Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/31/14 Carbon Footprint

What should be your part in the carbon footprint you leave behind?
All life leaves a carbon foot print when it goes through life.
It just does.
How much and how damaging is a choice you make every day.
You are being taught to use less and reuse more.
This is a step in helping sustain a balance in the pollution surrounding your planet.
There are certain natural responses to those levels that will naturally come about to produce a positive effect.
The more you personally help the less nature will have to impose.
Make a conscience effort to do your part to balance these levels.
It will make your home have a more sustainable environment.
It makes perfect sense and is not so selfish.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

8/30/14 Living Your Life With Purpose

The daily task at hand is just to live the life you were meant to live.
Not everyone can be expected to be Presidents or the Pope.
They make huge impacts on the population with each declaration.
But it is the individual who chooses to live their life with compassion, love and gratitude that makes the largest contribution.
If 100% of your effort is placed in those ways, 100% of your energy is directed in a way that will be the most beneficial.
You are living at a time where much love and compassion is needed.
Anger and hatred is running rapid in certain areas.
There is much waste of potential (physical lives).
To find a balance, the energies of peace and love must be exchanged.
Like the butterfly even the smallest movement is felt.
You can and will see the difference one can make.
There will be a slight gradual change. You are doing your part.
Be relentless in your effort and happy with the results.
Take personal pride in your accomplishments.
We do.


Friday, August 29, 2014

8/29/14 Inquire Deeper and Deeper

To know who you are you have to look beyond your physical body and the ego mind.
They are who you are here on the earth plane but it is not who you truly are.
They are here to react and learn from the circumstances of the earth.
Who you truly are is your soul, the spirit of your being.
It takes practice to go to that place where you know who you are.
There you find no frustration or struggle.
You find peace and love for all that is.
Keep inquiring deeper and deeper until you find that peace.
Rest there and know that all is well.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28/14 Take Life As It Comes

We know you still have questions.
Not all is known to you at this time.
You can't be learning if you had all the answers.
As you choose you experience, as you experience you grow and with that growth comes wisdom.
You are where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are suppose to do.
If you believe that, you will live with less stress, more peace.
Take life as it comes and trust that it is right for you.
Be at peace.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/27/14 Change Brings Growth

There is a pattern and a rhythm to life.
Following and noticing that rhythm in nature helps you to associate with your own rhythm.
This is not to cause you stress as to bring you peace.
Growth brings change and change brings growth.
Allow this progression to take place in your physical life with a gentle awareness.
Know that this is the way.
Don't struggle and fight so because with every change brings all that is beautiful and perfect for who you are.
Celebrate your wisdom and your time here.
You have accomplished much.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8/26/14 There Will Be Light

Even through your darkness hour there will be light.
We will not leave you.
We are with you always.
Open your heart and listen.
You will hear and feel what will help you most to endure.
This is there for a reason.
You have something to take from it and it will help you to understand and grow spiritually.
Be compassionate and watch for the help you need.
Provide comfort and the wisdom you have acquired.
Gently hold the candle so they can see the light.
We will be with you.


8/25/14 Deeper Understanding

We know it is hard to completely understand when other transition over to the other side.
What makes for a good time to do that other than when you are very old?
How can you choose between life with a loving family and leaving?
It is hard to understand and not knowing makes for great suffering and pain.

I wait for this awareness with an open heart and mind.
I trust you will help me to understand at a deeper level.
I pray for this awareness....


Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/24/14 Who Are You?

When you are born as an infant you know who you are and where you've come from.
Some remember less than others so they may seem more distant.
Otherwise the transition here would be dramatic.
The nine months of physical development allow the souls of the mother, father and child relationships to bond.
There may also be bonding with other siblings if they are close.
Once born and you take on your physical body and the mental ego the soul steps back to all this experience.
This is why you've come here to experience life from this unique perspective.
Your soul stays with you and can be known through inner dialog.
Go deep and go beyond that physical and ego mind chatter to get to know who you really are.
You will find all the strength, confidence, and peace that your soul is.
Accessing this will help you through the challenges of life.
Connect often with your soul and believe in who you are.
This brings peace into your life.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

8/23/14 What You Really Want

How can I have what I really want?

In your mind, you wander between the belief that you can have what you really want and the disbelief.
Because of such an indecisive way of looking at that belief you are never constant in your belief.
The art of manifesting your desires starts with a steadfast desire or belief.
Start with something that you can believe and stay focused on that happening.
Then you will see what we mean.
Have no question in your mind or body that it will be...
Feel how it feels to already have it be.
And you will see it happen just as you see it.
This is not as easy as it sounds because your mind wanders back to the not knowing, not truly believing so easily.
But keep a vigil on coming back to having what you want.
No a request or a hope, because that infers it might not happen.
You must have a knowing that you will have it and how if feels to have it.
The last part is, if it is truly for your best interest at this time to have it,
      nothing will stop it from coming your way.
At a soul level you agree to have it.
Rejoice and be grateful for the universal law, for it can bring you what you really want.


Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22/14 Just Be

Don't hurry yourself too much.
You need time to just be.
You need time to look around and see.
The world is speaking volumes if you take some time to let it show you all the mystery at hand.
Don't be in such a hurry to be somewhere doing something when you are doing something just being.
It will amaze you how much more you will understand if you take time to really listen and see.
Everything that is happening happens for a reason.
Dwell into the moments of life to get the most out of it.\
Pause, breathe and see the beauty.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/21/14 The Feeling Of A Smile

When you smile you use many muscles in your face.
Giving them the strength that they need.
You also open a soft spot in your heart and a peaceful place in your mind.
This is a simple act of kindness to yourself and others.
Sometimes it helps them to forget what is stressful if only for a minute.
It reminds you that there is love in this world and it is possible to allow it into your life.
You can imagine that smile or a feeling of a smile brought into different parts of your body.
You can imagine that smile or the feeling of a smile brought into your face, into your eyes.
Relax and allow your eyes to smile.
The feeling of the smile can be felt in your chest, in your stomach, even in your legs and arms.
​That smile brings love and peace to all of you.
At the same time sharing it with others.
A smile is a universal language that we all understand.
Smile often.
Peace and love be with you.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/20/14 Prejudice

Why do you think you know so much about someone before you even meet them?
You must have a list of things in your mind that you expect them to be.
They may actually be completely different.
Then what do you do with your expectations.
Be open and meet each person with the wonderment of who they are.
Let them show you all the unique traits that make them who they are and a few of the characteristics that you share.
This is the way you look upon your fellow beings and discover even more about yourself.
For in this encounter and the relationships that develop come many lessons and spiritual growth.
Your own uniqueness will also be discovered.
This is the way to experience life.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/19/14 You're Beautiful

When you look in the mirror you see a reflection of you.
You see the reflection of who you want to be.
This is the you that you have come here to be.
That who that has come here to experience all that you have and all that you will still experience.
So look upon that face of all that experience with a kind knowing.
Gently thank that who for being here and all that you've gone through.
You have come a long way and grown as much.
Look deep into the eyes and see the wisdom there.
They have witnessed many things.
You've taken it all in stride. Learning from it what you can.
Do you know enough to choose?
Can you follow your heart?
Pay attention to that one in the reflection of the mirror.
That is the one who lives your life with you.
Knowing who you are; who you are to be.


Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14 Equally Divine

Settle down and concentrate on all new endeavors.
It is time to learn new things.
They can help you establish peace within your lands.
Don't answer hate with hate.
You must find a way to answer with love.
War is not the answer.
It is only flaming the hatred and will bring more of the same.
Pray for them to know what it is to have a peaceful solution.
Knowledge and respect for how different yet the same each human being is will help you to find peace.
There are many differences but all of you are the same.
Equally divine. Know that.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/17/14 Being By The Sea

You might often spend time just relaxing by going at the waters surface.
To many there is a calming affect by being by the sea.
Use this time to relax and let it remind you of yourself.
Let the waves take the stress away.
The rhythm of the waves can also calm the mind.
All the things of nature bring you back to who you are.
The sand, sea and sun will be your therapy.
They are the gifts of peace and tranquility.
Go often and enjoy.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/16/14 The Magic Of Meditation

As you sit in meditation you allow thoughts to come up and float away, not really concentrating on them for more than the time they are there.
They come and they go.
Let go of that thought and it is processed as much as it was needed.
Sometimes there was a healing or balanced needed upon that idea.
Anyway it is done.
The next time it surfaces you may feel differently about it.
You may see the magic done.
Just that little bit of energy was needed.
Sometimes new creative ideas are born or solutions to problems are solved.
The non thinking of meditation can be very productive if you allow it to take the form that is needed.
The wise words just come as you let them.
No thinking, just flowing.
Just sit and put yourself in the frame of mind to just receive what you can.
Watch the thoughts come and go until you hear the guidance and the connection is made.
It's OK if you didn't write it down because your mind did absorb it.
Sit quiet and be still.
All is well.


Friday, August 15, 2014

8/15/14 Listen To Your Body

Your physical body is a beautiful instrument, fine tuned to tell you exactly what is going on.
When you listen to it you can find out amazing things about who you are and what is going on.
Every little ache and pain is a signal to you about what you need and what you don't need.
Learn to listen with more care to those signals for they are there for a reason.
Don't cover them up with drugs or alcohol but soothe them with patience and understanding.
Then change a few habits to make your body healthy and strong again.
You can change and make you and your body balanced in rhythm again.
You will be happier and at peace.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/14/14 Life Is Good

Offer each new person you meet an open heart.
Give them the chance to feel safe and be who they truly are.
If they don't feel threatened they respond to you with a more open heart also.
This is the way.
This is what is called upon in life.
You come across each other for an exchange of ideas and valuable help.
Most beings have a kind and generous heart.
Expect that and you will find more.
Be childlike in you open hearted acceptance of what life brings you.
Be full of awe and excitement for each new adventure.
Look for the benefit even in the challenges.
Life is good.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8/13/14 Transfer of Energy - Death

We talk about life or death.
Where as when we talk about death we are truly talking about life because there is no death.
Death, as you know it, is a transferring of energy from one state of existence to another; leaving the physical body discarded.
You are not in love with the physical body but the essence of that soul which is now transferred to a non-physical existence.
So that love is / can be transferred as well if you believe and allow it.
Many times we tell you and try to show you how to do this but you are still seeing only the shell of the soul left behind.
If death was completely understood then you would not get all the benefits from living your life up to the moment of transformation.
Much will be gained and understood as you approach that time.
Until then, yes, grieve the departing of your friend in the physical state.
But know they are close by, in the spiritual state, to help and guide you.
You are never alone.
Understand what you can for it will help you to see and hear the ones you are talking to.
Love never dies.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/12/14 Be Peace

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with you.
This is where your largest impact of your whole life can stem.
Each time you make a choice to be peace or war you share your energy there.
Peace certainly does not make as much noise or a better movie (for some) than war but it is a better way of living.
There is enough war and hatred out there to keep us from reaching the mass that we need,
So join our side only speaking, seeing or doing peaceful acts.
There is no right or wrong only love or war.
Everyone has a right to their own opinion and the right to live their life their way.
They will either come to a point where it will no longer serve them and they will make another choice or they do not. But none is wrong.
Therefore fighting over that is just out of place.
Just let it be.
Promote love, joy and peace.
Respect the difference that make you whole (human).
When you see this as whole and oneness there can be peace and love.


Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11/14 Peaceful Moon

Try that you can... hear the whisper in your ear.
Most of the trust you have is based on a physical experience.

It is so wonderful to hear from you every day.
I sit here and I do wonder just what you are going to say.”

Tonight the moon is very near.
It is sending it's energy.
Let it help you be more clear.
It has a very powerful effect on many on the earth.
But it does not cause the evil that you think.
It helps you to remember and believe in yourself.
It gives you some confidence that you have been missing.
Sit and look at it's peaceful sphere.
Seeing it helps connect you to more far and near.
Let that peace settle into your heart.
And rest there for a while.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

8/10/14 Enjoy Your Accomplishments

You are already done most of your main course.
All the trash is still on the table.
Yes, you are supposed to clean up the mess before you can enjoy the dessert.
It doesn't have to be done at that moment.
You can just sit still and enjoy the fullness and the comradely of those around you.
This is a stage in your life to enjoy your accomplishments.
Reflect on what has gone right, what you would have done differently- no judgment, just reflection.
For all in all, there has been much progress and growth.
Be very proud of what you have accomplished on your mission.
The light is beginning to shine brighter.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

8/9/14 Like A Child, Imagine

Just like a little child, we want you to get lost in the play of the imagination.
Set back and use it to discover,who you want to be.
Imagine who you would like to be and what you would like to do.
It may seem childish but these thoughts are the beginning stages of creation and much more can come from just these thoughts.
Believe in the best part of you and all that you can do.
We tell you this time is not wasted but well spent.
Write it down and put energy into these thoughts and dreams.
Let the universe respond.
Imagination is an important part of your creative mind.
If you can imagine it you can do it.


Friday, August 8, 2014

8/8/14 Life Is Like Making A Turkey Sandwich

So making a turkey sandwich is easy.
You get two pieces of toast and put the turkey in the middle – with some lettuce, tomato, cucumber and then mayo.

(In hope by this time next week things will settle down.)

You have to look at life like making a turkey sandwich.
There are some key elements needed and some assembly required but all in all just basic steps to create what you want.
The part of life or making a sandwich that is difficult is in which order do you layer your main ingredient and what condiments you use.
It's a personal choice and each must make their own according to his preference.
If you make life too generic and have only one choice it takes away from the creativity and enjoyment that should be there.
Respect each others choices, even the ones you would not choose for it is part of their learning about themselves.
They have lifetimes to work it out to their desire.
You come here to be a unique facet of the divine.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/7/14 Moments

Capture the moments of your life.
Cherish them for sure.
They are the building blocks of who you are.
Each encounter, each conversation, you are having the opportunity to be who you want to be.
The choices that you make, the impressions that you leave, are the traces of your essence left behind.
When you choose a loving compassionate response to others you create a loving compassionate bond between you two.
This is good for the energy of both of you.
Take the time to listen and respond with love.
Each encounter is an opportunity for growth and expansion.
It is in these moments that you fulfill what you are here to do.
Each one is special. Each day is unique.
Wake up on a mission!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/6/14 A Way Back

When life has broken you and it's hard to find a reason to keep living you are missing the point.
Life is not supposed to offer you only the best but some of the hardest challenges also.
Now look for some new encounters to bring back the joy to your life and you can feel alive again.
If you want to keep on living you must not give up.
You have a reason and there is much to do.
We know you have suffered a terrible blow.
Now look for the gifts and graces allowing you to know there is more.
Death is not the end but only the beginning of understanding and light.
Find your true self. Find out where you've come from and where you are going.
It is all there now. Clearer than before.
Let this be a gentle reminder for you to take to heart.
Know that love never dies but only intensifies.
Bring them back. Open your heart.
Allow them to send a cure.
They are always with you.
Loving and providing you a way.
A way back to love and peace.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/5/14 Weeds

Start small.  Separate the weeds from the strong plants.
The weeds are also strong trying to infringe on the mission of the other plants.
This is true in your own life.
There are distractions that pull you off course.
Eliminate them so your path is clear.
You don't have to stop and give energy to every straggling one.
They are performing their own mission.
We love the variety of the nectar.


8/4/14 Sorry no post

Sunday, August 3, 2014

8/3/14 Respect Your Family

Look today with love and compassion to those who are born into your family.
They share the same parents but not always the same journey or lessons.
Because each has his own set of skills and challenges they have to live out their life differently.
Don't judge, just be loving and supportive.
There are many paths to the same destination.
All are equally respected and true.
Respect them all.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

8/2/14 Fall Energy

Fall is in the air.
You can feel the change in the energy.
It may be warm someday but it can turn chilly very suddenly.
Fall weather and energy show us all how to change.
It does this with the most utmost grace and skill.
The plants and trees give up their lives and go dormant for the winter.
The outside appearances looks like it has stop growing but it really did not.
A little is going on under the appearance of being dormant.
They are still growing and changing daily.
It will be the time to ready for more growth to come.
Not everything shuts down, but life does slow down a bit.


Friday, August 1, 2014

8/1/14 Daily Bread

"Give us this day our daily bread."
Give you each day a daily amount of stuff to digest and work through.
You are asking for new challenges and lessons to come your way.
Dealing with them will promote spiritual growth.
This is what you are here to accomplish.
It can come in many sizes and shapes, from many sources.
Some easy and fun maybe some more challenging and harder to deal with.
But wake up each day and ask.
Be ready to see it given to you each day.
That's life, enjoy!