Sunday, June 30, 2013

6/30/13 The Random Acts of Kindness

You should take more seriously.
They are powerful ways to set yourself in the right vibration .
When you give of yourself to others you set the vibration for kindness to come back to you.
Attraction is the force being used to bring the situations into your life.
Like attracts like.
If you find yourself angry or mean you may find that others around you will be angry or mean.
Take a few moments to quiet down and listen to your heart.
Love is there.
Act from a place of loving kindness and surround yourself with that vibration.
That is what others will feel and react to.
Wake up to a sound of a bird chirruping and carry that excitement with you throughout the day.
Wonderful things will come to you in that way.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

6/2913 Small Disturbances

Like the pebbles in the sand, small disturbances should not bother your journey.
It is what makes the terrain interesting at least.
When the rocks become boulders than you may find the traversing this terrain more difficult.
Take your time and look upon each one with a certain amount of care because they give life the meaning we bargained for or they wouldn't be there.
Climb upon and learn from each challenge as it presents itself.
Conquering each goal will renew your strength and confidence.
Soon the boulders will be like rocks and then as pebbles once again.
Life journey varies with the terrain to allow for adventure, challenge, peace and harmony.
What would it be like without such diversity?
Enjoy your precious time here.


Friday, June 28, 2013

6/28/13 Your Belief

The word belief means to trust ones understanding.
When you grow and have a new understanding your belief should also grow and change to fit
the new understanding.
Some find it hard to let go of the beliefs that they have had since they were young with little understanding.
They were given to you not even formed from your understanding.
When you look upon these beliefs see if they resonate with you now.
You may find where there is a discrepancy.
You trusted them because they came to you from a reliable source.
But it is the understanding that should have bee the base.
Go forth with new understanding and build you trust as you go.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

6/27/13 Inner Peace

Begin trusting your higher self to lead the way.
It is in the quiet times that you will have access to this wisdom.
You are always there within your consciousness but it is covered up by what is playing right now.
This is the story of life.
You are here to witness this experience and learn it's lessons.
But to reach beyond it you must go deep within.
There you will find the true you and a deeper sense of who you are.
There you will find a constant love and understanding.
Finding this place will give you a respite and peace.
Truly there is a reason for all that happens and it is greater than you see.
Make the journey fulfill your needs and you will feel that inner peace.
You have done well.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/26/13 Be The Conductor

It does help to see clearly what you want to be part of your experience.
Some are just waiting for what they want to arrive on the door step, so to speak.
They live each day just as it comes, not knowing that they can create a new.
You do not have to be part of the illusion that is going on constantly around you.
It is part of your awareness to know you can create something new to happen.
Don't always let someone else's energy run the show.
Step up and be the conductor.
Make a grand plan and see it through.
Focus on what you want and make the move to allow it to happen.
It will bring you more joy and fulfillment than before.
Then treat everyday like that and you will find new happiness.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6/25/13 Innate Strength

The human being is very resilient.
A lot can happen to you and there is still hope for survival.
With the changes that come about, you must adapt to your current situation.
But what can be done to make life full and fruitful again?
These are the challenges of living here on earth.
Change is the inevitable and with that change comes the continual adaptation to make adjustments needed to keep a sense of balance and growth.
Look upon these challenges as gateways to a new part of the adventure of living.
You may be uncomfortable and sadden by your new situation but there is much to be taken and
learned from this perspective.
The grace and love needed to benefit and overcome some of these challenges is being given.
Fortitude to make this adjustment and strengthen your resolve is within reach.
Now is the time for you to look deep into your heart for the innate strength to find hope in living to your fullest again.


Monday, June 24, 2013

6/24/13 Be Consistent, Be Focused, and Be The Creator

Practically speaking nothing comes easy in this world.
It seems that there is an exchange for everything.
So how do you harness the energy needed to make things come to you easier.
You never seem to have exactly what it takes.
Does this sound like your struggle for getting what you want?
Does it often feel like there isn't enough or the struggle to get it is too difficult?
You could be using the wrong approach.
Let's start over thinking about just how much resources are really available.
Take scarcity out of the picture.
The world is abundant.
Then you should set an intention about what you do want.
It is not a struggle to get this.
It already exists and is on it's way to being yours.

Practically speaking you need to pay more attention to the things you allow your mind to think about.
You must remember what you focus on, think about and talk about becomes your reality.
If it is not what you want in your experience then simply put, don't think about it.
Let that thought just move by as quickly as it appeared.
Give that volume of energy to something else.
Focus on the kind of experience you want to allow to be part of your reality.
Start thinking about how you feel when it becomes your experience.
Putting energy into those thoughts.
Are you spending too much of your energy on complaining about what you do not want?
Change that focus to what you do want and stay true to it.
Always drawing it closer to you until you allow it to be your reality.
Trust in the power of positive thinking.
Practice with something small then make it your daily routine.
You will see a big difference in your life.
Keeping clear about what you want when you come to a choice you will instinctively make the choice that matches the vibration of what you want, giving energy to your desires.
You and the universe are allowing it to come into your field of experience, working always toward
your goal.
Be consistent, be focused, and be the creator.
You will be amazed and happy with the results.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/23/13 Words of Wisdom

Keep hold of all the important words of wisdom that we have given you.
Each holds a clue to how you can turn your moments into creation.
Step into the moment with all that you know and trust and you will have a choice on
what you want to see.
When you stop and listen in the quiet of the day all the words that flow in your mind are
words of wisdom.
We are sending you some simple things that can help you create what you want to be.
We are putting gentle hints out there so you will know there is great possibilities.
The choice is always up to you.
When you come to a fork in the road, when each way has it's own measure of goodness and
nothing is lost but much is gained by either direction, listen to your heart.
Knowing that what you want to experience will help you make the choice.
Is it time to make a change and try something new or do a more familiar road calling you today?
No regrets.
Just make the move and then relax and enjoy what there is to.
Your world is full of choices and endless possibilities.
Don't narrow your choices because you can do much more than you thought before.
Reach a little higher for the one that will make you feel that sense of awe.
You will find it quite rewarding.
To bring new light into your world will allow you to see and understand more of the glory that surrounds you.
Take the opportunity to grow and reach your full potential.
You deserve it and you are blessed.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

6/22/13 A Small Spec Of Vision

Hear the words to understand what is happening close by.
Open your heart to understand all we would like to share.
Laugh out loud with you before you loose your innocence.
Being innocent is having an open mind enough to allow some of life's mystery to appear.
For a long time everyone around you could not even begin to see that which remains a mystery.
Now a small spec of the vision are you able to see.
Trust that there is more and you will know more and more, becoming clear.
A little faith will be the key to unlock the door to some of this mystery.
Take the time to try to understand what and why things are happening in this way.
With this understanding will come great balance for you to be just what you intended to be.
If you find out that you need an adjustment we are not far beside you helping you every step
of the way.
Be patient.
Balance and clarity will come to thee.


Friday, June 21, 2013

6/21/13 Time Used Wisely

Several places you will run into lines of people waiting, the grocery store, gas station, and movie theater.
Use these times to meditate.
You will feel differently and the time will not be used unwisely.
Complaining or gossip are not good ways to fill this time.
In this meditation time you will discover ways in which you should appreciate all that is around you and how often it is there to support your journey.
Keep your mind focused on the oneness of your pursuit and ways in which you can pursue making it better.
Lastly when the line shortens and it is your turn you will be ready to appreciate this experience and how it has brought you closer to God.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20/13 Possibilities

Answers to your questions will come from many sources, however we can get you to see.
This is a time of faith and grace.
Open your heart and trust that there is possibilities.
Sometimes what you can’t see on the other side of the rainbow is a gift of many degrees.
Each waiting for you to be ready to receive.
If you still feel a heavy heart, pray for God’s grace and love to help lift you up for more to see.
You are not alone. We are with you always.
Listen to your heart.  We will speak louder.
Remember love is the key.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/19/13 First Class or Economy coach?

Physical pain will stop you in your tracks.

You will not be able to rest or get the sleep you need.
Without the proper rest you are not able to focus on the important parts of the day.
It is of utmost importance to take care of your body and your mind.
Proper food, water, exercise and rest will allow your body to heal itself and be pain free.
Take needed measures to care for the physical body.
It is your vehicle for the journey.
Do you want to go first class or economy coach?
It is a choice you often make about your priorities.
So choose wisely and remember it’s not the destination it is enjoying the journey.
Pamper yourself whenever you can.
You’ll be happier and share that happiness with others.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/18/13 Challenge and Opportunity

The words for today are challenge and opportunity.
What is the challenge for today?
What has life brought you to have you make a choice?
Will one way bring you to a more difficult situation to overcome but the result might just be better that the other easier way?
These situation are brought to you because you need them.
They allow you opportunity to experience the emotion and the other facets of these circumstances.
When you can see a challenge and opportunity in the same situation you can trust assure it may be on the road to where you want to be.
Listen to your guidance if there is no true resistance than this is the way to go.
It is in the reaching for these challenges that you gain the growth and movement that you need.
This opportunity will bring new adventure to learn more about who you truly are.
When you succeed you will feel good and peace in your heart.


Monday, June 17, 2013

6/17/13 Bump in The Road

Playfully toying  with thee.

A mountain out of a mole hill.

Don’t make so much out of a simple thing.

Life is full of much more difficult scenarios.

It takes a lot just to get through the day sometimes.

Relax another small bump in the road.

Laugh more.

You will need the more serious stuff for later.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/15/13 Assistance

Personal growth is the forward movement that you receive when you have finished experience
in a part of life that you need.
In a sense it is the going through experience that brings understanding and therefore growth.
Some of this movement will bring about the need to change a huge part of your surroundings and or others that are close by.
Adjusting to these large changes and movement is another part of the experience of life that you need.
When you look upon these adjustments as progress they may be easier to receive.
Everyone has to go through a certain amount of these changes especially as you get older .
The ones close to you may pass on and you may think you are left alone.
You are never alone because we are always with you and your loved one are also close by.
You may need to experience and grow through knowing that you are strong and making decisions for yourself, learning about you who are.
Each is a small part of your life experience that brings you closer to your ultimate goal.
Sometimes the greatest challenges bring you the most growth.
When facing these challenges you can ask for God's grace and help along the way.
You will not be refused. Assistance will be sent.
It may come in many forms but you will recognize is as your help just when you need it most.
Relay on the help and guidance to move your forward to where you need to be.
You will find that peace and love will be there.
Looking back you may see the gifts that were also there for you to receive.
Gifts of love and kindness bringing new awareness to yourself and your journey.
So tread softly and with divine certainty.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

6/15/13 New Opportunities

Permanent space is occupied by the things that are to be left as is.
Temporary stuff can be moved around to satisfy your immediate needs or wants.
When the needs or wants change you can certainly move the stuff from that space.
Being flexible to move things around will bring you the most benefit because of the
constant change we are always making.
Look forward to the changes because they are signs of growth.
We are growing in understanding and experience .
With each new step forward brings new needs and wants and therefore possible change of things.
Make room for these new changes by recycling the things to be used by others until it is no
longer useful.
Sharing one's resources make it the best use of all natural and unnatural things.
There is much to go around if we share.
It is a time of much movement and new opportunities.
Be excited about the chance to grow and experience the new.
All is well and all is at peace.


Friday, June 14, 2013

6/14/13 Worthy

Listening to your guidance when it is flowing into your mind will be easier if you believe that you are worthy to talk to spirit. 
You don’t have to be famous or known in a big way to be important and divine, you see.
All are one and equal in our eyes   and we talk to everyone all of the time.
 Many don’t even know the main source of guidance that they receive.
Their ego likes to think it is the one and we don’t care as long as they go in the right direction.
 But if you care and want to know that it is our guidance that you seek we will be there in a way to let you know in discriminatively.
 Once you have found us and know our frequency you will be able to hear the guidance with clarity. Then trust will come into play. We will not lead you astray.
You will find great comfort in knowing that we are there, looking out for you from where we can see. 
The journey may not be as easy as you may think it should be. 
 But all that you need to experience will come to thee. 
 Open your heart and act with love for what is there is meant be. 
 It will feel good knowing that we are with you bringing the grace and help you need. 
 You already know how to do this. 
It is just recognizing the process that you want to know so you too can feel divinity.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/13/13 Ready To Receive

Ready to receive, the phrase itself means a lot yet there is more underlining meanings.
Putting yourself in this mood is accomplished during your meditation time.
You open your heart and quiet the mind putting all thoughts of anger and jealously away.
Gratefulness should be close at hand.
For having all you ask for heard and the best for you is on it's way.
Waiting for your request to be answered is where you are to be.
Trusting that the appropriate answer will be given to thee.
It will be the one that best delivers the experience you need.
Knowing that and enjoying the outcome will bring you the very best scenario.
So be ready......


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/12/13 Your Reality

Say it and it becomes your reality.

Do you find that this is so?

When your thoughts get to the point where they become your words then they are well on their

way of creating your reality.

We tell you this because it is important.

Many speak of the things they do not want.

They complain and complain about the things happening around them that they do not want

to be affecting them.

Yet because it has caught their attention, they are focused upon it.

Even though they say they don't like it, the energy they are giving to it draws it even nearer,

making it part of what is influencing their lives.

Noticing that these things exist and you don't like them is enough to pass them by.

In passing by, you allow them to leave and something new to come into play,

maybe something you do want.

Put your focus on that and with trust and love in your heart be ready to receive.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6/11/13 The Ebb and Flow

These lines of wisdom are coming through to teach you who you are and how to create the situation that you want.
It is for this experience that you are here and living these lives.
You want to know all there is to know about things like love and hate, fear and trust, kind and mean.
So sometimes you find the other in your midst and you must see if it serves you well or not.
When it represents the lesser side you reject it to bring something closer that will be a better fit,
don't you see.
Don't get stuck, just let them be.
They will go and things will change if you just let it be.
Look for the good, honest and abundant life and soon that is what you will see.
Riding the ebb and flow of life's ocean of experiences you will see the good and bad come and go.
Noticing them all you will know what suits you right and fits close by you see.
Focus on the good and let the bad be.
Much is gained from these experiences even while you are noticing them.
Don't spend much energy on the ones that you reject and they will not be known to thee.
Just ride through and the better one will be there for you to have.
That one carries a higher sense for your growth and energy.
Spend your energy in this place for there is great growth there to see.


Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10/13 Pure and Simple Steps

It is very true that we come to those who are open and ready to receive.
So it is best to open your heart and ask for us to draw near.
Then put yourself in a receiving mode.
There will be much that we can share, more than you can perceive.
Take what you feel. Make it part of your beliefs.
The rest will come in time when you are ready.
Just be comfortable with yourself and all that you are learning.
There is plenty of time for you have eternity.
It might be better to jump right ahead but you may miss an important key.
One that unlocks a mystery that will bring a better understanding to all there be.
Be patient, dear one. You are doing fine.
We are with you one step at a time.
Pure and simple steps we take to the place you want to be.
Don't let the world's atmosphere rush you anymore you see.
For they are going nowhere when it comes to reality.
Be happy with all you can see …... clearly.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

6/9/13 A Little Space

They come and they go, so are the thoughts that flow in your mind.
There is so much going on. 
Your mind wants to keep processing one thing after another.
You can start to quiet it down by just sitting and watching these thoughts come and go.
After a while there will be less and things will quiet down.
Some may panic if there seems to be nothing there to think about for a very short time.
But this is what you want..... A little space.
In that space we will fill with the grace you need to heal.
Just sit and feel the peace that a moment off may bring.
Breathe in and begin to know that all is well and peace is here.
Once you have found it you'll be back for it is near your home.
Rejuvenated from the pause and peace, then you'll be able to think more clearly and be on your way.
Do this daily and you will find those thoughts that flow have somewhat slowed down.
More patience in your day because you know that all is well and peace is nearby.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

6/8/13 The Act Of Loving

Having love or giving love is one of the main focuses here on earth.
You are to learn all you can about relationships especially when it comes to loving.
It is the natural outcome of human experience to seek out love including the physical.
It does feel good and it is supposed to.
Don't be ashamed of the love making act.
It is in these intimate times that you are learning about yourself, others and how you relate.
Use all your senses to bring in this incredible experience.
Building a strong bond in the relationship allows you to relate to the oneness on a small level.
Joined together two are one, working and living together with one goal or focus.
It is a new experience for two single people to become one.
Joy and happiness are shared as well as pain and sorrow.
You have found trust and support.
It is good as long as the relationship is supporting each others growth.
Respect each others individual characteristics and needs while allowing them to blend together and fulfill the joint venture.
It does the job of keeping the population going as well.
We will talk more about relationships.
Know now all is well and at peace.


Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/13 The Mastery of Words

Today we take a certain look at the mastery of words.
They are here for a wonderful way to communicate.
They even form a bond between these worlds.
We create the protocol of our communication using words.
There were times that we had to use only symbols to get across the ideas.
Much more difficult to direct you on your way.
Now we have this form of communication it is much simpler to inform you of the choices.
The world of 10,000 words of 10,000 things, so many you can still know exactly what the other
means, at least most of the time.
We can also use your other senses to narrow down the range.
Using all God's gifts of senses helps to make it most easy to know.
Listen with your heart and feel the greatest possibilities.
Choosing the one that best fits what you want there to be.
It is the one with the experience you need to have.
Remember words only open the door to the possibilities, feeling and knowing are the keys.
Take a breath, use the pause to weigh in on all your feelings then the right choice of words and direction will be known.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/6/13 Choose Wisely

Proper use and understanding of all the words in your language comes from the structure in your mind.
You choose a thought and then you structure the words that express the feeling you are having
about that thought.
It sounds so complicated yet it is what you do in an instant when you choose.
If you take more time and carefully choose these words a more accurate picture of your desire
will it be.
Let's look at the possibilities with greater care and choose words and frequencies that will provide the best outcome for your need.
Ask for God's grace and understanding to be there to help you choose the correct way to approach each situation of the day.
Upon wakening you do a mental evaluation of the situations that are to take place in the day.
Make sure you have a peaceful loving approach to them all.
Keep your heart and mind open to the highest solution to each problem as it arises.
Go with the flow, so to speak.
The best choice carries the least resistance.
Trusting your intuition will help you make the choice.
Follow them and you will see where you want to be.
Paying close attention to the choices that you make will always benefit you and help you to get
what you want.
Allowing spiritual guidance will only shorten the feat.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/5/13 The Dynamic Person

Words are the display of emotion coming forth to alert others to their existence.
Do you choose the correct words or do you rely on the compiled history of words you often use?

All the words that come to mind are a distinct representative of your feelings.
From this flow of thoughts you choose the ones that most represents all that you are feeling.
So what you are feeling is then voiced so others can understand where or who you are.
Choosing the right words to represent your true self an important skill you learn from your childhood.
Your parents help you learn to choose these words to express yourself.
So they are tainted a little bit by what they deemed appropriate.
Learned patterns or behaviors can lead you a certain way.
But what if you suddenly felt a different way?
Would it be easy to choose the words to express your newest position?
Following your true self and not the learned behavior takes a lot of courage and trust in yourself
and the world around you.
Some can do it easily but others struggle for a lifetime.
Change is growth and with it comes great opportunity.
A little scary at first but practice builds the confidence that much will come to tell.
Call upon your guidance to help you follow through.
We are with you every step of the way.
Now is the time for each to learn just who you want to be.
Let not the history of your past hold you back.
Step out and be the dynamic person who came here to be.
Love is always with you.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6/4/13 Guidance

Guidance comes to you in many different forms.
It may appear to be an outside force but it is still the guidance that you need.
Someone near you may be talking to someone else and you happen to overhear something that you can relate to.
An interesting way of looking at just the thing perplexing you.
We’ve tried to bring you more direct guidance but it was overlooked so we use another conversation to bring the word to you.
Sometimes even the TV or movie media might bring forth some guidance for you to receive.
Always look for meaning in the relative relationships you perceive.
Answers to all your questions are available to you if you are open to hearing or seeing them.
You may be surprised at just how much guidance is here and how it can help to change your struggle to a more natural flow.
It will feel good and safe for you to go that way.
For the next step will be also seen just within your reach.
We are here to help and guide you and we never withhold our care.
We find the way that fits you well so …
Be ready to receive.


Monday, June 3, 2013

6/3/13 Caress The Soul

Loving words are gentle and sweet. They caress the soul.
Always be in alignment with spirit to deliver the loving words of the message to those who
need it, particularly the message, love will never end.
They love you from above.
Their love is very strong for they no longer have any interference, just love.
When you call their name you send out the vibration of their name and they respond with their vibration and the love that they now have for you.
Allow this warm sensation to help you feel their love.
You may feel their presence or even get a hug.
A sign of their presence may even come about.
They may allow certain music be around you or enter into mind.
Their favorite color or number may suddenly appear.
Acknowledge their attempts to tell you they are near.
Rest in the peace that this help brings you.
They lift your spirit high enough to get you on the way.
They are not far and they are sending you love so you can continue on your way.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

6/2/13 Channeling

Having known what was to come from within is easy but following each word one after another
is more challenging.
Channeling is listening to each word and repeating it in your mind, saying it or writing it down.
It enables the wisdom of the spirit to be heard through you.
You don't have to do any of the thinking, any of the planning.
Spirit has done it all.
You just sit in a quiet place and listen to each word.
You must trust that what you hear will be what is needed.
Bringing forth Infinite Intelligence is the best result.
Feeling that the words you say or write are important help make it worth it's while.
It will bring wisdom and healing to all that hear it's words.
It takes a bit of practice for not knowing what is coming next.
But we are so gracefully grateful for someone to bring forth these words.
You too can hear our messages if you will stop and listen.
Pay close attention. They are not your words but ours.
Then just write down what you hear us say.
True wisdom joins us together as one and raises the vibration of the soul.
You can feel it immediately knowing who's the source.
Stop, listen and share. You will be treated to delight.
Our grandest message is about the love that is found inside you.
Open your heart and allow that love to be a big part of everything you think and do.
It will serve you well bringing great joy and happiness.
That is the point you know!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

6/1/13 Manifesting The Best

OK, so here is the key to manifesting the best for you.
Always put yourself in a prayerful state. The Our Father will do.
Then sit so quiet you don't even hear a mouse.
Let your mind quiet and breathe deeply and directly.
Let go of your worldly cares for a while.
Thoughts will come and go.
When you start to think about the One Thing that you want and desire focus a little 
harder on that one.
Maybe repeat it and see how it feels.
Is it good for you and bring no harm to anyone else?
Ask is this for my highest good?
Will it bring harm to anyone else?
Listen for the answers.
Then think of how you would feel if this desire became true in your life.
Feel the feeling as if it were already here.
Is the new shining car sitting out front of you home right now?
How would that make you feel?
Keep that feeling in your heart and know that your desire is heard and the responding
vibration is on it's way.
If you stay focused, feeling that content, you may begin to see how obtaining this desire is possible.
It will become clear how it will be.
This is the creative power you can make part of your life with sincere practice and intent.
Enjoy the things in your life that will make you feel joy and happy.