Thursday, December 26, 2019


These words were written from the old way of thinking, believing and doing.
Think of something when you want to - -
And you believe it is real then you act upon it as such – Real.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

12/25/19 Christmas

Now, this is Christmas.
On this night a child was born.
The child brought the Christ Light into the world.
A Light that changed the way the world would think about love.
A Light that would allow you to see yourself as a Child of God, of God –
That’s the important part.
A Light that would shine forever and never be taken away.
That Light was always here but just not recognized.
It took some recognition and convincing to be realized.
This is not the only time the Light has been brought forth and shone bright but it is the one we are celebrating today.
The rebirth of the truth we’ve known forever.
We are of God and filled with the Light that connects us all.
Let the Light shine on –
And bring us joy.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

12/24/19 Our Time Together

You are always protected.
When you sit down with the idea of our connection.
That and only that will be done.
We have set up this time together and it is a sacred space.
Nothing else will come into ours.
Your consciousness steps aside and we blend together to create this that you hear.
It will always work this way.
You seem very comfortable with this form of blending.
We appreciate your awareness and willingness to participate in this experience.
Wisdom and guidance are the reason for our time together.
It is for yourself and others.
Know that they too can tap into this for themselves with the right intention and protocol.

Monday, December 23, 2019

12/23/19 Reality

We will talk about reality. What is real and what is not.
First of all, this is real.
This is coming from a consciousness outside of yours.
It is presented for you as a gift.
It will help you to understand what the bigger picture is.
A consciousness that is part of the bigger picture – The biggest picture, if you will.
Everything from here is real and will be presented as true or truth.
Explanations about how and why this is possible comes from a smaller ego consciousness that you have and is controlled with your thoughts.
These, quite often, do not present themselves as truth and are therefore not real.
They come into creation and they seem real, under your definition, but they are not truth or reality.
They are the illusion you are living in order to experience life in a way to help you understand more.
We believe that this helps you also to sort out what is of your consciousness - illusion and what is from the bigger consciousness - Reality.
Peace unto you.