Thursday, April 30, 2020

4/30 20 A Pleasant Day and Love and Patience

What in your mind makes a pleasant day?
Is it when the sun is out and the temperature is mild?
Or is it when there is a gentle wind and light rain?
Each of you has your own particular description of what institutes a pleasant day.
In reality, a pleasant day could reference a different thing altogether.
It could be referring to how your soul is responding to this work you’ve laid out for yourself today.
The spiritual work, here on earth, comes and goes like the waves of the ocean.
Sometimes it is a smooth gentle drift and other times it is a rough assaulting tide.
So, a pleasant day you could be watching for.
Your lessons and understanding drift into your perspective gently like the tide rolls onto the beach.
You have time to contemplate each one for its value and relativity to your path.
 Use it wisely, and have a pleasant day.
We are with you.

4/30 20 Love and Patience

At times, there is so much o says and so little time to say it.
We ask that you sit quietly and let the energy run through your mind, your heart, your body.
Feel the vibrations flow as you clear your desires and expectations.
All is well and you are doing exactly what you can for yourself and the world around you.
Love and patience are the greatest gifts that you can send and receive at this time.
We are with you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

4/29/20 Submission, The Fruit of the Flower and The Truth

(I am learning to step aside and allow Spirit to speak.
Thank you, Spirit, for being part of my life.)
The guidance that you are receiving is for you but it will benefit others who are seeing these words.
Some of it will resonate with them, as well.

4/29/20 Submission

Today, we speak on submission
A word you may not even know exists.
You must, at this point, trust the author.
When you are at a point in your life when you have to make a decision about whether to be involved or to step aside and be an observer, you are asked for your submission to the activity.
How best do you decide?
How does the thought about it make you feel?
How does the energy surrounding that activity feel?
Does it involve doing harm to someone else or their property?
These things are to be considered before your submission is given.
Once given, you are responsible for the outcome.
You’ve agreed it is something you are vested in.
It will bring you what you intended to have, growth, learning and understanding the value of it.
Be aware of this before you make a submission to what others are doing.
Then you will have no regrets.
We are with you.

4/29/20 The Fruit of the Flower
In the beginning, there was only one purpose in being here.
Now it is a little more complicated and more than one.
So, we will take that into account.

4/29/20 The Truth

One of the most important things that you will do in your life is to find truth, to be able to decipher what is true or not.
So much is being said and all of it is quantified by one study or another.
How do you know what you can take as truth or real?
It is so complicated you just want to give up and don’t want to accept any of it.
You’ll find the truth as it unfolds in your life.
Trying to look too far ahead does no good because the change is controlled by not only the science but the energies and the free will of many.
So, in fact, the truth is changing and being created by you and all.
The illusion is what you see on the surface rapidly changing and the truth is more stable but also fluctuating.
As unsettling as that may seem, it is there. It is unfolding.
You will be able to recognize it because it will resonate with you in a different way.
You will be satisfied with its meaning and the result will bring the peace that you are working for-
nothing else will.
The struggle is the indicator that you are still working through the illusion to find the truth, your truth.
Be, just be still.
You’ll see.
We are with you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

4/28/20 Sergeant in Arms

When there is a meeting or group gathered together there is one there keeping order.
He is sometimes called the sergeant in arms.            
But we also have someone there helping to keep things from going astray.
Of course, sometimes, the reasons the group has formed are different.
Some might be there in unity to pray.
Some might be there in unity to protest.
But in a world of free will, all are acceptable.
All are there for the individual or collective cause/lesson.
From a higher perspective, a lot needs to be accomplished.
It is there where you would find the sergeant in arms.
No arms/weapons on his part except the power to help influence the energy or momentum of this crowd.
The individual and the joint collective must meet their goals, learn, and grow through this experience.
Knowing this, you can look on as an observer and see that this has a reason for its existence.
Bring awareness to the unity and the duality of all.
We are with you.

As I step aside and allow more to come-

Yes, we are here and could tell you more.
There is so much that needs saying right now.
You call it political justice but we just call it love and understanding that you are each here for a reason.
Each has an agenda to fulfill and at this time, these agendas are critical to the growth and survival of mankind.
So, it takes a lot, a huge experience to impact the critical mass of the population.
It is what is going on right now.
It is a pandemic but it is also a quieter action.
It is the underlying things that are happening to the individual that is going to have a larger impact on the future.
Some are giving energy to the worst that could happen.
But you would be better served to look to the best that could happen.
To the change that will be global and profit all.
We looked at a small gathering before but extend your gaze on this, the whole global gathering and know that someone is there to oversee the energy, the momentum of the crowd.
Individual and the collective agendas are being watched and helped.
What is yours?
What do you see as a need to fulfill?
There is still time to come to the knowing, the peace you want to see.
We are with you.
Call upon our help.

Monday, April 27, 2020

4/27/20 Be There

Whenever you’ve made a commitment to someone or something the most important step is to be there.
Be there in your heart, be there in your mind and body.
Then allow it to happen.
You’ve made the intention because you’ve made the commitment and that’s what puts it into action.
Intention is one of the components of the creation.
When you are sincere about the intention and commitment, you’ll find it already in progress.
Following through gives you the feeling of content and the satisfaction for yourself that you are doing your part.
The energy is good and you’ll be pleasantly uplifted when it all begins to work out.
We are with you.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

4/26/20 Keeping Things

 You will find it strange when looking at things just how much stuff everyone really has.
To live on the earth in a comfortable way you only need a certain amount of things.
But over the years you’ve gotten what you needed and also gotten what you’ve wanted.
They are not the same.
Therefore, there is much extra.
Things you’ve needed and the things you’ve just wanted.
Yes, you’ve sometimes tried to go through it and lessen the load but it is still there, too much.
It is a good time to evaluate why you are keeping things for so long.
They carry emotional energy.
They carry a lot of energy.
The some of which is weighing you down.
When you share these things with someone else you can and will exchange it for a new emotional energy, one that is more pliable and usable.
You will free yourself of the emotional bond held by all of these things.
Then, there will be a lifting of that responsibility to be bond to them.
You will feel a freedom.
Trust that, trust us.
Keeping things has been holding you down.
We are with you.

4/26/20 More on Keeping Things (Somewhat Personal)
Keep only what you can afford to be attached to.
Yes, the dream you had had a lot to do with this guidance.
We were helping you to understand the value of things that were held too long.
Share them while they still have energy and life to them.
Otherwise, they are just the weight you want to lose.
You fear scarcity but you will not find the answer in your closets.
This is your lesson only.
You must face it alone.
They will help you but it is yours to do –
Let go, let God.
We are with you.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

4/25/20 Turbulence

 You’re on a plane and the captain puts on the stay in your seat and fasten your seat belt sign.
What does that do to you?
Do you immediately start to worry about your flight or your life?
Somewhere in the back of your mind, a danger signal goes off and you might become a little concerned or worried.
Most of the time, this is done as a precaution and not a signal of worry.
The same thing is happening today in your world.
This is a precautionary measure being asked of you, stay in place and put on a mask on if you go out.
These are precautionary measures but somewhere in the back of your mind, the danger signal is recognized and you begin to worry.
Precautionary measures are taken to help keep you safe.
Give the captain the benefit of the doubt and obey the request and stay safe.
When the turbulence is over the request will be relinquished and you will be able to move about again.
We are with you.

Friday, April 24, 2020

4/24/20 Patience and Prudence

 When you find yourself struggling to make ends meet or find it difficult to complete a given task you need to apply your virtues of patience and prudence.
Take time to allow everything to become clear and work itself into position.
Then take one step at a time, letting each step settle in before performing the next one.
Any rushing and you are missing or passing over something important.
Take your time.
It will be worth it in the end.
You will learn what you need and the task will be completed, as desired, and won’t have to be repeated.
All is well. We are with you.

4/24/20 More on Prudence

Take some clues from the nature around you.
Watch the animals in the wild.
Watch the plants develop blooms.
Watch a stream flow to a river.
All of these will help you to structure the growth in your life.
They allow the energy to do the pushing, the changing, the timing of what comes next.
No rush.
It all happens in due time.
Where and when it is supposed to.
And then the glory of it all is there to enjoy.
You and your life are no different.
There is no race to get to the end before all the growth and beauty has developed.
Be patient and prudent about your growth, your life –
Allow the energy to do the pushing and the changing and you will find the glory will be there in due time.
All is well. We are with you.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

4/23/20 The Principle

 When it comes down to it, what’s important in your life here?
It is knowing that what you have come here to learn or do, you are doing.
The principle mission is being accomplished.
You feel you have had a good lifetime.
There is always more to learn.
Ways you can help others or understand your spiritual attraction to an animal or thing.
It’s like going to school and selecting a course.
How would you like to broaden your knowledge?
Spend time searching your heart and truly considering what might be important for you to experience.
Take a step forward in that direction and you will be most intrigued by what will come into focus.
It is truly up to you how you enrich your time here.
Be a part of that creation.
We are with you. Namaste

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

4/22/20 Many Helpers

We came across the time when all was given and received.
It was a time when there were little decisions to be made.
Whatever you got you did.
It was like there was no free will.
You really don’t want it to be like that.
You, here in the earth suit, like choices, like decisions, like free will.
You like to have choices but would like to know how to make the correct choice.
That is when you can use your guidance, your intuition, your Higher Self to help you along.
These are your tools in your arsenal to help you.
When you learn how to utilize these tools you will feel more confident about the decisions you make.
You are never alone.
You have many to help you.
Part of the lessons you have chosen to learn are how these gifts can work with you.
Let them become second nature and your burdens can be shared and lessened.
Ask for guidance, when needed, and then pay close attention to what will come.
The choice is always yours but the path is lightened.
We are with you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

4/21/20 Pleasantness

Since you create everything in your life, your world, you can create pleasantness for yourself.
What is your pleasantness?
What brings you happiness and peace?
The weather, a good book, or a movie?
Maybe a talk with a good friend?
All of these things you know how to make them happen.
But what about the world situation, your surroundings?
You are also a part of their creation.
So, yes, you can be a big part of the creating of pleasantness at that level.
Begin to know that and see it as what you want.
This is the first step in creation.
Keep your focus on that.
Things are changing, energy shifting.
Pleasantness is being created by those who believe in it.
No doubt, just believe, just know.
We are with you.

Monday, April 20, 2020

4/20/20 Lightning Strikes

Today, we want to talk about lightning strikes.
We know you know the earthly reason for this phenomenon.
But you might not know there is a spiritual side to them happening.
When the energy in the close earth atmosphere is charged with an electrical current – negative ions – it builds up and collects more.
These negative ions are then looking for a positively changed area in which to go to in order to balance the atmosphere.
As they move across the sky you see them as lightning.
When they actually combine, the positive and the negative, you may witness a lightning strike, giving off a powerful electrical charge.
At that moment, the two areas are balanced.
During a thunderstorm, this may happen many times as it moves across the region.
The spiritual side of this is, in the energy exchange, this balance also has an effect on the atmosphere in the immediate area.
You may not be aware of it but it is a clearing.
It can change the energy in your body as well.
Of course, we are not telling you to stand outside in the middle of a thunderstorm but from a safe distance, in a safe enclosure, you can feel this clearing and take advantage of its positive effect.
A balancing will be felt.
Be still and feel it.
Notice how clear your energy feels.
Notice how much clearer your thoughts and your emotions are.
It is a good time to come together, mind, body, and soul, through meditation and discover what an interesting connection can be had.  
The opportunity is near.
We are with you.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

4/19/20 More to Come…

 A lot of things are happening right now.
Many people are finding time to meditate and this is increasing the connection between the two worlds.
Movement and progress are being made on that level.
You will see more and more of what you might call advanced communication or channeled messages brought forward.
Your group is getting a larger audience and more will come.
The peace and understanding that we bring is needed at this unsettled time.
Don’t watch the death rate or media coverage.
They are clouding the issues.
Go within to find what you need to know and let that be your guiding light.
Ask the questions there and listen with your heart to know what you hear and feel.
Compassion, patience, generosity, and love are the virtues at hand.
Keep judgment and ridicule at bay for they are the extensions of your own unsettled self.
We are with you.
(You are doing well! We are working with you. Fear not--)

Saturday, April 18, 2020

4/18/20 All of Us – Your Life

What constitutes as your life?
When we are talking about your physical or human life, it is from the time you were physically born on earth to the physical death of your body.
But that is NOT your whole life because you were alive before and will be alive after those points.
So, your life consists of many physical lifetimes, each one unique and each one exists for a specific purpose.
You’ve chosen these physical lifetimes for growth and expansion of your soul, which is, in return, for the growth and expansion of the One.
The One is the whole of us.
You are now and always will be a part of the One or the All of Us.
What happens to you during any of your life, your physical or nonphysical life, happens to all of us.
You are not in this alone.
Every being, every soul, everything is part of this multifaced, very complex system of existence, the life of the One or All of Us.
When you look at life from this perspective you can see more.
You can see that your physical lifetime, you are living now, is a unique but special part of the whole or One of Us.
Respect that and go about your physical life, you chose, with that respect and honor your part
In the growth and expansion of the One, All of Us.
We are with you.

Friday, April 17, 2020

4/17/20 New Beginnings

It is time to start off with a new beginning.
You can revaluate what you have been doing and make a change.
You won’t be alone in this.
There will be many changes coming.
So, it’s a great opportunity to decide for yourself what your life can be.
Make the changes; try it out; see if it works for you.
Adjust the settings and readjust until it’s a good fit.
Peace and understanding will return and a knowing will appear.
It’s not always what was expected but it will be good for you and others too.
We are with you.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

4/16/20 No-Waste

 Right now, you are learning to use everything you have.
You really don’t know when you’ll be able to get more.
This no-waste philosophy is a good one to carry with you into the future.
Supplies won’t be so limited but it is always better to not be so wasteful.
Much is being practiced but it takes more practice to make a change in your habits.
You are consciously aware of what you are consuming and therefore might be able to retain this for the upcoming lifestyle.
These are just some of these changes needed at this time.
Be proud of all you are doing.
We are with you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

4/15/20 The Difference

(my thoughts: What is happening when there is no guidance, when there is no connection? I sit for a long time and only hear my thoughts…and then you are there!)

We are here.
We’ve come to show you what the difference is.
When your vibration is low, when you are worried, depressed, and out of sorts, it is a lot harder for the connection.
You’ve got a lot on your human mind – all of which you can and need to sort out.
Then you might listen.
But now, you’ve got some work to do on your own, so to speak.
We are with you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

4/14/20 Trusting Yourself

 When you know there is something you must do to take care of your human body and you say you are going to do it, how often do you truly do it, see it through?
Once the pain stops or the swelling goes down, you go right back to doing it again.
Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is not quite right.
Something needs a break or something has to be done differently.
You hear the body’s cry in the language it has chosen.
You change and pamper your body ‘till the pain stops and then what?
How often does it get reinjured in just about the same fashion?
Take care of your body, the temporary home of your soul.
Take care so you can continue to do what you love and be there for others.
Trust yourself with the self-care that is needed.
We are with you.

Monday, April 13, 2020

4/13/20 True Nature

One’s own self is your true nature.
There are times when wearing the earth suit you are playing a role to achieve a certain lesson.
But this is not always your true nature.
Your true nature is underlying the feature of the role-playing.
At times when the situation comes up and decisions have to be made it is in your true nature’s interest to look deep within yourself to find the best solution.
Your true nature is always there - guiding you.
You will feel at peace with the decision.
It should not feel like a struggle.
The struggle is felt when you are feeling somehow forced to go against what is good for you.
If it’s a struggle or makes you uncomfortable it is probably not for you.
Stand up for yourself, your true nature.
We are with you.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

4/12/20 Pandemic

Pandemic – full of itself.
It means when the pandemic is lying. (my thinking: Are you kidding?)
The word pandemic means a multitude of occurrences at one time and that’s not really what this is going to be.
It has many, many occurrences at one time but it will not be the multitude once thought would happen.
Because of the isolation factor, the virus will not infect as many.
So, the solutions did work because it slowed down the effect that was once feared.
It is not over yet and in some places the worst is yet to be seen but overall, the action taken helped the situation.
Scientist will explain it all to the general public soon.
Some will say and are already saying that the” Stay in Place” has caused more damage than the virus spreading without the call.
But that is not true.
If you went about your typical movement, it would have affected the multitude once expected.
Anyway, we go on and on about this event because it now big enough to be historical in a way that impacted the world, their movement, their economy, their population, their needs, their religions, their health, and their vacations, all phases of their lives.
Yours too!
You are already thinking about your future differently.
Decisions are put on hold.
Let’s see how things change before you decide what you will do in the future.
Take your time.
Let some of this play out and the repercussion settle than see how you feel.
Much is still in movement.
We are with you.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

4/11/20 A Neighborly Thing

The boy and I are going for a walk.
The boy from across the street and I are going for a walk, are going for a walk.
This is a neighborly thing to do.
You wouldn’t even have noticed a few months ago.
Oh, but now.
It’s almost a crime.
In some places, it may be a crime. It is a crime.
How is life going to go back to a more normal place?
What is it going to be like?
How will that happen?
Are you really not going to fear the simplest things, the neighborly things?
“Fear “has set its claw in pretty deep.
Be aware of this human part but also aware of your spiritual gifts.
Practice allowing your intuition t help you navigate through some of this scary circumstance.
Ask for guidance to help you loosen fear’s grip on your world.
Then listen with your heart and intuition to when it will be safe to do a neighborly thing again.
We are with you.

Friday, April 10, 2020

4/10/20 Loud and Clear

4/10/20 Loud and Clear

This is a world precedent thing.
It has involved everyone. 
None is left out.
You are all in this, as One.
So, what will be learned from this?
How much better has helping each other worked?
Sharing resources has allowed them to reach many more than ever, in the farthest place.
Most important, you are all humans with the same vulnerable areas.
Which of these lessons will change the way you live and the way your children, the next generation, will live?
The earth and all of its occupants have had the time to breathe and take in more natural life.
And this is good.
Make this time be good for you.
Listen to what it is saying. 
You can hear it – Loud and Clear.
We are with you.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

4/9/20 Fear Not and repost from 2015 4/9/15 The Beauty of Nature

4/9/20 Fear Not

Of course, there are still a few things you fear.
We don’t need to list them because you know what they are.
They are part of your human existence.
Once you step back and think about the bigger picture, your whole existence, those fears dwindle.
Stay focused on who you truly are, your whole self and don’t allow these human fears to dictate how you live your life.
Keeping a perspective about these human fears will allow you to decide how to live your life.
You are greater than you know.
 We are with you.


Repost from 4/9/15 

This spot that is frequently used for guidance, today is used for beauty.

The Beauty of Nature

See the beauty that surrounds you.
See it for its perfection and novelty.
Appreciate all of its divine majesty,
As it unfolds before your eyes.
Each one has its place and order,
With qualities that border the impossible.
Yet here they are.
Standing tall,
To give you such diversity.
So gentle on your heart and soul.
So perfect and tranquil.
Sit easy and enjoy your moments,
Surrounded by such beauty.
Thank you, Mother Nature.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

4/8/20 Worthwhile

Spend your time doing one thing or another.
It doesn’t really matter as long as your heart is in it.
Time here is a commodity and eventually you’ll run out of it.
So, do not waste it.
As long as what you are doing is bringing you joy and not adding to your fears and frustrations it is worthwhile.
Being in the state of joy is where you want to be.
Progress is being made and more and more will be known.
All is well. We are with you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

4/7/20 The Human Condition and re-post from 4/7/15 Challenges

Such a complicated being you are with a lot of emotions and reactions playing a part in your everyday life.
Searching for the right balance and knowing what it is.
Outside influences have the ability to sway you one way or the other – back and forth, back and forth.
Which is fine because you learn which one feels right for you.
Be strong, know yourself.
Don’t allow yourself to be pulled too far one way or another.
Stay in balance.
Observe your emotions and reactions.
These are learning tools from which you will decide what is best for your growth.
Even when it seems like the world is still and nothing is happening, so much is happening in the most important place – yourself.
We are with you.
4/7/15 Challenges
There will be challenges in your life.
Know that you are stronger than you believe yourself to be.
You came here to grow and experience all facets of physical life.
This can not be known unless you are faced with adversity and challenges.
They are the stepping stones to get to where you need to be.
They will bring you closer to a fuller understanding.
Fear fades, life opens up and your experience becomes fulfilled with such wisdom.
Embrace each new challenge as an opportunity to know who you truly are- which is love.
Even in the turmoil, there will be peace.

Monday, April 6, 2020

4/6/20 Do What You Can

You were not chosen to be on the front line of this – the doctors, nurses, and health care providers were.
But there are many others working hard to do what they can to support their lives and the community.
Do what you can and see it is an honor to help in any way you can.
There will be change and more will be asked of all.
There will be things to do and sacrifices made.
Be aware, be ready to do what you can.
It will be personal.
Then you will feel useful and appreciated.
We are with you.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

4/3/20 Communication with Spirit and Let's Go

Communication with Spirit is always a two-way street.
What you think or say is heard and then Spirit will impress upon you their side of the conversation.
You use your spiritual gifts to hear, see, feel or know what that answer is.
When you tune in to that vibration it can become clearer, stronger and the message is known.
The message is for your highest good.
 It’s given to you to help you along, maybe you have a choice to make or you just need an understanding about something.
Your guides and teachers are your team, your helpers.
Trust their guidance.
The more you participate in this communication (conversation) the more you will know (gain).
The message for today is Love.
You are so very loved.
And we are always here to listen and help you when we can.
It is your turn to talk.
We are with you.

4/3/20 Let’s Go.

Talk to us.
We are with you every day.
We can help make the difference between muddling through the muddy waters or swimming easily through a clear stream.
You’ll see the difference.
Stop, ask, pay attention.
It’s that simple.
We’ll do what we can.
The rest is up to you.
You don’t have to always be down in it to learn.
You can learn what you need to by just observing and then moving on.
You are at the level of awareness to be able to get it more quickly than before.
So, let’s do it.
Let’s go.
“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Someone once said.
And it’s true.
There is more to life than the small stuff.
Look at it and put a value to its importance and then act accordingly.
Move on.
More and more will come but most of them can be easily maneuvered with love and care.
We are with you.

4/5/20 Blended Thoughts

Yes, what we talk to you about is coming from what you are thinking about because it is a
matter of blending the thoughts.
When you try to have no thoughts then we have no information to go on, nothing to blend
But when you have questions or thoughts about a certain subject, we can pick up on that and
provide the needed information.
Today you were wondering what the message would be, what topic, and trying not to think
about anything but that.
Well, that thought provided us with just enough information to blend with and provide you
with today’s message.
Allow what you want or need to be present in your thoughts and heart and you will always
be understood.
We are with you.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

4/4/20 Sorry, no new post for today but here is one form 3/4/14 Looking For Balance

Everyone is looking for balance and a perfectly symmetrical world.
But it is not the way.
Each piece, each cell has its own pattern to follow.
Whether it follows the same as the others is its free will.
To some extent, the yin and the yang get equal measure unless there is progression to be made.
You must swing it left and then far right to make the movement that is desired.
If you stay constantly poised in the center you will not be able to move forward.
The overall effect of this movement will seem like a balance, an equal load, from both extremes.
So, don't fight this swaying from right and left, left to right.
This is built into the process.
There is where you can feel the most progress made.
Everything is energy.
Everything is vibration.
Everything is moving.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

4/2/20 Be Here Now

Your presence is requested to be here now,
To pay closer attention to what is truly happening.
You all have the human physical side down well.
But the spiritual side of you, the true part of you, is sometimes asleep.
Awaken, pay closer attention.
All the signs and synchronicities are there for you to see, hear, and know.
Stand outside of the drama of your world.
Don’t allow it to draw you in.
The lessons are there but you can learn from them from outside the drama.
Social distance from what is playing out and observe what reality is happening.
Big change is on its way.
You can see it and feel it.
Be strong not weakened by the possibilities.
It’s what you’ve been waiting for -
A more perfect world where peace, love, and understanding will play a more active role in your life. When you sit still and take yourself away from the media, news, drama, fear, and worry you are present with your Higher Self and you can feel the change in your heart.
A joyful sense is there in actually knowing of what is to be.
Go there often and you will know the change is near.
We are with you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

4/1/20 Trends

4/1/20 Trends

There are a lot of new trends being started right now.
Some are positive examples of family bonding.
From the outside, you just see empty roads and closed doors on the homes.
But from the inside those homes you see family mealtimes, talking, and lots of laughing and sharing.
This generation of children will know more about families spending quality time together than previous generations.
Their mothers and fathers are home for more hours than before – older siblings are home more too.
This is a wonderful trend that has come out of your situation.
They will have time to talk about what’s important to them at this time.
They will all have time to answer those questions that sometimes never get asked.
Husbands and wives will also have more bonding time.
Look for the good and you will see it.
We are with you.