Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/31/15 Love Thyself

Keep true to who you are.
Once you discover what makes you truly happy and at peace don't let anyone take that from you.
No two are alike so you are different in many ways.
Don't judge another or have them judge you.
Love means accepting all.
Respect and honor yourself and others.
You will understand as time goes on.
Love thyself.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

5/30/15 All Is Possible

Blessed are those who open their eyes to see.
Blessed are those who open their ears to hear.
Being aware of what there is for you is helping you to grow.
Don't just write it off.
Make an honest effort to understand.
Open your mind and heart to new possibilities.
For all is possible.
When you see and hear it with your own eyes and ears you'll find it harder to ignore.
These things are real and calling to you.
Understand the connection to who you are and why you are here.
This is an awakening, of sorts.
Life will have new meaning.
Your life's purpose will become more clear.
The “A-ha” moment is near.
Keep your heart open.

Friday, May 29, 2015

5/29/15 Healing And Wellness

Let's start today off with a new beginning.
Let go of the past.
Don't hold resentments or blame.
Even the regrets are holding you down.
There is a way to start over fresh in your mind.
Just forgive whatever has happened.
Chalk it up to experience and move on to the new way of looking at the situation.
Apply new energies of love, compassion and understanding.
Allow your guidance and intuition to take over.
Trust that wellness and healing is being delivered.
It's a new day.
Start thinking a new way.
Healing and wellness are surrounding you.
Focus on that.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/28/15 Beacon Light

Look for the beacon light in your life.
It is there to show you the way.
It is not always on but will be on in the dark – storm.
If you are looking you will find it.
It will provide the guidance that you need.
It may be a person, place or thing.
The guidance will be strong enough for you to see.
You are never alone.
But you must find your own way.
Then you will be at peace.
We are with you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5/27/15 Give Willingly and Wholeheartedly

Whatever you do for another you also do for you.
All the love and effort you do when taking care of someone else also benefits you.
It is because of your tremendous effort they are able to give back.
That love will be returned to you one hundred fold.
It's the law.
You might not see it right away but because of karmic energy it will return.
This is not your main reason for helping someone but an added bonus.
When you are in need someone will care for you.
Give willingly and wholeheartedly.
It will be greatly appreciated.

5/26/15 Your Gifts

Recognize all the gifts that you are given.
It is not just by coincidence that these happen to come by you.
It is by the plan.
You are given these to help you create the environment of a certain condition.
The learning experience will help you grow.
Sharing the experience will also help others.
Trust that more will come and you will see just how perfect the plan is.
All is well.

Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/15 Living Today

Plans are instrumental in carrying out you intentions.
But don't get so caught up in them that you forget about living each and every day.
Each day has a certain significance and can be missed if you are always waiting for your next big planned event.
Upon awakening set out living today with the intention to make it count.
Share your gifts and love with someone.
Make someone smile.
Find a treasure in the day.
Every day has some importance.
Planning for tomorrow is OK but pay attention to today.
Appreciate what it does for you too.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

5/24/15 No new post today- last year's 5/25/14

5/24/14 Explore And Enjoy
Make everyday a quest for an adventure.
What does life have to offer you today.
Who will you meet and what will you learn.
Even if you have to go to the place that you've been before.
Look for something new to explore.
Fill your mind with new possibilities.
Your imagination can help with this.
Write or draw what you've seen.
It is a new day.
Your life will bring you something different every day if you are open to it.
Explore and Enjoy.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

5/23/15 Your Spiritual Gifts

Your spiritual gifts are always there.
You just have to believe they are.
You are given the strength and power.
Now you have to gather the wisdom and confidence.
You will go many places and do many things when you are open to the knowing.
Every soul carries with them these special gifts.
They are to be used and appreciated.
They help you with your movement and growth.
Believe in who you are.
We are with you.

Friday, May 22, 2015

5/22/15 The Smallest Ripple

Your Path is filled with many challenges, some little and some rather large.
Each one an accomplishment and valued just the same.
So walking the path and facing life just as it comes is what it is all about.
You can look for more if you want but don't overlook what is right here in front of you.
It is there for a reason and is of value to you and others.
Share who you are and the love that you have and it will be known.
The smallest ripple in the lake can travel and effect many, even far away.
Trust you are doing well.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

5/21/15 Be Remembered

It is not what you wear or the way you do your hair that will be remembered.
It is the way you treat others and the personality you display.
Some people spend a lot of time on their physical appearance but never reflect on who they are presenting.
The quality of your attitude is what will stand out more than physical appearance.
Your compassion, truthfulness, and caring attributes will be remembered long past the clothes you wear.
Fine tune those genuine qualities of who you are before spending too much time and money on your wardrobe.
These will benefit you more than you know.
What you say and do is what they will remember and honor.
Be your true nature – love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5/20/15 Be Aware

Do not take everything that is happening around you so personally.
These situations are there for a reason.
They are teaching lessons.
Step back and be aware of what lessons they bring but do not attach blame or guilt on them.
“ Aha! That is the lesson!”
Send love and understanding towards it.
You will not feel connected and drawn in but able to learn and grow from the experience.
Practice this often and be aware.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5/19/15 The Better Choice

There is truly not much you can do to change another person's path.
Only they have the ability to change their course.
You can inform them of your beliefs and wisdom but only they can make a significant change that will effect the outcome.
Sending them love and energy to light their way might be a better course of action then worry and struggling.
They have their own guidance.
They have to have their own lessons and experiences.
The fact that they have your love, compassion and support at this time will help them through.
Remember that life's lesson are not easy.
You learn and gain great movement and wisdom during difficult times.
When pushed to make a choice that is not the easy way out you will choose the better choice.
Life will bring to you what you need to know and learn.
We are with you.


Monday, May 18, 2015

5/18/15 Birthdays

As humans you count the numbers of years you are in physical form.
But they don't really matter, for in spirit there is not this measure of time.
There is only the measure of your spiritual growth and movement on your path.
That is marked by your accomplishing and learning the lessons that you have set our to achieve.
They may be difficult and only involve a short stay on the earth plane or they may involve you growing old and learning to push past the physical limits of the body.
It is unique and personal to each soul.
Age is not always an indicator of spiritual accomplishment.
But some grow wiser with age.
When you celebrate the physical years, celebrate the spiritual growth as well.
Each one is a blessing.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

5/17/15 Change Is Inevitable

You can always change your mind about what you are doing and who you are.
It might take some work but you can change.
Just start to see and think about things differently.
Then they will start to change and with it you will change .
You are never stuck.
Change is inevitable.
Make it work for you.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/16/15 The Complete Journey

Respect your sleep time.
It is a time for a lot of activity.
Your physical body is resting and healing from today's work.
Your spiritual body is taking advantage of not being weighed down with the physical.
It is learning and growing.
Your ethereal body is taking the opportunity to travel, visiting other realms.
You should be resting and sleeping more than 6 hours.
Less than that does not allow for proper movement.
Listen to your body when it is saying it is tired.
Lay down and nap.
It knows its limits and then you will stay healthier.
This is all part of the life cycles.
Each part as important as the other.
Together it makes the complete journey.
You are doing so well.


Friday, May 15, 2015

5/15/15 You Can't Control

Let go of all the things that are causing you that much stress.
You can't control them anyway.
They belong to others and their journey.
Take your hand off the control.
The right thing for this journey will be made apparent.
Your job is to lend love and compassion to the situation.
Then they will not feel so alone.
Know this is the way.
You will find your peace and be helping them to find theirs too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

5/14/15 Ready For Change

Whenever you are ready for change you can feel it.
You feel anxious or irritated.
You want to make things change to what you want.
But it is not happening the way you expected.
Instead of forcing things- sit back and allow life to happen just as it does.
The change that will come will be better for you and all will turn out perfect in the long run.
This is contrary to your human instincts but a learned response.
Be ready for the change and accepting to what comes.
Everything happens for a reason, you see.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5/13/15 No New post . Last years post 5/13/14 That's Life

So often you come to a place where you have to make a decision.
It is not really clear what the best decision might be.
Choices seem to be OK but you don't know which one is best.
The answer might not be obvious because you don't know what lies in the future so you shouldn't really judge what will be best then.
You must trust that both choices will bring to you a set of circumstances for you to learn from.
Either choice has the potential to allow change to move you forward in your understanding.
So go with your intuition.
Let all the flow of energy bring what it may and learn and expand as you will.
It will be what you needed for the moment and with a good attitude you will make the best of it.
That's life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/12/15 Know Thyself

Know thyself.
Become more aware of who you truly are.
Visit the place deep in your heart to know this.
Ask questions and see what you answer.
What do you have compassion for?
How do you help the world and people around you?
What gifts do you have and how do you share them?
These are some of the questions you can ask yourself.
Be aware of energy shifts as you search for these answers.
Here you will come to a broader knowledge of who you are.
Watch for the opportunity to learn and grow.
We will guide you.

Monday, May 11, 2015

5/11/15 Virtue of the Soul

Patience- the virtue of the soul.
The soul knows that there is no set time that something has got to happen.
The soul know everything happens in perfect order.
When you can tap into that knowing then you will be able to have patience and peace.
The list things that you want to accomplish will wither down to just doing whatever you do for that time, no more, no less and it will be perfect.
You will see how everything fits into its place and the puzzle becomes complete.
Changing daily but always feeling complete.
Let patience become your virtue too.

5/10/15 Soul Family

All relatives, including your mother and father, are part of your soul family.
They come together here on the earth plane to live life and learn lessons together with you.
They have agreed to present certain scenarios that provide the situation to which the lesson is developed.
Sometimes through a pleasant situation but more often through family conflict.
So be grateful for their help and participation in whatever situation happens.
Their souls have agreed to work together for the good and growth of all.
It takes patience and awareness to see all the blessings there.


5/9/15 Gotten Through

Messages come to you in many ways.
We will use any method that you are paying attention to.
Sometimes it may be something that you see or most often you may hear us.
We are the small voice that reminds you what you already know, where you need to go or what you want to go.
Do not discount our words for hocus because we are trying to reach you.
Sometime you will see something that will give you the message – bright and clear, a word, a symbol or even the exact words if we can.
Not coincidence but placed there on purpose just for you.
Take a picture with your new phones as a reminder that yes, we are talking to you.
Reminding you of our love and guidance.
You understand.
For we have gotten through.
Do not be afraid to talk to us.
We are listening all the time.
You are not alone.
Always connected to us and your source of love and happiness.
The message and sign that you receive will be your personal help.
This is always meant to be.

Friday, May 8, 2015

5/8/15 The Flow of Life

Truly there are times where you are just letting life flow past you like a river around the rocks.
You are not wanting to jump into the flow.
It seems too ominous and challenging.
But this is the time of which you can venture out and try out your power.
They are challenging to give you the greatest opportunity for adventure and growth.
You know how to swim and floating is also an option.
Just venture out and see where the flow of life takes you.
It will be where you need to go and you will find what you need.
Be awake and aware for it is there.
You are not alone- we will do it together.
Jump if you have to but don't just stand there and watch it go by.
It will prove to be well worth the risk that you will take.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/7/15 Chores

Even though you think you are just doing a chore you are doing much more than that.
It seems like a routine thing that has somewhat become a burden.
In reality, this is an act of love, an act of kindness.
Those who benefit from your kindness often forget to show their gratitude.
Continue to do your chore with a loving heart and someone will someday return the love.
This is the way it is.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5/6/15 Dreams- No Time Wasted

What dreams may come into your sleep, come there for an additional opportunity to intervene with you.
Dreams can be your mind going over the events of the day.
But most often they are more opportunities for you to experience something in a different way.
They may be helping you to learn something that you are struggling with in your awake state.
Pay close attention to these meanings and apply them to your life.
Your guides are helping you to understand.
There is a lot more flexibility when your physical body is asleep and not involved, only your consciousness.
You may have guides and loved ones visiting you during your dreams.
Or you may actually travel and visit them.
Either way, a profound connection is made for healing purposes.
Take the time to look at the significance and feel the value of your dreams.
No time is wasted on your quest.
It is all meaningful.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/5/15 Awakening

You can become aware more and more throughout your physical life.
The more you understand and accept the more you will see and know.
This is the process of awakening.
Everyone is working towards a greater understanding and awakening.
It is just a personal matter of how much, how fast and to what degree you will grow.
The people surrounding you are growing and changing too.
Things that help you to understand may also be helping them.
The more difficult lessons may take longer to understand and accept.
If you are seeking answers, you will be provided the opportunities to find them.
Then you will learn and grow.
This is the way.
This is what you are here to do.
Be at peace with what comes for it is what you are to understand.
Open your heart to what it is and you will grow.
Always let love guide the way.
We are with you.

Monday, May 4, 2015

5/4/15 Build Your Menu

We are going to tell you what to eat.
But this is not all that you can eat.
It is just a suggestion to help you balance your system and get you started on your own.
Eat all the green vegetables that you can, in every meal.
They also contain the iron that you will need.
Then add in some colored vegetables as you like.
Providing the specialized nutrients and variety .
What you mix with the vegetables is a personal daily choice, some fuel.
Fish, lean meat and oils from nuts are a good start.
Fruits are eaten as a cleanse, not as often.
Keep your choice fresh and clean.
Add as little extra as possible.
Your system will be able to process this and give you the balance and energy you need,
Make this your basic chart to build you menu from.
More to come later.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

5/3/15 Passion

Get excited about doing something.
Develop a passion for its exploration.
You can focus your energy and have the drive to see it through.
It is very good for you to take such a personal interest in something that gives you satisfaction.
It will help you to the next thing and it too will make your heart beat.
Passion for life.
Passion for love.

5/2/15 No Post today. Last year's May 2,2014 Guidance

Sit in the silence, open your heart, ask for guidance.
All that you are given is a feeling, a thought or you may hear or see the something over and over.
That is where your guidance may come from.
You may have an inspirational idea or be shown an object.
Contemplate the larger meaning of what your have been given and see how it relates to your life, may be the situation you are now dealing with.
It is only guidance. You must choose what to do.
There is no wrong answer. All are ways of learning who you are.
Use your understanding and what you want to see to guide you even more.
Life is a journey. There is so much to do.
Don't get stifled at the choice.
They all bring learning and progression.
One will suit you better than the others.
You know this in your heart.
You will feel it when you know.

Friday, May 1, 2015

5/1/15 Sympathy

Sympathy is an emotion that you feel from the heart.
It is a way that you can share a little of the pain being felt by another.
In sharing that pain you lessen their suffering.
Expressing true sympathy is an act of love.
You may not be able to understand the depth of their pain but you want to help them in some way.
Sympathy and prayer are what are needed.