Monday, August 31, 2015

8/31/15 Beauty in Life

Do not worry so much.
The cycle of nature has survived long before you were here.
Your actions do have an impact but true nature runs its course.
Be diligent in your conservation practices and mindful of your resources.
This will ensure the best environment.
There is beauty in all phases of life.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

8/30/15 Your Body

Mentally talk to your body.
Befriend it,  so to speak.
Find out just what it is trying to tell you.
Then only feed it what it needs.
There is more chance it will serve you better along the way.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/29/15 Direction

Wake up tomorrow refreshed and look to life to bring you direction.
Be open to where it may lead you.
Follow your heart.
Follow the signs and all that speaks to you.
Even with no plan of your own you will have somewhere to go, something to do and a purpose will arise.
You will know.
This is a practice.
This will help you to see what is coming into your path.
Let go of the control.
Then it will all happen as it should.

Friday, August 28, 2015

8/28/15 Earthly Disasters and Deeper Understanding

Two meditations today

8/28/15 Earthly Disasters

There is much concern about the violent fires and other disasters taking place on your planet this year.
Your planet, Gia, as you know her to be, is in the act of balancing and cleansing.
This is done systematically throughout her life span.
It does also have a spiritual connection to those who are involved as well as the region in which these disasters happen.
Your personal concern is to know that these cycles take place over and over through the life span of the planet.
Those involved in this cleansing and renewal are taking advantage this opportunity to renew their own cycle.
There is much learning and growth involved also.
From a human, earthly level, it is overwhelming.
But from another perspective, at a higher level, it is a milder adjustment.
Let your human emotions erupt for in that you will find your own balance and growth.
We are with you.

8/28/15 Deeper Understanding

In the purest state of empathy and love you must deal with the personal disasters there on earth.
Death and dying comes to each of you during your life and that of those around you.
Much value and a deeper understanding is learned during these transitions.
Allow each one to open you to a deeper understanding of the truth of who you are and where you have come from.
The guidance given to you at these times help you to connect to the oneness and bring forth the light to others.
We are all one and together growing and becoming a new---


Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/27/15 The Monarch-Symbol of Hope

The monarch butterfly is an example of just how fragile a species is on your earth.
It doesn't take much to challenge its existence.
It will take all of you to join together in its rescue.
Human existence and the balance of the environment is also being challenged.
Misuse of resources and production of intoxicants is multiplying these hazards.
It is time to join together and take the action needed to reverse these impacts to assure the longevity
of your race.
Take your part seriously and encourage others to do everything they can to help balance the environment again.
Keep looking at the monarch as a symbol of hope.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8/26/15 Lesson One – Love and Forgiveness

All of this weighing you down-
It is much harder to get connected from that far down.
Just the thought of forgiveness does the trick.
It raises you up even a little bit.
This is the act of love for which you have accepted the fact that not All is in your control.
Things happen for a reason.
The intention wasn't to make it too cruel and harmful.
Many lessons will be learned if you are open to knowing what is there to learn.
More than lesson one of love and forgiveness will appear in due time.
You are on a path to contribute your wisdom to more.
You can see this as a gift to help others.
Find the peace in your heart with the truth that you know.
Putting love and kindness at the core.
Feeling lighter as you go.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/25/15 Along for The Ride (lyrics playing)

You are just along for the ride,
The beautiful view from the side.
Put your things aside and hop on board.
Life is the ride.
It will take you to the most amazing places with the most interesting people.
All of your hopes and dreams being fulfilled as you ride along.
We know it's not just this easy but keep this song in mind when things get tough and you need a ride.
We'll be with you.

Monday, August 24, 2015

8/24/15 Life Is Good

Life is good.
Even in the most challenging times you can find something that is good.
You may have to change the way you are looking at it but it is always possible.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

8/23/15 The Written Word and Worrying ( 2 different sittings)

Don't read “The Written Word” as truth.
That is someone interpretation.
Your guide lines for living are given to you personally in your own way.
You will know.
They will ring true in your heart.


Try not to spend your whole life worrying.
Too much time is spent on the “What ifs”.
What if this happens?
What if that happens?
This is wasted time and energy.
You can't possibly plan out all the scenarios anyway.
Change happens.
You just need to learn to live more openly so you can adopt to more possibilities.
That way you will feel more comfortable with whatever comes along.
You will be less surprised and more comfortable with all the changes in your life.
Learning to adapt and meet the challenges and changes in your life is an important part of growth.
You will help teach others around you these important life skills.
Worry free and brave.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

8/22/15 Picture Perfect Day

Everyday should be picture perfect.
There is so much to see and do.
Take in it all, the large scenic view to the very small.
There is perfect beauty in it all.
We also want to remind you how you too are picture perfect.
Rejoice in knowing that too.
Love and respect each part of nature and that of course includes you!

Friday, August 21, 2015

8/21/15 No new post today. Post from 8/21/14 The Feeling of a Smile

When you smile you use many muscles in your face.
Giving them the strength that they need.
You also open a soft spot in your heart and a peaceful place in your mind.
This is a simple act of kindness to yourself and others.
Sometimes it helps them to forget what is stressful if only for a minute.
It reminds you that there is love in this world and it is possible to allow it into your life.
You can imagine that smile or a feeling of a smile brought into different parts of your body.
You can imagine that smile or the feeling of a smile brought into your face, into your eyes.
Relax and allow your eyes to smile.
The feeling of the smile can be felt in your chest, in your stomach, even in your legs and arms.
​That smile brings love and peace to all of you.
At the same time sharing it with others.
A smile is a universal language that we all understand.
Smile often.
Peace and love be with you.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/20/15 What Are You Thinking

Are you really monitoring your thinking all the time?
How much do you still think about what you don't want to happen?
Giving it energy it needs to stay around.
This is why they sometimes come into your life.
You still need them to be there.
They still have something they need to show you.
Or they come into your life because they have a lesson you need.
So when something unpleasant appears, face it with conviction to learn and understand why it is here.
Then it may go as soon as it can.
All life has its ups and downs.
You can minimize the stress and damage that occurs along the way.
Look for the good and use your loving energy when you have a choice to make.
Think about all the wonderful things you can create and people you can love.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8/19/15 Making Sense

Even those who are just starting to hear their guidance don't want to miss any.
It is too precious and important to know.
It is the foundation to building a purposeful living, where everything will start to have meaning and make sense.
You will see how you can make something meaningful with even the slightest effort.
They all count and are building blocks for more.
Start as slow as you may but more and more will be significant along the way.
We are with you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8/18/15 Celebrate

Celebrate every new day.
Celebrate every new opportunity to learn and grow.
Fill each of those days with what you know you can do.
That will bring you so much closer to where you want to be.
Don't let life itself stifle your growth and experience.
Yearn for more until you can't any more.
Use every day and every opportunity you can.
It doesn't get any better than you have right now.
Aging is inevitable and will slow you down.
So live now.
Say "No" to nothing.
If you can do it you can live it.
We encourage you to have it all.

Monday, August 17, 2015

8/17/15 Coming Together

Your work is not always your own.
There are many times that the work of many have to come together to complete the task.
Be grateful for everyone who has played a part in this such development.
It may also involve the energy and effort of one who had less will in it.
You can also be grateful for their participation.
We are honored that all has conspired the way that it has.
It is a beautiful thing and many will benefit from its conception.
We are with you.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/16/15 Whimsical Break

Picture yourself riding on the puffy white cloud, not a care in the world.
Just enjoying the scenes as they go by below you.
You can stay that attached if you please, or just pull up a chair and watch life go by like a parade,
commenting on the different costumes and the music playing.
It is a great way to take a break from the work.
When you've had your whimsical break get ready to dive in and do some of the living you were viewing from a far.
There is more waiting for you.
It is work but it can be rewarding and fun..
It's always there ready when you are.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

8/15/15 Life Is Simple

Life is so simple.
You wake each morning in gratitude and openness.
You make the choices of the day with love and joy as your inspiration.
You face every hardship with the strength and courage to know you are there for a reason.
Every pain and sorrow can teach many things.
Learn what you can from each experience.
Be in awe at the beauty and perfection of the universe.
Go to sleep with gratitude for each opportunity to learn and grow.
Rest in peace.

Friday, August 14, 2015

8/14/15 Forgive Them

Forgive them, for they know not what they have done.
Even those who have done small offensive actions towards you can be forgiven.
It lightens up the energy and changes the relationship.
They can still be wrong but it's not you that is holding it down.
Holding a grudge can certainly slow you down.
Do your part to clear up the situation and then move on with your life.
There is more to enjoy.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

8/13/15 This Opportunity

You are building your life story, an adventure, day by day, experience by experience, chapter by chapter. 
All is coming together very well.
Looking back, you can see how much you have learned and changed accordingly.
Growth is obvious and wisdom acquired.
But all is not completed.
There is still much to do.
Open your heart to accept all that is coming your way.
You will meet new people who will show you many things and take you on to many new concepts to explore.
Your physical life continues to expand until it does not.
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow.
It's up to you what you want to accomplish.
Enjoy, it is good.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8/12/15 Your Highest Good

Only when you pay attention to your fear, does it get stronger.
Put your energy into something positive and good.
You must let go and let God.
All other action brings suffering.
Trust that all will be as it is supposed to be.
Face whatever life brings you with dignity and grace.
It will be for your highest good.
All is well.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8/11/15 Progress

Gone is the time when you picked up the phone to call your neighbor.
Everyone is so connected all the time.
Your every activity can be monitored and put on public display at any time.
You think nothing about reporting to all your friends about what you are eating, where you are going and how you feel about just about anything.
You can be online with people from all over the earth all at one time.
With all of the advanced technology you would think there would be more about us (the afterlife).
There is more but not enough.
Each of you still worry and ponder the subject quite often.
We send you signs, show ourselves, and speak through vessels.
Yet there is much in question and not yet realized.

There is a shift coming where more will be known and realized and believed.
You will not feel so alone in your new reality.
Spirit will be a common subject to talk about and share.
You will feel right at home with all of your spiritual growth and accomplishments.
Hearing from us will be a daily activity for more than the few of you now.
Excited for the progress.
Anxious for the experience.

8/10/15 Your Heart Beat

The rhythm of your life is the beat of your heart.
With each heart beat a surge of energy flows through your body.
The energy gives your physical body the strength to move and grow in the direction you intend.
Your emotions effect the beat of your heart and therefore your energy level.
Staying positive and excited about your life will create the energy you want.
Love is the strongest of these emotions and keeps your energy level high.
Focus on the things and people around you that make your heart beat---
That will give you the energy to explore and do all that you want to do.
A healthy heart is a happy heart.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/9/15 Perfect Timing

I woke up at 2 am and nothing was given to me so I went back to sleep.
Then I woke up again at 4:30 am and this is the message.

Not everything has to happen in your time (when you think it should).
All will happen in due time.
It may seem that they are stalling or deciding on the time but this is an illusion.
There is much going on, more than you know.
And to make it all work there must be perfect timing.
So, these stops and starts are built into it.
Do not get frustrated. Just go with the flow.
Be amazed with how it all works out and what is brought forth.
You will know.
You will see the timing of it all.
The dance between each moment.
The nature of it all.
Then just take your place amongst the rest.
Step in place.
Life will flow just as it should, bringing new experiences and things to help you grow.
Relax. You are doing well.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

8/8/15 Make It or Break It

It is the amount of interest you put on the subject that gives it the energy.
You have the power to make it or break it, so to speak.
So, pay attention to where you put your interest.
If you find you are thinking and worrying about something you don't want – just change the interest to something else.
You will feel the shift and the energy will shift also.
Make your life fit more of what you want.
Pay attention and you will see and feel it.
We are with you.

Friday, August 7, 2015

8/7/15 Beacon of Light

Even in these challenging times you must try to make sense out of them for you.
You must take strides forward and move beyond the normal levels of consciousness to see that there is more...
Some things are here to teach the basic things but they also carry with them the higher message.
For those who can understand, it says a lot more.
Look for this meaning and you will rise above and know peace.
Look for the signs and the beacon of light to lead the way.
All is there for you.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

8/6/15 The Passing of a Soul

The passing of a soul from the physical body to that of a spiritual essence is a very beautiful thing.
The death of the physical body is the result of such a passing.
The soul no longer needs this physical body to complete the mission it was on.
It is complete.
The soul will now take on its spiritual mission for a while.
All to grow in wisdom and glory.
You have helped give thanks and honor to a completed part of this soul's mission.
Blessed are those who bury the dead (physical body).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

8/5/15 The Gemstones

Ultimate Beauty, Power and Wisdom are here for the taking.
Much like a game you might be playing.
Each experience gains you much knowledge.
With those tidbits of knowledge, you learn what you want or need.
The Beauty is how you see the world you live in.
The Power is the strength and courage you have gained.
And the Wisdom is the accumulation from all that you have learned.
These are the gemstones of your life here.
They are what you take with you and become who you are.
Keep adding as much as you can while you are able.
For all gained in this way is never lost.
See your life in this new light and go for it all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8/4/15 Wholeheartedly

In loving memory of my father, Damon C Gray (17 years ago today).

Dear, dear little one,
Don't sit there in such pain.
Open the door and let the fresh air in.
It brings with it the new attitude towards death.
We have not really died.
We are with you every day until you don't need us there so close.
Move around, shake it up.
You will feel the love and the energy that I've sent.
Go and live your life wholeheartedly.

Monday, August 3, 2015

8/3/15 A Special Gift

Each of you have a special gift.
Given to you to help you find your way.
Some can hear better, some can see better, some just figure it out faster.
Whatever your special ability is, be grateful and use it well.
There are reasons and lessons attached to those strengthened senses that are designed especially for you.
Each one no greater than the next, for each is unique upon itself.
Comparing and judging only causes pain and unneeded conflict.
Be at peace with who you are.
See others with pride and satisfaction knowing they have found their gift and are helping the All or One of us.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

8/2/15 The Power of Love

You can feel the powerful sun even under a tree.
Therefore, you can also experience the power of love even though you have no contact with the person.
Sending love will certainly reach them.
They will feel its power and know they are loved.
This may be the best you can do right now.
Love is much more powerful than sunshine.
This act of compassion will help you also.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

8/1/15 Heal and Rest

So many different partitions need to come together to make this happen.
For a few days now you have not been there.
Take the time you need to heal and rest.
We are not going anywhere.

7/31/15 Healing Being Sent

It is with the greatest of pleasure we come here tonight.
Healing is still being sent to this one.
We feel very connected to this healing process.

(Sorry, that all I recorded.)

7/30/15 No new post - last year's post 7/30/14 Living In The Now

You spend too much time rehashing the events of yesterday.
They are over and don't worry about the future because that could all change.
Spend your time and energy on living each moment of today, the now.
It is in these moments you will find the most.
You will see greater meaning and help for your exploration about you, who you are and what you need to learn.
All your necessary challenges and lessons will come to you and you will easily see them if you are paying attention to what is around you.
So live from that perspective not too far ahead.
It is all right there.
Gentle patience, love and compassion for the challenges right at home.
Do your part to spread the love and light right there.
It will do the most good.

7/29/15 What Is Important

We welcome this new form of communication.
All is gained – nothing lost.
Thank you for still allowing us to speak through her.
It is for your guidance and comfort that we are here.
Take each one and apply it through the heart.
You will know what is important to you.

7/28/15 No new post today- Last year's post 7/28/14 Just Ask

7/28/14 Just Ask
There is never not any way out.
There will always be a solution.
You will never be without guidance.
You are never truly alone.
God has provided you guidance and help along the way.
You have free will whether to follow the guidance, accept the help, but it is there.
Just ask your guides,teachers, protectors or angels for the assistance that you need.
They will be there as you ask.
This should calm some of your fears and allow some peace in your heart.
Just learn to ask and listen.
You will find them close by all of the time.
We are with you.

7/27/15 Physical Pain

Physical pain must be endured.
There are lessons, cleansing and balance to be restored.
Pay closer attention to what your body is speaking to you about.
For it is the physical outlet that is given.
Much of this is deeper that what you see.
Work on this from the inside and improvement will develop.
Listen to your heart and do the work.
An ounce of love can be a deeper remedy.
We are with you.

7/26/15 Foreseen

Everything that is being used has come to be used in that way.
It is laying the foundation for your new work.
It will co-exist with the work you are already a part of.
It will bring a new deeper depth of meaning to your understanding.
There is a lot that may be settled down before all is ready.
Do the work.
Allow it in.
Hear it!!
We have tried for weeks or months with very little headway but now it will be done.
All will come together in due time.