Tuesday, December 29, 2020

12/29/20 Faith


(How do I find true peace or rest in the state we are in?)


Faith is where you will find your truest peace.

You look towards the things that you have faith in and trust.

You rely on these things to bring meaning and balance in your everyday existence

You trust in the sun and moon and the air you breathe.

You trust in the rhythm of nature.

You trust in the love of close family and friends.

And you trust your own self-esteem and intuition.

In the moments of unrest and turmoil, look towards the things you have faith and trust in.

Sit and just let the rise and fall of your chest and the in and out of your breath calm you enough to see the normalcy in life itself.

Put your faith and trust in its movement and principle.

Life has a purpose and discipline, as do you.

You are loved.

We are with you.


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