Friday, December 18, 2020

12/18 20 Simple Gratitude and Repost from 12/18/13 Worrying

12/18 20 Simple Gratitude

Feeling grateful for all the things and people you have in your life will bring you much peace.

It assures you that they are there sharing this experience with you and a part of your path.

But others are with you, your angels, guides and loved ones.

They are close and looking after your as well.

Encouraging you to have a deeper understanding of the experience of life itself.

And this sincere gratitude is a humble way to say thank you for all their love and support.

You are never alone.

We are with you during good times and bad with compassion and cheer.

Allow this feeling to fill your heart and bring comfort and joy.

We are with you.


The words have much meaning.

You can feel them deep inside you –

Not just this time of year but always.

Repost from 12/18/13 Worrying 

Too much thinking about what is going to happen in the future becomes worrying.

Worrying is putting a lot of energy into a situation that has not yet become an event.

If you are worrying about things you don't want to happen you are giving energy to that part of it, bringing what you don't want closer to fruition.

A better use of your thoughts and energy is to contemplate your existing situation and look for a continual resolution to be that which you would be more pleased with.

You have a stronger influence on your life and surroundings then you realize.

We tell you this over and over but it seems hard for you to understand.

So much energy and emotional stress is being spent by worrying.

Spend more time enjoying what you are content with now and you will find peace.

Peace be with you---

     live it today.


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