

I am the voice that wants to be heard because I want to help you.

I want you to understand there is help on your path, your journey.

Lots of help and lots of different ways to go about doing this.

There is no right or wrong.

It’s all good; it’s all expansive.

Mostly, I point out choices and it is still up to you what you want to do.

Even when I am loud and you are listening, it doesn’t always have the impact that was desired.

The quiet voice in you head opens the doorway to many possibilities, to many opportunities, to discover there are many perspectives, many objectives to each situation that comes into your life.

Ask for help; ask for guidance.

Listen to that voice, that wisdom or don’t, that’s up to you.

We are honored to help.

We are with you.


Me (Thank you. I am grateful for your help, your voice.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

10/7/20 Pure and Simple

Just like the air you breathe; your thoughts need to be pure and simple – not cluttered with the pollution that surrounds you.

Create a filter, a barrier to prevent these allergens from being able to enter and cause friction with what is the fabric of your mind.

These irritants cause you discomfort and a flare up in your demise, sometimes even making you sick.

Remove the cause of this irritation and replace it with a calming, peaceful atmosphere where you can return your thoughts to the pure and simple one of love and well-being.

Balance will return and you will notice a huge difference.

We are with you.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

10/6/20 Something for You and Step Up!

 Something for You

Dig deeper to find your soul’s plan.

Don’t just be happy with doing what comes your way.

That is enough and certainly it’s there for you but there is more you could manifest into your life to do.

In your excavating if you find something that interests you, look closely at what it is.

If it fits some of your goals and you believe it’s an opportunity for growth and learning then it can be something for you.

Set an intention and line up your desires to do what it takes to attack it to you.

Get your heart involved.

You will see it begin to show up.

Pull it close and make it your new objective.

It will give you satisfaction and a challenge you desire.

We are with you.


PS- - Your imagination can be helpful when looking out beyond the usual.

It is tied to your plan.


 Step Up! 

You are doing a great job.

You are doing what is presented to you to do, for your life plan.

You are safely moving along and you are comfortable with this movement.

(Me – Don’t rock the boat, I’m just getting into the grove here.)

But there is more you could do if you are ready.

You can take the next step to discovery on your journey.

When you are ready it will be there.

It can be fulfilling more on your path and bring you to the next level.

Step up – just say yes to your heart!

We are with you.


Monday, October 5, 2020

10/5/20 Subtle Reminders

Quietly, pay attention to the energy in your body.

It is giving you the clues to what you need.

Do you know when you are hungry, thirsty, or tired?

Well there are other clues being given also.

They are helping you to make the decisions you are facing.

Subtle reminders of where you are in life and what you need for now.

We are with you.


10/5/20 The Power of Prayer

Prayer is used to raise the vibration or call upon with attention.

There are few things about prayer one might want to understand.

It is a way one might set an intention or goal with your words and actions.

It is a way to raise your vibration in reverence toward this goal or intention.

It can be a show of gratitude and hope.

It is not a demand for a certain outcome or tied to a circumstance.

You must respect the powers of free will and universal law that also has a place in life.

But the power of prayer adds it’s influence into the mix.

Your intention, your energy and your conviction does allow you to be connected and not discard the situation at hand.

We are with you.


Sunday, October 4, 2020

10/4/20 A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms – yes.

That’s what it is.

We are asking for you to all join forces to raise the vibration and allow the Voice of Unity and Oneness to be heard.

Pray together to raise the vibration and allow the pendulum to swing the other way.

Start a new – looking for the answers to questions not even formed yet.

Be ready.  Be brave.

Stand up and be counted.

Each one and together as One.

We are with you.


10/4/20 Pray Together

The time has come to pray, to join forces in prayer.

It is a time of renewal, of change, of joy, of peace.

Lift up your voices in gratitude and raise the vibration some.

When joined together it can really make a difference.

The pure volume of this prayer can tilt the scales your way.

The pendulum will swing and we can start again.

Bring the masses together and pray in Unity.

Overriding all evil into submission.

You are brave enough to call it to arms.

We are with you.


Saturday, October 3, 2020

10/3/20 Enough

There is enough!

The fear of not having enough causes some panic.

Then things get out of balance.

So, no panic, there is enough.

You will get enough or something that will work out just as well.

Have faith and trust.

It’s a little out of control, a little bit straining, but it has to be where it is for change.

You’ll see – love and peace.

Just follow your heart.

We are with you.


Friday, October 2, 2020

10/2/20 Patience

You are anguish for everything to be present right now.

There are things that are coming into place in due time.

They will be there in perfect time to take the place of other less desirable things.

Some things that just didn’t fit for the job.

It will be well worth your while to wait for the right things to be present.

Then the project will be well done, finished, completed.

We are with you.


10/2/20 Always Do Your Best

 (Me- It was something in a dream, that I woke up and said I wanted to remember it – that moment!)

There is always more to do.

You could say it is a daily activity.

And to always do your best would make it even better.

Nobody is judging you but it is the self-knowledge and pride that the job is well done that means something.

Doing these things for yourself or others is a big part of what you’ve come here to do.

Service to others gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Doing your best is like putting icing on the cake.

Take pride in what you do knowing you’ve done the best you could!

We are with you.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

No new Post today. Re-post from 10/1/14 The Lessons and The Learning

It is easy to let negative thinking creep back into your thoughts especially when things have been tough going.

But you must stay positive.

You must figure out what is going on and what you are to learn or change.

Your faith and knowledge of how things work should help you change things around.

You don’t have to accept all of this as a kind of fate or permanent.

It is only for the lessons and the learning.

What have you learned and how can you apply this to your life?

You have also been able to feel love and compassion for yourselves and others.

You are learning new limits and boundaries which can help you heal.

Stop worrying and enjoy what is around you.

Each of them is here to be your guides and teachers also.

Listen to their wisdom.