Monday, April 22, 2013

4/22/13 Worrying

Worrying is the part of you that pushes the inspiration away.
You think too much about the outcome and not trusting the source.
Yes, it is coming from spirit and so it is intentional in cause.
So the outcome is already in the plan.
Trust is the feeling you should be replacing the worry with.
You can feel the vibration of the words.
Worry and trust, which one has a higher vibration.
Which one has a stronger feeling in the body.
Empower yourself .
Practice always replacing words of power & strength over the words that weaken you.
Courage is another feeling that should always replace fear.
“Fear not, I go before you always, come follow me and I will lead you home.”
Very strong affirmation to strengthen you when you need it.
Your lioness totem plays a big part in your path.
For you need to walk with strength and dignity.
Never fearing or worrying about the outcome.
Remember it is the symphony of your life.
The music is set before you.
Choose to dance & sing the song of life that will raise you up and make you happy.
“ Be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow me and I will lead you home.”
Sing loud & walk tall. Much more will come and you will enjoy.

4/5/13 Judgment

Judgment, the world is full of judgment.
Why does it have to matter what one is doing?
You should be only paying attention to your own way.
If you are listening to your own guidance and following what is right for you.
You should not care what others are going to say.
This is important because it is where you let yourself be influenced by the judgment of others.
They are not in your shoes or see your world from your eyes.
Perspective is the key.
Tomorrow listen to your heart and know that all is well and everything is perfect.
No one else really will know what is right for you & me.
We will be there, dear one, and you will be fine, knowing that it is meant to be.
God is all. Let it be.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

3/21/13 The Word Divine

The word Divine comes from the power of the soul.
It is used to show the magnitude of ultimate strength that the soul has.
You are Divine in every aspect of the word.
You are here to wake up to your knowing that you are Divine.
Then you know your strength and power to create your reality.
God's grace helps you to discover the ways this divinity is to be used.
Create your reality if you want.
Use love, truth and God's grace as your tools.
See the different ways one can find to show the true divinity that is yours.
God stands by to watch what you create, to witness the glory in the creation. 
Always be able to own your creation and see the Divine aspect it reflects.
All is well.