Thursday, December 31, 2020

12/31 20 Sampling and enjoy repost from 2014 and 2015


12/31/20 Sampling

Lately has your life been like a tray of appetizers going around the dinner party?

A sampling of a group of larger offerings from around the world.

Are these tidbits of flavor enough to tempt you to explore the larger picture?

To seek out more of your favorite ones?

There is much to see, feel and explore.

A new year and a new chance to do what you want to do.

When it feels right let go and explore.

Find where you are best served and where you can best serve.

Here is where your appetite will be quenched and you will find peace.

Go, we are with you.



12/31/15 Peace and Harmony


Go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow (as every other night) ready to start a new.

Babies do this very easily and so should you.

Leave yesterday behind and start a new outlook.

No regrets – nothing lingering, just a smile on your face.

Have a bounce in your step as you go off to make the day count.

You have the chance to make different choices and have all new experiences.

Certainly, make being happy and healthy on the top of your list.

Live moment to moment in peace and harmony.



12/31/14 NO Matter What!


The Kingdom of God is at hand.

You don't have to search or battle for it.

It is yours always.

You just have to recognize it and know that it belongs to everyone.

Competing and restricting its entry actually puts you further from where you want to be.

It is limitless and has no boundaries.

So, there will be enough for everyone to have some.

You will not be closed out, NO Matter What!

Only you will reap the benefits or woes of your life's actions.

But that will not take the Kingdom from you.

If you believe that you don't have to compete for it, would that change the way you live?

Stop all the hatred and war.

Replace it with understanding and love.

There will be more peace and a better life for all.


Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2021!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

12/30/20 Healing and repost from 2014 Peace on Earth

 12/30/20 Healing

When the physical body get a few aches and pains, under the weather, so to speak, treat it with care and attend its wounds.
Some spiritual help can be given but the physical doctor will know how to treat the body.
The remedy can be quite simple or very complicated but you should go and see their help.
Trust and believe it is done and the healing will be there.
We are with you.
12/30/14 Peace on Earth
Peace on earth...goodwill to man.
This is a prayer that is said very often this time of year.
It is hope for a better tomorrow.
Offered to unify the thoughts of many in order to achieve such a state.
Keep this same prayer and hope throughout the new year.
It helps increase the vibration of the planet.
Elevating many to a higher level.
Movement toward a greater peace is possible.
The gifts of love, hope and peace are the greatest of all.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

12/29/20 Faith


(How do I find true peace or rest in the state we are in?)


Faith is where you will find your truest peace.

You look towards the things that you have faith in and trust.

You rely on these things to bring meaning and balance in your everyday existence

You trust in the sun and moon and the air you breathe.

You trust in the rhythm of nature.

You trust in the love of close family and friends.

And you trust your own self-esteem and intuition.

In the moments of unrest and turmoil, look towards the things you have faith and trust in.

Sit and just let the rise and fall of your chest and the in and out of your breath calm you enough to see the normalcy in life itself.

Put your faith and trust in its movement and principle.

Life has a purpose and discipline, as do you.

You are loved.

We are with you.


Monday, December 28, 2020

12/28/20 Love Actually and one of my favorites from 2013

So yes, we could talk of love on each occasion.

It is the very part of you that is constantly in motion all of the time.
You are receiving and giving love all of the time –
Some form and some degree of love, even when you are unaware of it.
Your thoughts, words and actions are a form of your love.
Seeping out ever so slowly is the essence of love.
You are love. You are God.
You are here to experience and express love in many, many, many ways to many degrees.
And so that is what you are doing, every moment, every day.
Make these love expressions meaningful and a true part of who you are and who you want to be.
You will feel the love and self-fulfillment in it all.
We are with you.
You feel joy when it is enough and pain when it is less.

Repost from 12/28/13 One of my favorites!!
12/28/13 Love Throughout the Year
Treat every day with the same love and care you have felt this week.
There is no difference because of the date.
You don't just set aside this time for generosity and sharing.
This experience is here now and shared by many but it should continue throughout the year.
The things that make it special, family, laughter, gatherings, songs, love and cheer are still here.
You just have to pay more attention and feel the love that is always near.
Don't put those emotions away with the decoration this year.
Keep them out and display that tenderness today and every day.
Such a change this would make if everyone felt that special feeling that you get this time of year.
Leave out a few reminders if you need to make it clear.
Keep your life and those around you full of love and tender care.
You heart will then be always full of joy and peace to share.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

12/27/20 Your Thoughts

Your thoughts can create your mood and response to what happens next.

Monitor where your thoughts are leading you.

They are more powerful than one might imagine them to be.

If you dwell or worry about something you don’t want to happen, you give it energy towards its creation.

Spend that time and energy on thinking about what you want to see happen, putting that creation into motion.

Many are thinking about the events of the new year coming.

Put your energy into what is needed most to bring about the change needed for the world you want to live in.

Be at peace.

We are with you.


Saturday, December 26, 2020

12/26/20 The Light and Birth of Possibilities

 The Light


The light of the world shines high in the sky.

Illuminating all of the areas where the shadows lie.

Pulling together the parts that were slipping away and creating a connection of hope – not despair.

Everyone coming together for the common good.

Sharing the resources that are needed now will help to elevate the stress on a few.

Moving us forward towards the peace that we seek.

Allow that light, love and forgiveness to bring harmony into place.

Be patient while these conditions settle into place.

This change in energy is in motion and will benefit all.

We are with you.



Birth of Possibilities


Much of which is taking place is what is needed now.

Many are seeing the new way as a great change in energy and will not allow it to return to the old way.

The change in energy will help facilitate other shifts and changes for the benefit of all.

Just as a new birth of possibilities has come from the ashes of destruction of old ways,

  there is new life and a new order emerging.

Embrace the shift and allow change to more you forward into the light.

Be at peace.

We are with you.


Friday, December 25, 2020

12/25/20 Christmas Love

Today is a special day in so many hearts.

A tradition of giving and receiving presents and joy this day.

Spreading love and cheer and harmony with friends and family.

Some prepare for months for this day. (Why this one day?)

The feeling of love and care is plentiful now and should be as such throughout the entire year.

We encourage you to carry this love with you and be reminded of it often.

It is the love that you are.

Let it fill your heart and be known by all – always.

We are with you.



Peace on Earth – Goodwill towards all.

Merry Christmas.


On this day take a moment to think about all that has happened this year.

All the growth and learning about yourself and others.

Be grateful for the gifts that have been provided for you and the ones to come.

They came as a surprise. 

They don’t have the shiny paper but they are gifts still indeed.

Allow the growth to be healing and help you with the provisions for the coming year.

We are with you.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

12/24/20 Tidings and Faith, Hope and Light.... Repost from Christmas Eve 2013 and 2014


 Christmas Eve 2020

12/24/20 Tidings

May the light shine upon you and bring you tidings of good will.

May the conflict be put aside and peace and love take its place in your heart, mind and the world around you.

Peace be with you.



12/24/20 Faith, Hope and Light

Today, a child was born, that brought Faith, Hope and Light into the world.

This child, wrapping in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger will forever be a sign of new beginnings, new life.

Hope for change and possibilities for the future.

All else, put aside.

Believe in that.

Find the things that represent this change, this Hope for you.

Let it fill your heart and restore peace.

I am with you, always,



Repost from Christmas Eve 2013 and 2014

12/24/13   Love Is the Connection


“Quietly I sit and reflect back upon the year.

So many signs and small hellos were sent to cheer me up.

My prayer this Christmas Eve is only once more to be brought enough proof for my heart not to break.”


The answer to your prayer will come in many ways.

You'll be able to know it by the feeling in your heart.

Every smile, every laugh and every time someone shows each other love--- I'll be there.

Love is the connection that is always present.

It has already held you up in your time of despair.

When all is said and done, you look back and see if you can name a few times when you must have had a fleeting thought that we have sent to you.

We will give you strength, courage and wisdom to make loving decisions which heals your heart in time.

May being love and sharing joy help you through this day.

We are right here beside you in the most patient loving way.

Open your heart, and let us in, you will see the signs you want.

It will bring laughter and a smile too upon your face.




12/24/14 On the Eve


On the eve of loving and giving keep that focus in your heart.

It is this that is the message here, to bring with you throughout the day.

Each one holds its own issues to be put aside today.

Only focus on being the loving kind friend of another.

Listen with concern and compassion if they want to tell their woes.

For this alone can ease their pain, knowing someone else cares.

A smile and kind words can go a long way towards the healing that you all can use.

For each one has the human trait of missing someone during this time of year.

Time changes everything and memories are bittersweet.

But the love you once shared on the earth still exists today.

You still love them and they are close sending love your way.

Give everyone hugs for them and smile knowing you carry them with you in your heart.

We are never far away.

Merry Christmas.



Wednesday, December 23, 2020

12/23/20 Memories

Pictures are a way of preserving the past.

Your memory also holds some of the past reserved.

When you are missing someone, you can draw upon these memories, from pictures and your own mind,

to rekindle the emotions that you have about the past.

This is sometimes a bitter sweet reflection.

Knowing you can and will still have a current connection with your loved one will help you find the joy in these memories.

Your loved ones are close by, letting you know you are loved.

Watch for the signs and synchronicities of their doing;

Little things that are directly related to you and your relationship,

Meaningful to you in a way that is beyond explanation.

It will rekindle those emotions and create a new memory.

Your current relationship requires conversation to bring the connection closer and stronger.

Don’t shy away.

Engage in this conversation and respond to their attempts to be acknowledged.

This continual bond will help to fill the void you once felt.

Try understanding that your relationship has changed but love never dies and you will always have them with you.

Work together on this process, on this relationship, and the memories from pictures and your mind will be ever so sweet once more.

We are all with you –


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

12/22/20 Dream State

The dream state can also carry many messages to your subconscious.

It is the prefect state in which to do so.

To become more aware of these messages and visitations you need to tap in with your conscious state.

A thin line is drawn between.

Set an intention to be aware when you first wake and pay attention to what is still in the consciousness.

With practice you can go deeper and remember more.

Just as the other important messages you are receiving, these have merit.

Record or write down these messages for better contemplation.

You’ll be pleased with the outcome.

We are with you.


12/22/20 Love Prevail

Let love prevail.

When all else seems out of whack and the solution seems far away.

Look to the closest emotion.

The one that fills your heart.

Let love prevail.

It is actually the only solution.

All else will fail.

You have come from love

 and are love

   and give love.

It is the remedy you are looking for.

Let love prevail.

We are with you.


Monday, December 21, 2020

12/21/20 An Island

You must sometimes feel like an island in the mists of so much unrest.

Let the peace that is inside of you keep you safe and calm.

The rough seas will subside in time and return to a more normal state.

Keep this in mind as you go through this time of turmoil.

There are some looking for something outside of their selves to blame their unhappiness on.

This is what is causing the turmoil.

The energy is soon to change and things will settle down a bit.

It is a difficult time and you have chosen to be here to help provide the love and support needed.

Be at peace.

We are with you.


Sunday, December 20, 2020

12/20/20 Better Nutrition and Good for You

Better Nutrition

Today, we shall talk about food.

Basic meal planning.

It is essential that you get better nutrition during this stressful time.

The nutrition that comes from fresh food, fruits and vegetables.

They are a little harder to get because of the distribution problem.

So, you should get and eat them as often as you can.

They have the correct vitamins and iron supply you need to keep strong and healthy.

Put a few in the everyday planning so as to get more into your body.

Increase the volume when you can.

This enables better body function and strengthens your defense mechanism.

Colds, flus and viruses are easier to combat when you are healthiest.

We are with you.



Good for You


Just stay home.

It is a basic practice.

Let the others run around if they want to but for you it’s better to stay home.

The walks you take are safe and very good for you because they exercise your legs and lungs.

Do it every day.

Increase the distance when you can or even go around twice.

It is good for you.

We are with you.


Saturday, December 19, 2020

12/19/20 Imagination

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination.

There is so much to be discovered and pondered upon.

Open your mind and allow even the farthest things in.

Let them run full course and see if they fit your fancy.

Imagination is the first step to creation.

If you can imagine it you can create it.

Go beyond the physical restraints that you find binding and allow some nonphysical area to be explored.

You will be pleased with your new discoveries.

We are with you.


Friday, December 18, 2020

12/18 20 Simple Gratitude and Repost from 12/18/13 Worrying

12/18 20 Simple Gratitude

Feeling grateful for all the things and people you have in your life will bring you much peace.

It assures you that they are there sharing this experience with you and a part of your path.

But others are with you, your angels, guides and loved ones.

They are close and looking after your as well.

Encouraging you to have a deeper understanding of the experience of life itself.

And this sincere gratitude is a humble way to say thank you for all their love and support.

You are never alone.

We are with you during good times and bad with compassion and cheer.

Allow this feeling to fill your heart and bring comfort and joy.

We are with you.


The words have much meaning.

You can feel them deep inside you –

Not just this time of year but always.

Repost from 12/18/13 Worrying 

Too much thinking about what is going to happen in the future becomes worrying.

Worrying is putting a lot of energy into a situation that has not yet become an event.

If you are worrying about things you don't want to happen you are giving energy to that part of it, bringing what you don't want closer to fruition.

A better use of your thoughts and energy is to contemplate your existing situation and look for a continual resolution to be that which you would be more pleased with.

You have a stronger influence on your life and surroundings then you realize.

We tell you this over and over but it seems hard for you to understand.

So much energy and emotional stress is being spent by worrying.

Spend more time enjoying what you are content with now and you will find peace.

Peace be with you---

     live it today.


Thursday, December 17, 2020

12/17/20 Benefit of All and Calm

Benefit of All

Everyone has a purpose.
They are unique in many ways.
All of your daily activities and the others in your life are tied to your purpose.
They each play an important part, as you do in their purpose.
Fulfilling your purpose will benefit you and add to the benefit of all involved.
Your lives are intertwined and woven together which created the support and fabric of your relationships, lives, both separate and together as one.
As they yield and come together, they create the balance needed to move forward to make progress.
A yin and yang, as you might think of.
The differences and similarities as you learn to work together, strengthen the bond.
Allow this to help you and others support each other and move forward.
We are with you.
Precious are the moments that come when you are calm.
They certainly allow more energy to flow.
Allowing your creativity to flow,
to blossom into all the things you want to see,
The stillness, the calm.
surround yourself with this and you will see.
It is way more productive than scurrying about.
We are with you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

12/16/20 Many Ways and repost from 12/16/13 A Big Realization

 Many Ways

Turn around and look.

You will see the handles of the cart or wheel barrels.

 (It is part of the puzzle – I think)

Some people can meditate and receive their guidance while they are distracting the thinking.

Part of this happens by doing activities like puzzles or repetitive actions and such.

This is an effective form of communication and not to be dismissed.

Pay attention to what is given to you and sort out what could be helpful and meaningful.

Creativity and guidance comes in many ways.

We are with you.


Re post from 12/16/13  A Big Realization

 Upon some awakening you come across the notion that the events of the world around you are not happening to you but for you.

This is a big realization and one that changes the way you view your life.

Everything that is taking place, both the good and the bad, brings with it many levels of lessons to take into consideration.

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may choose to look upon these situations with a new and challenging perspective.

It brings with it some excitement because you no longer fall victim to what is happening but accept it on a level of participation.

With each new step you take on your path you begin to understand more and more of what you have chosen to experience this time round.

With courage and understanding you will be guided toward exactly what is needed.

Welcome every experience, even the most challenging ones, with respect and an open heart (love).

They are the stepping stones that are placed along the way.

“Aha, oh yes, I see clearly now.  What it is bringing to me.”

Be grateful for the wisdom and the changes in your beliefs.

You are doing well and we are with you always.