Wednesday, March 31, 2021

3/31/21 Worry and Stress and Your Shield

  Worry and Stress


Worry and stress come from fear and fear is not real.

It is only something your ego makes up in your mind.

Your ego is telling you there is something wrong, something not good enough.

Then it creates a form of panic.

You worry about the consequences of being wrong or not good enough.

You worry about what the other humans will say or feel about you.

This gets in the way of your own true self, your self-confidence.

The worry and stress keep you away from your creation.

Mostly, the worry and stress are creating a block from the peace and happiness that want to flow through your life.

Everyone is different.

Don’t judge yourself by what you see in others.

Love yourself by who you are and who you are becoming.

Don’t allow this fear, false evidence appearing real, overshadow the true sense of your Spirit, your Soul.

Let your sense of accomplishment and growth bring the truth into light, putting fear to rest.

Nothing is wrong, all is well.

And you are certainly God-enough, always.

Much more can come into your life if peace, happiness and joy flow freely again.

We are with you, now and always.


You see it too!


 Your Shield


This is a lesson for now, but it comes back up over and over in your life.

You need to find a way to remind yourself when this fear arises again to

put it to rest before it creates the worry and stress that is your block.

Create a natural symbol, a daily mantra, for your shield.

Allow the truth of who you are to stay with you, always.

We are with you.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

3/30/21 Be Mindful and Dawn

 Be Mindful

Be mindful of everything that is happening around you.

Be mindful that it is there serving its purpose.

But don’t let it stray you from your own.

You can get tangled up in its drifting energies and be distracted and side-tracked from your own direction.

Notice and make note of where this energy is coming from and its potential good but it’s not for you to get caught up with.

You are doing well to stay clear of what is this particular situation.

If and when it is necessary for you to get involved, you’ll feel the change.

Be the compass that shows direction and points toward the positive outcome.

We will help you.




 In the silence of the night, let all the healing energies enter and focus on the new.

Wake up as a baby with a fresh outlook and renewed energy.

It is a natural way your body and mind restart each day.

Don’t complicate it with the past.

Take full advantage of this natural gift.

The Dawn of new beginnings awaits you all.

We are with you.


Monday, March 29, 2021

3/29/21 Listen and Know

All that you do in your life here has meaning and purpose.

It is the personal growth and learning that you receive every day.

It is the strength by which you stand your ground,

 your belief in God and the Good,

 the love you have for yourself, mankind and nature.

It’s the big things, of course, but it’s also the smallest things that you might not even notice that add energy and value to life itself.

When you depend on someone to respond to you and tell you how much you are valued or needed you are letting your ego run your life.

When you know in your heart that it is happy, free and wild with excitement at each new day, at each new experience, at life itself, there you can see and feel your purpose.

Listen and know – all is well.

Live from there.

We are with you.


2/29/21 Purpose and Meaning

What each person finds meaningful in their life is rather personal.

To look on it from outside you might question it.

What purpose does each Soul; each person serve?

But it is not yours to wonder or question or value.

Because it is not!

You have to trust that there is a bigger picture and each is holding the space that supports another, that supports the whole.

And in the whole, there is true purpose and meaning.

And that is enough.

We are with you.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

3/28/21 Trust and Love and repost from 3/28/2014 Golden Clue


3/28/21 Trust and Love


Each person’s journey through life is different, completely different.

You learn from a very early age how to trust what is yours.

You can see it is different but you don’t know why.

When you try to copy someone else’s, you find it doesn’t feel quite right.

You quickly learn to respect the differences and love the journey you call your own.

It’s the one that brings you what you need and where you will find your peace.

We are with you.


Peace be yours. It is all good.


Hope you enjoy the repost from 2014

3/28/14 Golden Clue

Some of you are searching for the golden clue that's going to turn your life around.

Why are you still struggling?

What are you missing?

When you finally find it, then will your life be easier?

The clue is to unlock your heart and realize that your life is perfect just the way it is.

Life circumstances are bringing you just the situations that you need to learn about in order to grow.

Take a close look at what is frustrating and holding you back.

Can you approach it differently?

Try to understand what it is truly saying to you.

Absorb the message.

Let it change the way you think and see things.

The biggest step is allowing this new belief to change who you are and how you act.

Then you can move on to something more.


Your soul has a plan, a path, a journey to help you learn what you need to know.

Some you will see and know right away.

Others are harder because of your resistance to change.

It won't always be what you've know before.

But looking upon it you will see where it will bring a better solution for all.

More joy, more love, more happiness.

What you thought was the reward (material reward) is not what will bring you this peace.

The golden clue is right there in front of you.



Saturday, March 27, 2021

3/27/21 Spring Cleaning Blues

As we see you have a choice.

You can give it away or keep it all and be strapped for space.

Others can use it and learn what you’ve learned.

It’s a valuable commodity.

The sooner you find a good home for it, the sooner it can help.

You have the advantage of how you see this through.

We are with you.


Friday, March 26, 2021

3/26/21 Tomorrow – The New

Tomorrow there is big change coming.

Tomorrow has always looked different than today but bigger change is on the way.

To keep up with the change your energies have got to be in movement also.

You will feel it, the slightest difference but one that is needed.

We can explain it as a lift and then release of energy that you’ve been holding on to.

Once released, it can easily be replaced with the new.

Look upon this as growth and an exciting time.

More opportunities will be opened to explore.

They will be presented to you as you are ready.

Follow your heart.

We are with you.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

3/25/21 Simple Steps to Hearing Your Own Guidance and Much More

 Simple Steps to Hearing Your Own Guidance

Believe in yourself.

You are already hearing your own guidance.

In one way or another, guidance has been given to you your whole life.

You might not recognize it as guidance but it truly is.

Center yourself in a quiet meditation.

Ask Spirit to join with you.

Ask for specific guidance about something you know little about.

Pay attention to what you get for direction and any specific instruction received,

  the thoughts that come into your mind and the way they sound.

Can you completely claim these thoughts as your own or do they have a rhythm to them from outside your normal thinking?

They are familiar to you because this is the guidance you have been receiving your whole life.

Be grateful and ask for more.

Have a conversation, go deeper on your subject.

Allow it to be explained completely until your need is satisfied.

Trust it. Write it down if you want!

The energy is there and easily reached.

No one is turned away.


It will become easier to recognized the sound and the vibration that this exchange takes.

Rejoice in that.

Allow guidance to help you find you answers, your peace, your truth.

We are with all of you.



Much More 

We are with you.

The purpose of this communication is for you to understand it is so much more than the words we give you.

It is the knowledge and the freedom and joy they bring.

These words can bring light and open the door to a new understanding.

These words offer freedom from the binds of disillusion and fear of separation.

These words leave one feeling joy and peace within themselves.

They are a service to you and others.

We are grateful for your part and the value it brings to life.

Sharing it, living it creates the loving atmosphere for it to be more than just words.

This connection is the blessing you’ve asked for.

Allow it to become a spiritual part of who you are.

We love you.

We are always near.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

3/24/21 Intention and Look Beyond

  Intention (Personal)

When you set your intention, you choose what you want to see happen.

It is sometimes inline with what is planned for you but sometimes it is not.

All of the energies have to be inline for that intention to come to fruition.

If there is something out of alignment or unbalanced it will not.

You must understand this to do this kind of energy work.

Learn more about what is intended for you to choose to see happen.

Then your intention will be more successful.

We are with you.


3/24/21 Intention

Set your intention for what you want to see happen in your life.

If it is inline with what is in your highest good for it to happen, your intention will direct the energies in that way, setting in motion for your intention to be seen.

Sometimes before it comes into fruition something is changed and it is no longer in your highest good or best interest.

It is misaligned and the opportunity is missed.

This is the way it works.

Your Higher-Self and God’s Plan have great influence on your intention.

Don’t get me wrong, setting your intention is a good way to focus on what you want to see happen in your life.

It can set in motion wonderful things to come about.

If it is in your highest good, in accordance to what you can benefit from, you will be pleased.

Intention is a powerful energy.

Use it for your personal growth not to hurt or harm others.

Although there is a lesson there for you as well!

We are with you.



3/24/21 Look Beyond

You tend to shy away from the harder part of this message.

You’ve had a hard time with some of what is given.

Life contains the ups and downs of emotions and energies.

Learning to cope with these fluctuations will help you stay calm and balanced.

Look beyond to see the overall incline of your life –

Rejoice in its accomplishments.

Forgiveness and atonement will flatten the curve.

Growth and progress are there.

We are always with you.


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

3/23/21 Living

Can you picture it?

Each one in exactly where they are supposed to be.

Yes, some are rather restless and think they want to be somewhere else.

But for that brief moment, all is well.

Choices made and the movement seems constant.

Each choice brings with it new and exciting growth.

Lots to see and discover.

Lots to sort out and learn.

Life unfolds the treasures unto itself.

You’re discovering new opportunities.

Change is good when looked upon with love not fear.

For there you are given the chance to see, do and be more.

Leave the doorway open to this movement in your life –

  for that is living.

We are with you.


Monday, March 22, 2021

3/22/21 Doing Your Part

Systematically, you go through the things that you’ve set out to do in this life time.

They are given to you each one at the perfect time to allow you the most growth.

These challenges and opportunities are of utmost importance to your plan.

So, look upon them with acceptance and love.

Look for what you might be gaining from this experience, what all might gain.

It’s in your service to yourself and all that much will be accomplished.

There is something to learn, something to understand.

You are called to be a witness of it and learn from it.

Even as a teacher, you are also a student –

  as you teach, you learn.

Get the ego out of the way, to allow the whole lesson to be revealed.

Humbly be a part of this bigger picture.

There is satisfaction that you will feel –

  doing your part.

We are with you.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

3/21/21 Rise Above, Find Peace

Periodically you get stuck in a rut when the words just don’t come as freely as you might like.

At these times patience is the virtue to call upon.

Your physical body is having difficulty with it.

Just sitting, knowing that we are near is enough.

The peace that comes from that knowing is valuable as well.


With all the turmoil in the world these days, finding a place of peace is a real value.

Escape there often and don’t get caught up in the chaos that is causing others so much anguish.

It is a step in the cleansing cycle.

Look how far back in the history of man fighting over the same things has been going on.

Rise above that.

Rise above and take a position of strength and wisdom.

Look for the good.

Look for Love.

Find Peace.

We are with you.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

3/20/21 No new post today. Repost from 3/21/14 Facing Conflict with Understanding

(Often times you hear the voice but dismiss it as your own thoughts.

We don't mind you claiming them, it's the dismissing them that bothers us so.)

  3/21/14 Facing Conflict with Understanding

Taking the easy way out and avoiding conflict is not always best for you.

Conflict brings a mixture of energies and feelings into the situation making it a little more difficult to maneuver.

Lessons and opportunities for you to learn who you are present themselves through these situations.

Welcome the confrontation.

Take a moment to really see what is happening and what you can learn or do.

They allow the highest good to prevail.

You get a chance to choose who you are and what you will present.

That is a place of growth and unfoldment.

Avoiding these conflicts and keeping your life easy and uneventful doesn't allow you to discover these

important traits about yourself.

Follow your heart and see the situation unfold slowly revealing just where your choice can be the emphasis of the experience.

The guidance is there-- trust and enjoy the moment with love and understanding.

The experience will strengthen your resolve.



Friday, March 19, 2021

3/19/21 The Flow of Life

Even though the words sound crystal clear, the meaning of them is sometimes harder to understand.

You have a lot of outside influences where you are at.

And they are pulling you one way or another.

Sorting it out, keeping everyone happy and fulfilling your dreams (purpose) are not always as easy as one might have thought.

Set the course with your heart and make the adjustments as you go.

Allow the flow of your life to carry you along.

Trust you are doing well and the right things you are waiting for will appear in perfect timing.

We are with you.


Thursday, March 18, 2021

3/18/21 A Positive Loving Approach

You are confused as to what you are to do in these times – to serve.

It serves your greatest purpose in life to honor who you are and witness the changes going around you.

The changes you would like to see in yourself are very possible if you focus on them.

Knowing that they are for your highest good and those around you will put the change into motion.

See movement forward into the light.

A positive loving approach to this and many other experiences is what is needed now.

We are with you.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

3/17/21 Written Words and Honor the Service of Love

Written Words


“Upon this rock I will build my church” –

Words that are repeated in the Catholic Church.

Words that aren’t necessarily the correct ones from history.

But they are the ones used to make one believe that it is what happened and is true.

There are many such words that have been changed and manipulated to mean something different than what was first said.

Through several translations and over a couple hundred years the words have lost much of their original context and direct meaning.

It should not be used as dogma or quoted as factual verbiage from that era.

Some of the changes were made deliberately to change the context of the quote.

It is not a reliable reference now.

You must listen to your heart and what feels wrong, let go.

This can happen with all written words, even these can be edited out of context.

Listen with your heart.

We are with you.



 Honor the Service of Love


Today, we honor a good person – St Patrick.

He did a lot for his community, for the sake of love, for the glory of God.

It’s Ok to honor his life and service to God and mankind but remember he is like you – a Spirit, Soul having a human experience.

All that you choose to do in your life, out of love and the service to others, will be honored and remembered also.

You are love.

We are with you.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

3/16/21 Introduce Love

Look at what love can change.

Look at what all the fear and worry create.

All of this and more can be transmuted by introducing love to its existence.

It’s like the light that comes across the darkness.

It changes everything it touches, radiates in its presence.

Each of you have a mission, to recognize the love in you and extend it outward to where it is needed.

Bring it forward from where it resides.

Love has a peaceful and calming effect.

Love resonates with the soul and changes the surrounding energy.

It has a ripple effect moving outward and seemingly has no end.

Love will remind others of who they are and what can certainly be.

Peace, Love and Harmony.

We are with you.


Monday, March 15, 2021

No new post today. Repost from 2/15/14 and 3/15/16

 3/15/14   Quiet Place in The Heart


We are reminding you how often finding the quiet place in your heart will bring you peace.

There you will find mystery and wisdom.

You will be able to know who you are.  Truth will be there if you allow it to be.

Much can be gained by quieting the mind chatter and just feeling the peace in your heart.

There you will find love and be able to see how it can shape your world if you allow it.

Let all else fall aside and let love be the key.

Bathe in the radiance of love.  It will heal the wounds of the battered self.

Healing and boosting energy will happen.

You will feel strong and whole again.

Do this often--



3/15/16 Full Potential – No Limits


Great opportunities are coming your way.

Don't shy away from them because of your inability to see all the potential.

Allow yourself to reach out and experience something new and exciting.

Nothing is standing in your way but your own self-denial.

You often judge the outcome by what has occurred in the past.

The past is over – let it go.

It was a learning experience.

Forgive yourself.

Trust that this opportunity is there for growth and development.

Fear and old patterns are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

You have the ability to accomplish whatever you set out to.

Nothing is held back.

Change and movement are part of the plan.

You will see it become easier and bring you much joy and harmony.

There is no limit.



Sunday, March 14, 2021

3/14/21 The Circle of Life and Repost from 3/14/16 To Live It

 The Circle of Life 

The circle of life, the magic of life.

How each of you begins and ends and how it all runs together as a continuum?

One right after another, a string of events, all pointing to the center of the matrix, the universe full of individuals, strung together to create one.

A huge complex of energy of light.

Let your imagination take a stab at what it might be like.

And then imagine more and more.

Each of you have your place and it is one of greatest importance.

Do your part with pride and honor.

Shine and carry on.

We are with you.



 Repost from 3/14/16 To Live It

One of the most important messages about life is to live it.

Live every moment with an open heart.

Freedom to do what you believe to be in your best interest.

To trust that your choices are made with the highest intention for you, those around you and the world.

That you will be love and seek happiness, joy and peace in your life.

There must be challenges according to the contract you have with yourself.

Live in a way that you can face them with courage and forgiveness when needed.

Be good to yourself and that will spread to others.

Hold no grudges from the past and don't look too far into the future.

Live what is here to live now.

These are the moments that build the tomorrows, nothing else.

Be healthy, happy and be love.

Let all else fall in its place.

Accept it for what it is.

For it is nothing unless you let it be.

We are with you.




“I seek a way to make peace when it is time.”

“I am open to the opportunity to forgive.”

“I will allow the conflict to be resolved and forgiveness and understanding to be utmost in our love.”

Saturday, March 13, 2021

3/13/21 Changes

There are changes you would like to make, some physical, some mental and some emotional.

Just the word “changes” has a complicated sound to it.

It refers to taking something from one stage to another.

Sometimes you may feel a resistance to this change,

You get so accustomed to doing or feeling a certain way, change can cause you to be uneasy for a while.

Ask if this change is good for you.

If it is, you will find the adjustment to balance your energies again.

Do not feed the resistance.

Allow the change to come as it may and you will become more accustomed to its presence.

Love and honor these changes for they are growth and this growth is good for you.

May you find the peace and harmony again.

We are with you.


Friday, March 12, 2021

3/12/21 Witness to Love

Did you sit quietly today

 and ask the question that was in your heart?

Did you find the question right away?

Trust what you’ve felt.

Trust what you’ve gotten.

For in that trust, you’ve witnessed the love.

The continual flow that flows through all of us.

All is well.

We are there with you, always.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

3/11/21 The Magnificence

When asking for God’s will to be done, it is not always completely foreign from your will.

This is so because you are God, you are a part of God’s magnificence.

It is up to you to be part of what you consider God’s will.

Every choice you make can either align you or misalign you with the power of that magnificence.

Knowing that you have this much say in your own life and destiny is powerful in itself.

So, when you say let God’s will be done, take more control and align yourself with the magnificence that is yours also.

We are with you.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

3/10/21 Love is the Only Answer and The Love You Share

Love is the Only Answer 

When facing the problems of your world today, love is the only answer.

Trying to sort out what is best for one and then the other leaves such a mess.

Putting love first and giving it fully, holding back none, will fill every cup the same.

Leaders will see how this is done and realize what a great solution this is.

They will follow suit.

The world has seen no better time.

Peace will be known and enjoyed.

We are with you.



 The Love You Share

The only answer is love.

It will be seen in the eyes of many.

They are each helping themselves but also helping others.

Working together, as a community, to bring peace and prosperity back to their lives.

Doing your part and realizing it is for the greater good will be the love you share.

We are with you.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

3/9/21 Valuable Perspective and post from 3/9/14 and 3/9/14


3/9/21 Valuable Perspective


Looking back on the past, the history of things, stirs up so many emotions.

Some of which you might be proud of, but some of which you might not be so proud of.

All were necessary learning devices to get you to where you are today.

Forgiving oneself and healing from these events helps you to see the value in their existence.

A new found freedom from the struggle of them becomes available.

Moving forward with this knowledge allows you to see things in a new light,

 changing the way you feel and the decisions you will be making.

That is what is gained – a valuable perspective.

A way to look at the now without the guilt or fear of repeating transgressions.

Focus on the change and new view to move forward with confidence and honor.

You are doing well.

Nothing will hold you back.

We are with you.




3/9/14 Who You Are


Behold, thou art the beauty of God's creations.

Look in awe upon yourself as you would a flock of sheep grazing in the field or geese in the sky.

You too, walking the earth, doing your thing, being human, just as planned.

Live your life with the beauty and grace it desires.

Set apart from the other species by your consciousness.

Be aware of that, conscious of the choices that you make...

Who you are and where you've come from,

Someday to return to your rightful place, in your divinity.




3/9/13 Loved Beyond Words


Love thyself is the theme of this day.

Bringing forth the energy of manifestation.

All can come thru this love, for it is the vibration of energy.

We come together to bring the message of love, the most powerful vibrations.

It will help you to see the truth & light, the way to all you seek.

Be now still and know you are loved beyond words.



Monday, March 8, 2021

3/8/21 Trust Your Guidance and repost from 3/8/15 Humanity

Trust Your Guidance
Over the years/lifetimes, you have formed a relationship, a deeper one than you might imagine.
The guidance is always there, given with the utmost love and care.
It’s not always what you might like to hear but what is given is in your best interest.
It is your choice to follow the advice or do what you would care to do.
Free will prevails.
Without judgement or condemnation, more guidance awaits.
We are with you at every bend in the road.
Ask and we will be there.
Listen and you may choose.
What comes next is up to you.
Allow that trust you have over the years help you to make the decision,
that brings you the peace you are looking for.
We are with you, always.

3/8/15 Humanity

You can roam about the earth with confidence because it all belongs to you.
Man has created the territories for his own conveniences but truly it is all one state.
Bring love and peace with you and you will be received with love and peace.
Fear and hatred are what produces the confrontations.
The barriers of language and cultures now exist but they can be crossed and diminished with true acceptance and respect.
View each other as neighbors and friends.
Treat others with respect and courtesy and they will respond with openness.
Changes in this planet and attitudes of its inhabitants will bring about much peace and prosperity.
Open your heart and let in humanity.